All or Nothing

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Capitolo ventuno

Dante P.O.V.

I've been in the darkness for too long, the last think I remember is being in that cold, dark room and thinking about my family after that everything was black. I don't know for how long I've been like this but my muscles feel like they are stuck. I can hear voices talking and screams? Yes, screams and i heard those screams before, it's Isabella.

Isabella is hurting, i have to wake up now, open your eyes Dante, open your fucking eyes right now. Slowly i opened my eyes but it's so bright that i groaned.

"Dante." I hear her shout and then a baby crying, that must be one of the triplets.

After my eyes adjusted to the bright light i can see that I'm in a hospital i look around and Isabella is in a bed doctors and Emilia beside her and a baby on her arms. A baby? What the fuck?

"B-bella." I tried to say, but my throat feels like sand paper.

"Dante you're awake." Emilia and Bella say at the same time. Meanwhile a nurse came to my side and gave me a cup of water with a straw.

"What happened? Why do you have a new born in your arms?" After a few tries i finally asked.

"Can someone get my bed closer to his? Baby you were in a coma, this is your baby girl." She said.

My what? I was in a what? My brain feels like is going to explode. The doctors and nurses are all around me, asking me a million things and touching me, there's just to much going on right now.

"Tutti fuori![everyone out]" I shouted and that hurt like a motherfucker. The doctors stopped what they were doing and started getting out.

"Go Emilia, go tell the others the news." Bella said to my sister.

"I love you fratello [brother] we missed you." She kissed my head and got out. Now it was just the three of us, i was still laid down so i took the bed remote very slowly because my muscles were begging me to stop but I managed to push the button and i put the bed in a more sitting position.

"What happened bella?"

"Do you want the short story or the long one?" She asked.

"Long. I want to know everything." I said, I couldn't take my eyes off the baby in her arms.

"Alright, what's the last thing you remember?"

"Iosif taking me and being beaten, next one of the guys slitting my wrist." I said looking at my wrist and seeing that the gash it's completely closed and healed, in it's place there's only a light pink scar.

"So after he took you, i waited for every car to disappear, when everyone was gone i got out of the safe room looking for survivors-"

"Luca?" I asked, i small smile appeared on her lips.

"He's fine Dante, i was able to save him and another four, he's been taking care of everything." She said sadly.

"How long I've been out?"

"Ten months, more or less. As i was saying i saved 5 people that day, then i called everyone, we met in warehouse five and we came up with a plan, I'm sorry Dante I should've got to you sooner-"

"No baby, it's not your fault. Tell me the rest."

"Well we got to the place, shot everybody and we found Gianna and Iosif fucking while his men were dying. We tied them and that's when we found you, I thought you were dead you were so beaten up and there was so much blood around you. We rushed you to the hospital, they operated you but you got into a coma, the doctor said something about your body healing and swelling in the brain. One day i was in the hospital talking to the doctors about moving you here, by the way this is out new home, we were talking and then i passed out, they did some exams and i found out i was pregnant, i guess it was the last day we were together. I was so scared Dante everything was changing, Lorenzo changed so much-" by now she was crying and rambling.

"Isabella breath, I'm okay now."

"Yes now, but you weren't half an hour earlier. If i could i would get up to kill you."

"I love you my bella, now keep going. How did Lorenzo changed? And how are my other kids?"

"Dio[god] you don't know how much i missed your voice saying that to me. I love you too. So Lorenzo now is just like you when we met, he doesn't kiss or hug anymore, since your coma he's been always with Luca learning more about everything, the others are all fine Vin is always sad and every day say he misses you but he's okay, the triplets are all big you'll see they look so much like you. Emilia was also in a rough place but we had a talk and when she found out i was pregnant she got over it the best she could. I killed Iosif and Gianna."

"Wow that's a lot! You were so strong, but I'm here now, I'm sorry i took so long to wake up, i can't believe we have a daughter, finally a principessa[princess]." I said with tears in my eyes.

" I wasn't strong Dante i had a break down when i killed them, it was just too much. Everything was so hard to deal with."

"I'm here now and I won't leave you ever again I promise you. Now does this perfect little baby has a name?"

"No, I didn't chose one because i was hopping you would wake up in time to help me choose."

"I'm awake now so tell me what you thought."

"I thought about Alexa, Sofia, Giulia and Nortia the goddess of luck that's my favorite."

"Nortia Alexi Rossi. I love it! We love you so much Nortia." I said holding her little hand.

"Now you need to be checked by the doctors, and i bet that the others are all outside waiting to see you and our princess."

"Let's do this." I said.
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