All or Nothing

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Capitolo ventidue

Isabella P.O.V.

So the doctors said that surprisingly he's fine, but he will need physiotherapy because he lost a lot of muscle and he stayed still for too long. But beside that he is perfectly fine. Everyone was so happy to see them both, i can't believe our little Nortia is here and she woke her papà.

Her brothers won't leave her alone and even Lorenzo is all caring and protective about her, when he came inside he saw Dante but he came running to me and kept saying how sorry he was for what he said to me. But after he ran to his dad and cried, my baby is back. He was just really scared with everything and didn't know how to deal with the situation.

I called Catarine to come back, because now i will need more help, i don't want to leave Nortia or anything like that it's just i want to be there to help Dante i know how he is, with his big ego he won't accept help from anybody and I'm the one who he doesn't say no.

Finally everything is going into place, i can say that my family is complete with Nortia. I don't think I'll be having another baby anytime soon, or more babies at all. I mean we have a full house already. And now with my husband finally awake i feel... I feel great it's like a weight lifting from my shoulders.

I look around the room and I'm so grateful for everything and everyone, seeing Nortia with her big brothers, Dante playing with Alex, Alexi and Xander while Luca is telling him what has been going on with work. He barely woke up and is already talking about work. Men!

I don't know what the future holds for us, but what i know is that as long we all stick together nothing can harm us. We are a happy, strong family, that's been through so much. I don't regret being Lorenzo's nanny, and going through what i went through, i would do it all over again as long as i ended were I'm today. I would go through worse if that meant i would have this amazing family.

Dante P.O.V.

A few days have passed and i can't believe how much everything and everyone has changed. Luca told me what happened when Isabella killed Iosif and Gianna and my heart broke for her, i also know about Leonardo he went to Luca to talk about Isabella saying she was being a bitch and she wasn't Donna while i was in a coma, big mistake he did. I can't walk yet but my mouth is working fine and he will hear for me, right now. I picked my phone and dialled his number, after a few rings he answered.

"Hey Don how are you?" He said cheerfully.

"What have you been talking about my wife?"

"What? I didn't talk shit about her."

"Are you sure? What about the conversation you had with Luca? What did you expect, that he wouldn't tell me or i wouldn't wake up?"

"It's nothing like that Dante, it's just your wife gave me a hard time with out any reason. So i was just telling him what happened."

"You shouldn't have done that. You are no longer third in command, from now on you'll be just a guard in the drug warehouse, you'll watch the perimeter."

"You can't do that."

"I just did." And i hung up, nobody can disrespect my wife.

"Dante are you ready we need to go." Isabella said as she got in the room

"You're going too?"

"Yes, Catarine will stay with kids, we won't take more that two hours." Today we have to go to the hospital to do more exams, i already said i was fine but Isabella is making me go anyway.

"Alright, do you know we're Luca and Emilia are?"

"He took her to the backyard, something being now or never, i think he finally will ask her the big question."

"Finally." I said and we both laugh.

Isabella pushed my wheelchair to the SUV and with her help i got in, she went to the driver seat and started the car and drove us to the hospital. On our way there we were talking about the kids and Emilia and Luca, seeing my wife happy makes me happy.

When we got there she once again helped me getting on the wheelchair, i hope this is the last time we have to come here. And the physiotherapy has been going great i can stand already i just can't walk for long times.

"Let's get this shit over with." I said and we got in the hospital.

Soooo next chapter will be the last and the most dramatic one 🥺
I hope you like it!
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