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All or Nothing (book 2)

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When everything seems to be perfect there has to be something to change things. Isabella and Dante are back and they're not alone, 7 years after they met, a person from the past is back and they are not coming alone. Envy, jealousy, greed and drama are in the way of Dante and Isabella happiness, their love will tested but what's going to happen? What are they willing to do to save their family? It's all or nothing. Book #2

Filipa Ribeiro
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Capitolo Primo

Isabella's P.O.V.

"You can do this bella[beautiful], just one more push and he's out." He said while holding my hand. Who is this stronzo[asshole] to talk? He was the one that did this to me.

"I can't, i can't anymore." I say, all my strength is gone, I've been pushing for the last two hours, this kid doesn't want to come out.

"Take a deep breath, it's just one more push, the head is out, alright, in the next contraction you push with everything you have and he's out." This time was the doctor talking. I gather all my strength and when i feel the pain from the contraction a pushed with everything in me.

A few seconds later that most felt like hours, i hear the most beautiful sound on earth, the loud cries of my baby boy, that's right it's a boy, everyone was ecstatic when they found out, even though Dante at first wanted a girl to spoil, but when the doctor said it was a boy he was over the moon, and little Lorenzo is so anxious to meet his little brother, he's so cute.

After checking my baby the doctor comes and place him on my chest, I'm so happy I'm crying, and I'm not the only one, Dante is too.

"Does the little boy have a name?" The doctor asks.

"Yes he has..." I say.

"His name is Vincenzo Rossi." Dante says proudly.

My life is complete, i have the most amazing man by my side, the most amazing 5 year old son at home, and my new born in my harms, what else can I ask for? Oh and I can't forget Adonis our dog.

"Bella, i was waiting for the perfect time for this, but seeing you now with our son in your arms i don't think there's more perfect than this so here i go. Since i saw you for the first time in my office you started a spark inside of me, but as the time passed that tiny little spark became a wild fire of love for you. You treat Lorenzo like he is yours, and you accepted me with all my rough edges and dangerous job. You were tortured because of me, and being the kind person you are you didn't blamed me and that only made me love you more. All i want is to spend the rest of my life with you and our sons, and possibly try for a girl so, Isabella Valenti would you be my wife and Donna? Can you be mine for all the eternity?" Dante was on his knees, not just one but both of them on the floor.

I love this man with everything i have, the more days I'm with him the more i love him.

"Sí, sí, sí, Sarò tuo per l'eternità. [Yes, yes, yes, I'll be yours for eternity.] I say with tears in my eyes.

Some people may think that this is precipitated, and truth be told maybe it is who know, i knew Dante for three weeks when i accepted to go dinner with him, a couple of weeks later we said our first 'i love you' and seven months after that i found out i was five weeks pregnant, so yes it might look a little bit rushed to the other people, but I don't give a fuck, this feels right, and this is what I want.

Dante is the most amazing, gentle and caring man i ever known, through out my pregnancy he was always there for me, for morning sickness, when i feel bad because of my weight, always there even though my hormones were making me a mess, one minute i was crying the next i was angry, and after that all i wanted was to jump his bones.

Even though he only proposed today, since we officially started our relationship he wanted me by his side in his job. At first i was a little bit hesitant, but he said he wanted all to meet the love of his life, his future Donna. So i agreed, i was there in all the meetings, when he was out i stayed home with Lorenzo and as he said ruling the house.

When he found out i was pregnant he told me everything about the Mafia, how he rulled, every allies and enemies, every trade, purchase, everything. During every meeting i saw a different side of Dante, with me and his family he was so sweet, but once in business even his voice got deeper, power radiated from him, it was clear he was the boss, and let me tell you in my pregnancy every time i saw that side of him it made me crazy.

I'm pulled out of my thoughts with the sound of someone knocking on the door.

"Come in." I said and the door open to see a excited little Lorenzo, Emilia and Luca.

"Can I take him, can I take him." Enzo asks jumping up and down.

"Sure, come sit on the bed." Enzo goes to his father, Dante picks him up and sat him on the bed, he takes Vincenzo of my arms and carefully put him in his brother arms. The sight makes my heart swell with love. Lorenzo is looking to his brother with so much love in his eyes.

"Hi Vincenzo, I'm your brother, and we are going to be best friends." He says in a wisper, afraid to wake up his brother, slowly Enzo touchs Vincenzo little hand and he didn't waist any time to grab his finger, making Enzo happier.

La mia famiglia.[My family.]

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