My Arranged Marriage

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Chapter 3

From Zachary's Point of View:

As the week until our wedding progresses I realize more and more that he is a good match for me.

My parents picked right.

Every week he comes to see me at least once and he's taken up calling me every night to tell me good night.

Still haven't got to kiss him. And I so desperately want to.

Mr. Adler tried to sneak and see me the night before but my mother screamed at him. Which I found quite funny because he's a got foot and a half taller.

It's the small things like that, the small childish things he does that I find charming.

My mom is fussing over me as I get ready. I wear an all white suit with a purple tie.

If my father had it his way I'd probably be wearing my mother's wedding dress. Which is kind of weird because I've never been fem.

I did talk to Mr. Adler about it and he said it was okay if I wore a suit.

He in fact insisted that unless I absolutely wanted to that I didn't because he was attracted to masculinity. And then he said that he had been in a straight relationship for far too long to fake attraction to femininity.

My parents argued about who would get to walk me to my husband. So they decided they'd both walk me.

I look at my mom, "mom, you do think I'm making the right decision?"

She kisses my cheek, "yes my son. Mr. Adler is a good man and he's treated you good so far. And even if it doesn't work out you'll always be welcomed home."

I check myself in the mirror. I look hot for sure. I smooth my already immaculate hair back.

I fidget with the ring on my finger. I recieved it from Mr. Adler.

I want to be pleasing to my husband. I mean I do expect him to be loyal and faithful to me so I should at least look nice for him and provide what he needs.

I wait outside the doors and take a deep breath as my parents link arms with me.

I look at my mother, "I'm nervous."

She smiles, "that's okay hunny. That's completely normal."

The doors open and we are walking.

Mr. Adler smiles as I walk towards him.

Over the last year, seeing him smile makes me smile.

I gently take his hands when I get to him.

He smiles more, "you look handsome."

I blush a little, "you look handsome too."

He rubs my thumb with his thumb comfortingly.

It happens fast. And there is no hesitation in my "I do".

I've placed my ring on his finger.

He is leaning closer for a kiss. I lean away a little.

I'm about to have my first kiss ever in front of my friends, family, and complete strangers and that's intimidating.

He touches my cheek, "is it okay if I kiss you, Zachary?"

His accent sends a small shiver through my body, "yes Mr. Adler."

His lips gently rest against mine.

I place my hand on the back of his head, kissing.

He pulls away a little but I move closer to him, "wait one more."

He chuckles and kisses again.

I hold his hand, leaning into him a little as we walk out together.

We are surrounded by paparazzi again and this time he doesn't try to hide me. He ignores them though.

He opens the car door for me. I get in carefully.

He drives us to the reception venue. We had planned the decorations together. His main concern through most of it though was that I was happy.

He takes me to sit.

He rubs my hand, "would you like a drink Zachary?"

I look up at him, "I can get it."

He smiles, "no I want to. Your wish is my command."

I smile back at him, "okay Mr. Adler."

He leans in and kisses me slowly, "I'll be right back."

He goes quickly and comes back. He sits beside me, smiling.

He softly takes my hand. He lets our hands sit in my lap.

I feel overwhelmingly happy, sitting there with his hand in mine.

My mother softly takes me to dance with her.

She is leaning into my chest, swaying, "you look really happy Zachary."

I kiss her head very softly, "he is a great guy mom. I... I don't want to say the L word and scare him but I think I do."

Mom squeezes me, still swaying, "I just want you to be happy with whoever you are with."

We sway silently for the rest of the song.

When it ends, my dad pulls me over to the bar.

He gets me a beer and we sit in the corner together.

My father clears his throat softly, "congratulations my son."

I sip the beer, "thanks dad."

He reaches out and pats my shoulder, "I know I said some pretty mean things when you came out..."

There's a long pause before he picks up again, "it came out again when Mr. Adler was going to kiss you against the door Zachary. I..."

He takes a deep breath, "I didn't want a gay son at first. I didn't want to think about not getting to have grandkids. I don't want you going through life thinking I hate you Zachary."

I stand, taking my beer, "we aren't ever going to be really close again dad. I'll hug you and tell you I love you because I do love you dad but we are never going to have that kind of relationship where I want to hang around you. I am going to go dance with Mr. Adler."

He softly grabs my arm, "please. Can we start by seeing each other eye to eye?"

I look into his eyes, "I get that homosexuality was viewed differently in your generation and that Mr. Adler had the issues with his identity. But I genuinely hope that we can move forward together and be happy. If you can prove it isn't an issue than sure we can try but if you don't want to change how you see me then that's fine."

I go and set my beer on the table, "come dance with me Mr. Adler? Please?"

He stands and takes me to the dance floor. I lean into his chest as we start to sway.

My brain flips back to the memory of the day I came out.


I was 13 and scared but I sat there at dinner, the only one my father made an appearance at for over three months, and I had put it simply.

I said, "mom, dad, I like boys."

My mother made eye contact with me and seemed fine but my father dropped his fork and started screaming.

I cowarded back into my chair, never having heard my father scream before.

My mother stood protectively between me and him.

And the final blow that made me lose all respect for my father was the ending remark he made before he left to go back to the office, "he's probably John's. We all know you never kept your legs shut. No son of mine would have grown up to be a cock sucker."

I sat there in my chair, crying while my mother tried to comfort me. I did eventually stop crying.

I even put on a front that I was fine but I never forgot what he said.

I remember that he apologized a few weeks later but I could tell it was forced and that my mother had made him.

I tried to find out who John was at one point but my mother made sure I wouldn't.

And then she sat me down and promised me that even if my father renounced me as his that I was fully and undoubtably my father's son.


Mr. Adler's accented voice brings me back, "are you okay Zachary?"

I look up at him, not realizing I had been crying.

He wipes my eyes softly, before kissing very softly, "come sit with me."

We go back to our table and sit together.

It really didn't take long for me to get worn out.

It was probably because I cried.

I touch Mr. Adler's arm, "can we do cake and go home soon?"

Home seemed loaded. We hadn't technically talked about where we were going to live but I would really prefer my bed tonight.

He softly takes my arm, "come on."

We go and cut cake together. Every part of me wants a cheesy smashing cake on each other's face moment but Mr. Adler seems much too serious for that.

And then before I can even register he smashes a small piece into my cheek.

I gasp softly, "you did not just do that Mr. Adler."

He chuckles, "that's what you are supposed to do."

I get a piece and smash it on his face, getting a little in his beard.

He pushes me up against the wall softly, licking the cake from my cheek slowly and then I pull him down by the tie slowly doing the same thing.

He clears his throat a little and I notice that I accidentally got hard.

I instantly think of something else and we finish with the cake.

He doesn't mention the boner I had. He rests his hand on my knee once we are done.

He's been downing way too many shots with some of his work buddies as the hours pass.

He looks like he's getting tired too, "are you ready to go home?"

I look at him, "yes please."

He's definitely drunk and push him against the passenger door, "give me your keys."

He mumbles something that sounds like, "I'm fine."

And I reach my hand into his pocket and get out his keys.

He meets my eyes for a second and then he slurs, "you're right. I'm definitely not okay to drive."

I help him into the car and buckle him and then I get in and start up the car.

I drive carefully. His sports car is nice but I absolutely hate driving it. I don't know how he feels about his material possessions and I'm absolutely terrified I'll break it.

I pull up to my house, pulling his car into the garage.

I help him inside and lay him on the couch.

He softly catches my arm as I go to leave.

I look back at him, "is everything okay Mr. Adler?"

He stares at me and I notice he's much too long to sleep on the couch.

I don't want him to think I took advantage of his altered state but also he deserves some place comfortable to sleep.

I slowly help him up, "let's go upstairs Mr. Adler."

I slowly help him up to my room. I softly lay him down and undo his tie and set it aside. And then I slowly untie his shoes and set them at the foot of the bed.

We lay on the bed fully dressed.

Mr. Adler is falling asleep and I lay there, not touching him as I fall asleep too.
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