My Arranged Marriage

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Chapter 2

From Zachary's point of view

Okay so only child perks. I've never had to share a room. My parents spoiled me to death. I never had to be the first child to the table to have a piece of bacon.

The setbacks of being an only child. Well see my parents run a massive business. So the oldest child marries rich. Well I'm the only child so I will be marrying to double our family value.

My father has picked my partner. I've never met them.

Well today's the day.

I dress nice. I comb my hair so it's not a mess. I even put on a button up shirt.

I take a deep breath. I come down the stairs to the family room. I can hear my dad talking to someone. I cautiously enter the room. I hold myself tall.

My father smiles, "Zachary come on in here."

I come closer nervous. My father motions to an older man on the couch. His legs are slightly open and he seems to be rather tall and thin. His beard and hair have small traces of grey.

My father speaks, "this is Mr. Clark Adler."

I hold out my hand, "it's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Adler."

He shakes my hand. His hand is warm and soft.

My father motions me to sit next to Mr. Adler. I sit slowly, still nervous. Mr. Adler looks at me closely.

My father speaks but I am not quite sure what he's saying.

I get my brain to zone back in, "what were you saying father?"

He smiles, "ah I see you're a little nervous, my son. I was telling you that Mr. Adler is your husband to be. He is very kind. I thought maybe you could spend some time together before the wedding. I know it's a while away still. But it'll be good to talk and get to know each other. Sound good?"

I look at Mr. Adler, "I wouldn't want to be a burden."

Mr. Adler touches my shoulder softly, "you won't be a burden. I thought maybe we could go for a walk. I'll be a proper gentleman and take you for lunch."

I look at my father, "is that okay?"

My father nods, "yes, my son."

I stand and Mr. Adler follows, "I'll speak to you soon."

He motions a goodbye to my father and leads me outside. We walk together and I relax as we talk. He has a soft accent that I really like. He seems nice enough too.

I brush my arm against his every so often as we walk. We don't hold hands. I barely know anything about him.

~~~~Small Time Skip~~~~

He crosses his legs, sitting on my couch. We sit a little bit apart.

We are watching the news. I am trying to be considerate of him.

I know he's older and would appreciate not being disturbed.

I chew my lip, thinking.

Mr. Adler stands and looks at me, "I'm going to go Zachary."

His accent makes the Z a little harder than I'm use to.

He leans down to kiss me but he stops himself, "is it okay if I kiss you Zachary?"

I nod shyly, reaching my hand up to ruffle his hair, "yes Mr. Adler."

He whispers, "Clark. Call me Clark."

He lays me back on the couch slowly, looking into my eyes.

My mother comes in, instantly covering her eyes, "I'm sorry. I'm going."

She turns to leave but I sit up, "mom we aren't doing anything. Come on in."

Mr. Adler clears his throat sitting back, "he is right. We were just... going to kiss Mrs. Smith."

I'm bright red.

Mr. Adler softly squeezes my knee.

I look at him.

He has a soft glow in his eyes that wasn't there before.

I blush. He stands to go for real as my mother comes in.

I nod, "when can I see you again Mr. Adler?"

He smiles, "maybe tomorrow after work Zachary."

I smile back, "okay Mr. Adler."

I stay down stairs with my mother.

She looks into my eyes, "is that man taking advantage of you?"

I laugh slightly, "mom..."

She gives me a more serious look, "is he?"

I roll my eyes a little, "that's the first time he's touched me, mom. Probably the last time too."

She touches my cheek, "I just love you Zachary. I want what's best for you. And I think you should wait."

I look away, "mom... we aren't going to talk about my sex life or lack of. If I want to... mess around with Mr. Adler that's my business."

She kisses my head, "please just be safe Zachary."

I stomp up the stairs. I shut my door and lock it.

I lay back on the bed.

I lick my lips and search for Mr. Adler online. I sit the phone down when I find my favorite picture of him.

I suck my bottom lip softly, laying there looking at him.

He's attractive, at the very least with his clothes on, surely he has to be with his clothes off.

I close my eyes, resting my hand by my face.

I have never kissed anyone. I've never had sex.

I contemplate getting off to the thought of him but I decide against it.

I lay on my stomach and clear Mr. Adler from my search history.

~~~~~~Small Time Skip~~~~~~

Mr. Adler is walking with me down the street.

Our arms are linked. He is talking to me about the weather or whatever.

He stops walking. I stop too.

I look back at him, "is something wrong, Mr. Adler?"

He looks at me, "no Zachary."

We start to walk together again.

He stands outside my door with me.

He rubs my cheek softly, "will you go out to dinner with me tomorrow?"

I nod shyly, "yes Mr. Adler. Formal wear?"

He nods, "yes Zachary. And I have ask you to call Clark."

I nod, "sorry Mr. Adler."

He moves so my back is against the door and he looks into my eyes, "can I please kiss you?"

I rest my hand on his chest, blushing, "yes Mr. Adler."

He leans down slowly, but he's cut off by the door opening.

I look up at my father, "hey dad."

Mr. Adler straightens his back, "hello Mr. Smith."

My father clears his throat, "what are you two doing out here?"

I huff and move away from Mr. Adler, "I'll see you tomorrow."

I move past my father and he says his goodbyes to Mr. Adler.

I lay down on the couch.

I still haven't got to kiss Mr. Adler.

He won't do it when we are really alone. Probably for my sake. He won't do it without asking.

So we just haven't kissed.

My father comes in, "Zachary, what in the hell are you doing?

I stare at him, "listen, you and mom picked Mr. Adler. You guys decided that I should marry him. And everytime I try to let him kiss me, you interrupt our moment. Have you changed your mind?"

My father sighs, "wait until you're married is all that we are asking."

I huff, "what? Like you did with mom?"

They've said several times that they didn't wait until marriage.

He sits beside me, "listen Zach. There's a big age gap and I know Clark well. He hasn't been in a relationship in a long time. I don't want you rushing through it. I know you have been together for half a year now and that you've got some building hormones."

I roll my eyes, "dad stop saying things that make me sound like a fucking child. I like Mr. Adler. We might not love each other but I for sure like him. He's kind and he takes me seriously. He respects me."

And there's another big part of it. My parents never raised me. They were always working. When I've put in my opinions they've ignored me.

And when I talk to Mr. Adler, he listens. He let's me talk and then he says his piece.

I stomp up the stairs.

I swear if my parents judge my decisions one more time I am going to lose it.

My dad knocks on the door and I let him in.

He leans his head against the doorframe, "I'm sorry that you feel like we are treating you like a little kid. We just want you to be safe."

I sigh soft, "I'm sorry for yelling dad."

I hug him, "I know you guys just want me to be happy and I'm trying to be safe. He's never made me feel unsafe."

My dad hugs me back.

He leaves the room and I lock the door. I lay down.

The next day, I dress myself for dinner. I fix my hair.

I have my mom look me over.

She smiles at me, "you look handsome. I'm sure Mr. Adler will be pleased."

I am in all black except I'm wearing a deep blue tie.

There's a knocks on the door. I open it shyly and there he is.

He's in black too but with a white tie.

He smiles, "you look nice Zachary."

We go out to dinner. Someone one must have leaked that he was going to be out to the press because we get surround by paparazzi.

Mr. Adler pulls me behind him, trying to hide me.

Someone yells, "Mr. Adler, is this your new partner? When is the wedding?"

He ignores them and leads me to his car. He opens my door for me and then we are driving away.

He looks at me and then quickly back at the road, "I'm so sorry. I don't know how they found out about me being out."

I rub his arm, "it's okay Mr. Adler."

He sighs softly, "they were just curious because it's been a while since I've been out with someone on my arm."

I shrug it off, "Mr. Adler, it's okay. I know it wasn't planned."

The rest of the ride is quiet. A comfortable silence. He is a careful driver, very focused.

He pulls into my drive way and turns to me, "Zachary."

I look at him, "yes Mr. Adler?"

He softly takes a ring off his finger, "I know you didn't get much say in this relationship. I know that you might not even like me. But as a proper gentleman, a good, hopefully, future husband, I'd like to ask you a very important question."

He pauses to make sure I'm still paying attention to him.

He clears his throat hard, "Zachary Smith, will you please marry me?"

I rest my hand over his, "we already are getting married in like 6 months, Mr. Adler."

He looks into my eyes, "do you want to?"

I nod a little shyly, "yes Mr. Adler. I'd love to marry you."

He softly slips the ring on my finger, "may I kiss you Zachary?"

I look at him, "my father said I should wait."

He swallows a small lump in his throat, "I suppose he's right."

He takes me to the door and I kiss his cheek softly, "have a good night Mr. Adler."

He touches the place I kissed softly, "have a good night Zachary. And Clark is fine."

I go upstairs, spinning the ring on my finger.

It's a beautiful band with a pretty carved design in it.

I'm much too tired to try and find out what the design is though.

I lay down, after changing into comfy clothes.

I rest the cool metal of the ring against my lips, closing my eyes.
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