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Capitolo ventitré

3° Person P.O.V.

Finally Luca gain the confidence to ask Emilia to marry him. When he was talking to Dante, he realized that not always things go as planned and he knew that Emilia was the right woman for him. He was searching for her through the house. Meanwhile in the room upstairs, something terrible was starting to happening.

"Yes?" The woman answered the phone.

"We have to go forward with our plan, that motherfucker put me as a guard dog. Are they home?" The man asked.

"No, I'm with the kids now."

"And the other lovebirds?"

"Last time i saw them they were in the backyard."

"Perfect, close the other brats and do what we talked about, in half an hour I'll be outside the gates." He said and hung up.

Catarine started to pack everything she would need, she knew what she had to do. Going through the guard gates would be more difficult but she had a way.

Today was the day that everything would change, this was going to be much hard to understand and accept than everything that happened before. The house was going to be filled with sadness and sorrow. Everyone will blame their selfs and the Rossi family as you know it will change dramatically. But while that doesn't happen, Emilia was living her her best day, for now because soon it will the worst day in every ones lives.

"Emilia Rossi i know i took too much time to get here, but I finally made it, i want to apologize for not make you mine sooner. Since our first kiss i knew you were the one for me but to be honest i was scared, scared of your brother, scared of the job and mostly scared that you wouldn't think the same about me, Emilia I'm not scared anymore except from one thing, your answer to this question. Emilia Rossi would you marry me?" Luca was on one knee in front of Emilia, the small velvet box that he bought a year ago opened for her to see the big diamond ring.

"Yes, oh my god sí, sí, sí." Emilia said jumping up and down, Luca took the ring from the box and put it on her trembling finger, he got up from the grass and kissed and hugged her. They were so happy. This was the best day of her life. That is for now.

"I'm outside. We don't have much time, Isabella will be back soon." Leonardo said.

"I'm on my way." Catarine answered.

She closed the triplets in the nursery, Enzo and Vin were playing in their rooms so she didn't had to worry about them. She took Nortia in her arms and left the house, for a second she looked to the baby face she was holding and asked her self if this was the right thing to do, but her mind was set on power, she thought she would had a lot of she did this. When the guards saw her they asked were was she going, but she already had the answer for them.

"We're going to meet Dante and Isabella at the coffee shop down the road. You can call them and ask them but they won't be happy with you." She said.

"Alright, do you need a guard with you?"

"No, it's only a five minutes walk and we will come back in the car with her parents." And with that she left, never to be seen again.

Dante and isabella were on their way back to the house, Isabella's breasts were liking milk she needed to breastfeed Nortia as soon as possible or pump. The perks of motherhood! She thought.

They passed the front gates and she parked in front of the mansion, she helped Dante and both of them made their way inside. Once inside the first thing they noticed were the triplets crying, Isabella put her purse down and ran to their room, Dante was calling Emilia and Luca.

When Isabella got to their door she noticed that was locked from the outside, the key was still their but why would someone lock the door? She opened and saw Alex, Alexi and Xander on the floor crying, she went to them and picked them up and put them on their cribs with a lot of toys surrounding them, after a few minutes they settled down. Emilia came to their room and was with the biggest smile in her face.

"I see he popped the question." Isabella said.

"You knew?" Emilia asked.

"Yes, congratulations I'm so happy for you, but now i have to go find Catarine and Nortia, can you stay here for awhile, the door was locked and they were crying alone, i have to talk to the maids and Catarine to see what happened."

"Of course, go I'll stay here with them." Emilia said and Isabella went to Nortia bedroom. Once she got there, the room was empty, maybe they are outside?

Isabella started to look in every room of the house and outside, Nortia and Catarine were no where to be seen. She was starting to panic, she ran to Luca and Dante.

"I can't find them." Isabella said panting.

"What do you mean?" Dante asked.

"I can't find Cat or Nortia. I called her but her phone is off."

"Luca go check the cameras." Luca went to his office and saw the footage, after a few minutes he saw Catarine in the front gates with a baby on her arms talking to one of the guards. He ran to Isabella and Dante and told them. Isabella didn't waist time getting to the front gates, and if Dante couldn't walk before e for sure can walk now. He got up from the wheelchair and slowly started to walk to the gates. When he got outside he saw Isabella shouting to the guard.

"Why did you let them out?"

"She said she was going to meet you Donna." The guard said scared.

While Isabella was pacing back and forward, with her her fingers between her roots of her hair, Dante got a text.

"You'll never see her again.
She's gone."

With the text came a photo of Nortia sleeping. He looked to Luca and started to shout orders for him to locate the number on his phone. Isabella came to his side.

"Maybe they are just on a walk." She said.

"No bella she took her, she kidnaped Nortia."

La fine.
The end.

The end is here i can't believe i just finished another book.

This end was dramaticcccc!

Did you liked it?

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