All or Nothing

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Capitolo sei

Iosif P.O.V.

“Are you sure you want to going against him?” She asked me for the hundred time.

“Да женщина, [yes woman] a want to take them down for a long time, he ruined me when he killed Giordani, i lost billions .”

“And you think that threatening the kid will help?”

“Let’s hope so, he’ll be distracted trying to protect his little perfect family he will be careless with business.”

“I don’t think that’s going to happen, Dante isn’t-” She was talking to much.

“Dante what? What do you know about Dante? You only know the size of his dick.” I said getting annoyed by her.

“Sorry baby, but you don’t need to talk to me like that I’m your wife.”

“Yes Gianna you are but you’re talking of things you don’t know, you should use your pretty little mouth to suck my cock for now,

Подойди сюда [come here]” I said and like the good little bitch she is, she came.

“I’m sorry Iosif.”

“Don’t worry about it love, just suck me and I’ll forgive you.”

She knelt in front of me, unbutton my jeans and pulled my boxers down, she started to lick my tip and sucking lightly, i fisted her hair and pushed her so i could go deeper in her throat, i bobbed her head up and down, she gaged a few times but I keept pushing her deeper until i came deep in her, and she swallowed every drop of my cum and licked me clean.

“Good girl, that wasn’t so hard, was it? Go get clean.” I ordered and she got out of my sight.

I got a war to prepare, i have to take down every last one of the Rossi’s, even the heirs. Is it wrong to kill children? Yes. Do i care? No.

My mafia was going fine, i had girls to sell and use for prostitution all around the world, i would buy them from Giordani and make a lot of money. But after Dante caught him and made him an example from what would happen if human trafficking continue a lot of people stoped and was afraid. Yes there’s still some going on but before i would buy a dozen of girls every two weeks and now i barely get two.

I wasn’t supposed to marry Gianna at first he was going to be another one to sell but when i did the background check on her like we do to every girl, i found out some connections with Dante, at first she was hard to convince to talk even torturing her she didn’t talk, she just asked something in return, she said she wanted power and to be untouchable, she said she wanted to marry me. The bitch is greedy.

At first i thought ‘this bitch must be kidding me’ but she kept telling she had something good about Dante that could steal all of his focus with a few words so i agreed. I mean why not, it’s just a peace of paper after i got what I want I’ll get a divorce or kill her. Even better sell her i bet she can get me a few thousands.

Now i just need to think everything through, make plans and get man and fire power.

Iosif Yorasov is king of the world.

I am king of the world.

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