All or Nothing

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Capitolo Otto

Lorenzo P.O.V.

I don’t know what to think about what is happening, first my dad is going to war with the russians, the people he described to be rutheless and cold heart killers. And then then there his my mother, no, not my mother, the person who gave birth to me. My mom is Isabella.

Now tell me how is a twelve years old supposed to take this information? My dad has to do his work like always but this time there is a higher chance that he won’t come back. I’m in the process of learning everything about the mafia but i don’t want to take that big responsibility, not yet at least. I started to learn a lot of fighting technique and throwing knifes, dad won’t let me shoot yet but i know how if i need. Also he teached me some tricks of how to read people, and there is one person who i can’t fully trust.

And that is Catarine, but like i said i just started to learn this things, even though dad always say to follow my gut i don’t know what to say, i mean she’s my mom friend, if she trusts her i should too, right?

Today was a good day after our movie marathon we had dinner all together including aunt Emilia and Luca, but now we are all together at the safe room door, tonight dad and Luca won’t be near us, because we will be inside and he’s not. Mom isn’t crying but you can see the sadness in her eyes.

“You better be back for us Dante.” She sais to dad sternly.

“I promise my bella.”

“We love you.”

“I love you too, all of you.” And they kissed, if this was another situation it would be gross.

“I’ll give you four days Dante, four if i don’t hear anything from you, i will go find you. You have your wedding ring?”

“Always bella.”

“Never take it off.” A couple more words to each other and then he came to me.

“I now that every thing is going to be fine but i want to say three things to you, first i want you to know that I’m very proud of you figlio [son], then if just, if anything goes badly you have to take care of your brothers and mom alright?”

“Yes papà.”

“Then i want you to know that i love with everything in me, you and your brothers.”

“I love you too.” I said, he gave the same speach to Vincenzo and after went to kiss the babies.

And with that they left, Aunt Emilia was already in her bed, probably crying because of Luca. Catarine was with the babies getting them ready to bed, and mom came to my side with Vin

“Alright my boys, everything will be okay, sì?” She said hugging us.

We all got ready to get to bed, wondering what will happen in the next few days, i wish I could do anything to help, but the truth is that I’m just a kid.

I hope mamma won’t make us all go mad with all the wandering.

Once again my thoughts go to Gianna, she said she wanted me. Why? Why now? It’s been twelve years, and i never saw or hear of her. I will never go with her or talk to her, dad told me what she asked, ten million of euros, is that how much i worth to her?

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