All or Nothing

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Capitolo Tre

Isabela P.O.V.

After a rushed C-section and bit of blood lost and the five days in the hospital, me and the trio are finally home, so let me introduce them, the older Alexander, the middle one Alexi and the youngest Xander, it was a little scary but it was all worth it. Vincenzo and Lorenzo are over the moon and don’t leave their brother sides, like for real, they even set their sleeping bags in the nursery to sleep with them. But that won’t last, they wake up too many times at night and they will get tired, eventually.

Dante put Luca in charge for awhile, he said he wanted to help me with all the kids and who am i to decline that.

It’s been three weeks since we are back, Dante it’s the best dad ever, Vin and Enzo help with everything and that makes me think about trying for the girl, i mean i know that it’s a 50/50 chance but why not just one more. I love children.

Since my first pregnancy i stopped being a nanny, i don’t mind, i had children around me, that made me happy, but now I’m looking for one, I’m Donna now my responsibilities are not only with my kids but with my husband too and our business. In this past seven years i learned everything, i know our enemies and allies, and to be honest i like it, i even got to kill and torture some people, cool, i know.

“Mom when are you going to teach me jiu-jitsu?” Enzo came to the nursery and asked me.

“Baby do you know that i just pop three babies, right?”

“Si, but i want to learn.”

“I know, when i take my stitches off i’ll teach you, affare?” [deal]

“How long until that?”

“Pazienza bambino [patience baby] one more week and i’ll be all good to teach you everything i know, si?”

“Sí, but i’m not a baby.” And with that he stormed out of the room.

This kid is so moody, he grew so much since that first time i saw him.

Another week flew by, and the triplets complete their first month , i will start know looking for a nanny for them. i went to the office where i knew i would find my dear husband, even though he was supposed not to work, but i understand him, sometimes the kids are just too loud and a little bit of silence feels like heaven.

I enter his office and indeed he’s there talking with Luka and another Mafia members.

“Alright, so the guards keep their eyes open, Andre tell all the people who work with you to watch out for any thing suspicious.” he said and everyone nod and left the room.

“What’s going on?” I asked after we kissed. Never get tired of his lips.

“The Russians, want to come here to do some kind of truce with us.”

“And what’s the problem in that?”

“The problem is that they were involved in bussines with Giordani, all they do is prostitution and you know what i think about that.”

“Let’s just see what they really want, after all they will be in our territory.”

“Yes, i know you’re right but there’s just something that is not right, why now?”

“Don’t know baby but we will find, when will they come here?”

“They were supose to be here in four months but they said that was a lot of time so they will be here in two.”

“Maybe we will find something until then, don’t think too much into it. Do you wanna come back to work?”

“No bella, i want to be with you for now.” He said, but his eyes said a different story, i know he doesn’t want to leave us but at the same time he wants to be back.

“You can come back you know i won’t be mad or anything. That’s why i came here, i was thinking about getting us a nanny.”

“Really? Are you sure?”

“Yes, i mean i love those kids to death, but i miss work too.”

“Alright bella if you think it’a good idea then we will do it, i’ll come to work with you, until we don’t find a nanny we take care of them together.” That brought a smile to my face, [god] i just really love this man.

“I know who to call, we studied together and did some works before, i’ll call her and see what she says, if she accept we do a background check, va bene?“[alright]

“Si amore mio, ti voglio bene.“[yes, my love, i love you.]

“I love you too, now come on you’ll see the kids i have to make a phone call.” I said, he got up to go find the kids. I took my phone and called Catarina.

~“Ciao?” [hello]

" Hi Cat how are you?”

~“Isabella? Oh it’s been so long, i heard a few years ago you were kidnapped, how are you?”

“Oh girl i’m fine, i’m better then ever. And you?”

~“I’m good too.”

“That’s nice to hear, look i called you cause i wanted to ask you if you have a job?”

~“No, actually i’m looking for another family to work.”

“Perfetto [perfect] work for me then.”

~“You have kids?”

“I have five.”

~“Damn girl you’ve been busy.”

“A little, but what do you say?”

~“When do you need me?”

“Whenever you are ready, are you in Naples?”

“No, i’m in Foglia give me two days to sort everything and i’ll be there.”

“Alright, i’ll send you the address.”

We talked a little more and then we hung up, i made my way to find my boys when i got to the nursery the sight in front of me warms my heart. Everyone is on the floor around the triplets, Dante sat in the middle and Vin and Enzo on each side of him, the babies in front of them sleeping peacefully, and they are just there looking at them, ever now and then Enzo or Vin whisper afraid to wake them up. I just stayed there against the doorframe admiring my family.

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