All or Nothing

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Capitolo Due

Sette anni dopo.
[Seven years later.]

Dante P.O.V.

“You know bella[beautiful] i always loved our sex life, but during your pregnancies i love it more, you get wild.”

“It’s not my fault, it’s you.” She said pouting.

“Me? What did I do?”

“Well you get all bossy and more dominant than ever and you know that does crazy things to me, it’s was this way with Vincenzo, and now with this triplets it’s three time worse. No more babies.” She said with tears in her eyes.

“Oh baby don’t cry.”

“I’m not crying, you are. I’m hungry, help me get up, I’m too heavy.”

“You are the most beautiful women i ever seen, and pregnancy only makes you more perfect.”

“This is the last one, so enjoy this last view.”

“No baby, i want a girl, next one will be a girl.”

“Next one? Are you fucking crazy Dante Alexander Rossi? I had Vincenzo and that kid almost ripped me in half, and now i will have more three at the same time, do you hear that? Same fucking time! You want a girl? You better get yourself pregnant, because that dick isn’t going anywhere near me after i pop this kids!” She said all this in one breath, all red from anger, Dio[god] how i love this woman.

It ain’t my fault that my swimmers are too good and we got three for one. But i know that she’s happy with this, can you imagine a house full of boys? It’s going to be caos five troublemakers running all around, we definitely need a neonata [babygirl] around here.

After taking my beautiful wife downstairs, i went to find my boys, i found them in the gym, Lorenzo as been learning how to fight, and i got to say I’m very proud of him, one more year or too and Vincenzo will start to learn too. Obviously if he wants to learn the family business. Me and Isabella talked and we came to the conclusion that they only will learn if they want to.

We’re not going to make them do something they don’t want, that only would bring problems with time. So we let them choose, even though we are the parents that doesn’t mean we have to force them to do things, if you asked me if I would like to see my sons together ruling the mafia, my mafia, the answer is ‘certo che si’[ of course] but it must be their choice. When i had to take this role as the Don i was forced to it, and at first i was angry with everyone and everything that I didn’t make the best decisions.

Whatever my kids decide i will be there for them.

“Dante can we go to the office, we need to talk.” Said my second in command and hopefully soon to be brother-in-law Luca.

“Sure, andiamo[ let’s go]”

We made our way to my office, i went to my drink cabinet and poured two whiskeys, i gave him the glass and sat on my leather chair behind my desk.

“What’s the problem?” I asked.

“The russians want to be our allies.” He blurted out.

“Do they? What did they say?” My eyebrows were raised while I’m thinking about this, the russian mafia never wanted a truce, there’s rumors that they are invading other mafia territories and killing everyone in sight, and now they want to be allies it’s a little bit shady.

“I don’t know what they want, i just read the email that Iosif sent, he says he’s tired of this war that doesn’t do anything good to any of us.”

“Why now? I mean they’re killing other mafias do you think they want to put us down too?”

“I don’t trust them and for sure they are trying to take us down, since Giordani we become the biggest mafia there is, and even though they shouldn’t, there’s a lot of people who want us all dead.”

“Certo[alright], let’s schedule a meeting but only five months from now, if he waited this long he can hold a little bit more, Isabella can give birth any time and i don’t want to think to much into it right now. And let’s have the meeting in the company we don’t need to bring enemies to our house.”

“Si, Don.”

“Any other problem? How is everything doing with the shipments? Any problem in America?”

“Everything is going smoothly and there’s no problem anywhere. But i have something to ask you.”

“What is it Luca? Are you and Emilia alright?”

“Yes we are perfect thats why i wanted to ask you if i can marry her.” He said, he was clearly nervous, he was running the palm of his hands in his thighs, his forehead was with beads of sweat.

“Of course i would like you to marry her, we are so happy for both of you. But you know how this works if you harm her in any way you are dead, capire?[understand]”

“Yes of course, i will do anything to make her happy, thank you so much Dante.”

We were talking some more about his proposal when we hear a knock on the door.

“Sì?[yes?]” One of our maids opened the door, she looked out of breath.

“Sorry Don, but it’s an emergency, Donna water’s broke and she’s going into labor, the is in the car waiting for you and order me to tell you this ‘or you hurry the fuck up or i will deliver this babies without you’” she said reading a paper, it’s time for my other three boys come to the world.

Oh Dio aiutami, se questo è come il parto di Vincenzo mi ucciderà! [oh god help me, if this is anything like Vincenzo birth she is going to kill me!]

“I’m coming, Luca call Emilia and please take care of the boys, I’ll call with news later.” I ran outside and my beautiful and very pregnant wife was in the car taking deep breaths. I climb the driver seat and drove us to the hospital.

The doctors and nurses came running to us, at this point Isabella was screaming with pain.

“Something is wrong Dante i feel it.” She cries to me.

“Breath bella we are here with the doctors they will see if anything is wrong, everything is going to be fine, i love you so much my love.”

“I love you too.” While the doctors checked on her she never stopped crying and saying something was wrong, she had cables in her chest, in the tips of her fingers, an oxygen mask and an IV on her arm. The doctor started to do an ultrasound and soon Isabella’s worries became mine when i saw his face.

“Call the OR we need to do a C-section right know. Mr. and Mrs. Rossi it’s seems that one of the baby has the umbilical cord around his neck, i don’t want to take any chances so we better do the C-section, everything is going to be alright your husband will be right beside you. Nurse please give some scrubs to Mr. Rossi now. We have to go.” He said as he started to move the bed Isabella was in, i made my way to him and said.

“If anything happen to any of them you die.” His face paled but i don’t give to shits i just want the four of them alive and well.

We rushed to the OR i put my scrubs and went to the side of my crying, scared wife and held her hand while the doctors worked to bring my sons into the world.

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