All or Nothing

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Capitolo sette

Dante P.O.V.

The days have been flying by and now two months have passed, i order the renovation of the safe room, last time we used was to Emilia and Lorenzo when my bella was kidnaped, now we have more people to take care.

The children are our prioritie, and from today they will all spend the nights there, just opening to me and Isabella get in or out, maybe. Catarine will be with them too until everything calms down. We should be atacking but they are not here yet and we want to fight in our territory, everything as been a mess, they continue to mess with our stock and shipments so for the time being i suspended all activity, i’m losing money and a lot of it but if i continue, that won’t be the only thing I’ll lose, they will kill all my men.

“Don, we got an email.” Luca barged in my office and said.

“From who?”

“Iosif.” Just hearing his name makes my blood boil.

“What did he said?”

“‘T-2 days’ that’s all.”

“Alright let’s finish this shit, call our allies and see who’s willing to give us some man to fight, call Emilia send her to the safe room and tell her she’s not allowed do get out until we say. Go.”

Now is the time to fight, i got out of the office and went talk to Isabella.

“Bella they will be here in two days. See if anything else is needed in the safe room and join the kids. Ti amo mi amore [i love you my love]. I will get you when this is over.”

“Excuse me? First of all i love you too. And second are you really saying to me that I’m going to be closed in some place while my husband is going to war? For real Dante?”

“Isabella please baby don’t be stubborn right now, i know you want to come with me but the kids will need you if anything happen to me, and i could never forgive myself if something happened to you.”

“I don’t want anything to happen to you, me and the kids don’t know how to live without you, and i need you if i ever goin to have a girl.” That brought a smile to my face i want a baby girl so bad, i went closer to her and kissed her.

“What if we go now to our room and have some of ‘us’ time for an hour or two, maybe three.” I said wiggling my eyebrows.

“I love you Dante.” She said and kissed me, i didn’t let her separate from me, instead i grabbed her ass signaling her to jump, i pick her up and she wrapped her her legs around my waist and i started to go up the stairs to our room, i dont know what is going to happen in the next few days so i will enjoy today with my wife and the rest of the day with my kids.

I got to our room and locked the door, with kids in the house you never know, i went to our bed and laid her there with me on top of her never separating our lips. This woman is my life. i kissed her neck, leaving little love marks all over it, she unbutton my shirt, and we got naked, our clothes were all over the bedroom floor but who the fuck cares?

We don’t need all the foreplay we normally do, today she doesn’t need me as her Dom and i don’t need her as my sub, today we need each other as husband and wife, we just want to feel each other, because none of us wants to say it but it might be the last time. I kissed her jaw line, neck collarbone until i reached her breasts, i sucked on them and nipped them lightly, i kept going down until i reached her core. There i licked and sucked on her clit making her back arch and the most sexual sounds leave her mouth. When she came in my mouth i licked all her juices and went again on top of her i alligned my throbbing dick with her wet entrance and slowly slid inside of her.

“Make love to me Dante.” She said in a whisper in my ear.

And that’s what i did for the next hour and half were just me and her, her moans filled the room, i kept pounding into her changing the rhythm between slow and fast thrusts, and we made love like it was the last time until we both reached our climax at the same time. Our bodies were covered in sweat and our breathing was ragged.

We stayed hugging each other for another half an hour until we decided to take a shower, together, that took us almost another hour, not my fault, i just can’t resist her. All this years with her only made me love her more and more every day and when she had my kids, our kids it was... i don’t even have the words. I love my wife, i love Isabella Rossi with stretch marks, with scars, with a big belly, in any way or form i love her and always will.

After our time together we went to find our boys, i gave a few more orders to Luca for him also contact the smaller gangs to helps us and we will help them after this issue. I spent the rest of my day with my family we watched movies, ate junk food and had a lot of laughs together, even Emilia and Luca joined us at dinner. If i knew we were all safe this would be one of the best nights we had but as i know what’s coming and the future is unknown a part of me fears this might be the last time with them.

Yes, I’m the Don of the Italian Mafia o, ne of the most powerfull around the world, but i know what my enimies are willing to do to take me down, i know what the russians are capable of, and i know that they won’t spare any one i love.

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