All or Nothing

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Capitolo Cinque

Isabella P.O.V.

Catarine is been taking care of thee triplets now, and so far so good that means me and Dante are finally back to work and he’s so stressed because of Gianna being married with the Russian mafia leader. I mean it can be nothing but it can be something, to be honest we don’t know what to think, we want to believe that they really want truce between the two mafias but they can’t be trusted.

“Fanculo questa merda![fuck this shit]” Dante’s voice roared through the house.

“Cosa c’è che non va?[what’s wrong]” I asked once i got to his office.

“Fottuti russi![fucking russians] it’s what’s wrong! We had a shipment of guns that was supposed to go to Greece, but the boat was attacked and robbed on the way there, they killed every one on board, but before one of them died he write ‘russi’ with his blood. They don’t want truce they want trouble.”

“Call him.” I say.

“What?” Dante asked confused.

“I said call him, better yet i will.” I said and went to the phone on his desk, i dialled Iosif number and started ringing.

“Bella what are you doing?”

Ring, ring, ring... after some more ringing a deep voice answered.

~“да? [yes?]” Dio is voice is so deep and rough that he remindes me of that russian guy in the movie 2012.

“Is this Iosif?”

~“да [yes], who are you?”

“Glad you asked, i’m the Donna of mafia italiana and i want to know why the fuck are you messing with our shipments.” He released a deep chuckle and answered.

~“Because i can, and i will continue to steal all of your things that i can until the Italian mafia no longer exists.”

“You want war? you’ll have war.”

~“Oh i have someone here that wants to talk to Dante can you let him answer?”

“Talk,” Was the only thing he said.

~“Hi Dante, remember me?” Asked a woman.

“Gianna.” He said through greeted teeth.

~“Yes, i just wanted to say that i’m coming to get Lorenzo.” When she said that my blood started to boil and i saw red.

“THE HELL YOU WILL!!” I screamed at her, Dante came to my side trying to calm me down but it wasn’t working, you can mess with me and even with Dante but no one can say a word about my children, even Lorenzo i might not given birth to him but he sees me as his mother and to me he is my son.

~“Yes i will and he will come with me to Russia and live with his new daddy.” I’m going to kill this bitch. I released myself from Dante’s grip and got closer to the phone.

“Listen here puttana [whore] don’t you fucking dare come closer to my son or i’ll skin you alive, You are not his mother you give him away and asked for ten fucking million euros so don’t come now pretending to be the fucking mother of the year.”

~“You-” She started to talk again but Dante cut the call.

“Bella don’t worry they won’t touch a hair of him.” He said.

“They better not even dream of it.” I said and stormed out of the office.

How dare this bitch after 12 years say that she wants Lorenzo back, it’s no just because i love him, even though if i was still his nanny, she still dind’t have the right. She trade him for money, she didn’t saw him when he was born because she didn’t wanted. That isn’t a mother, a mother take care, a mother loves their children, their birth days are the most special day in any mother life.

I’m so angy that i could kill right now but a can’t so i made my way t the gym, to the punching bag, i didn’t even wrapped my hands, i just threw punch after punch after punch, i kicked until i was dripping with sweat. I don’t know for how long i’ve been here, my knuckles are raw and bloody but even so i only stopped when i felt two strong arms around me. I look back and it was Dante, i was breathing hard but hearing his steady heart beat was slowly caming me.

“It’s alright my bella, they won’t take him away.” I know he must be full of rage too after all he is his father.

“I’m sorry Dante, i’m here just thinking about myself, you must be angry too you’re his father i’m not even his moth-”

“Don’t even finish that sentence, Isabella you’re his mother, you might not given birth to him but you give him the love a mother should give. I never want to hear you say that you aren’t his mother because that’s not true, i see you as his mama and he sees that too.” Now i was crying.

“What are we going to do?”

“We are going o war with them and kill whoever comes to harm our family and our mafia, we are together in this amore mio [my love] and nothing can come between us. But now i think we should talk with Enzo, go take a shower and i’ll look for him, ti amo [i love you].”

“I love you too.”

I said and went to our room to take a shower, i tried not to think too much about it, but this issue just won’t leave my mind, i’m afraid, i’m afraid to lose him, what if he whats to go with his mother? what if we have to kill her? how will he react? There’s just too much questions and not enough answers. I finished my shower, combed my hair and put some clothes and went to find my boys, First i went to kiss the triplets, then went to Vin’s room he was watching some cartoons and hugged him and kissed him.

“Ti amo il mio bambino[ i love you my baby boy]”

“Ti amo troppo bella mamma[i love you too beautiful mama]” He said to me and kissed me, This boy is so caring. I got out of Vin’s room and went to Enzo’s, when i opened the door he was sat on the floor in front of the tv with Dante playing some game, i got in and sat next to him.

“Alright, you win Enzo.” Dante said putting his remote down.

“I always win papà.” he said and me and him laughed of Dante pouting face.

“That is because i let you. But now we need to talk about something serious.”

“What’s wrong papà?”

“Remember when you asked me about Mafia wars?” he nodded.

“We are going into one.” I said slowly. If you think this is a little extreme to talk to a 12 year old, it’s not when you are in the mafia, obviously he wont fight with us, he’s far from it, but as the future Don he as to learn since early ages.

“So what’s going to happen?”

“Well we will fight and hopefully win, but that’s not all Lorenzo. Your mother wants to take you.” Dante said.

“My mother?”

“Yes, Gianna is with the russians and she said she wants you.” Dante never hide that his biological mother left him, when Lorenzo was 6 years old the three of us sat and Dante told him everything that happen between him and Gianna in a way he would understand. it’s never easy to tell a kid that his mother chose money intead of him, since that he calls me mom.

“I don’t want to go with her, i want to stay here you and mom.” He said pointing to me when he said mom.

“Baby you won’t go anywhere that you don’t want to.” I said.

“We just wanted to tell you what’s happening Lorenzo and see what you think.” Dante said.

“I just don’t want to see her or hear her, she’s not my mom, Isabella is, so don’t worry about me. You have a war to win.” He said like he was a big man, i’m so proud of him.

“We love you Lorenzo, always.” Dante and i said in unison that made us all laugh.

“I love you too.” He said and kissed us both.

“Alright, let’s play this time i’ll win!” Dante said.

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