My Arranged Marriage

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Chapter 4

From Mr. Clark Adler's Point of View

I wake up slowly. I yawn a little, blinking my eyes into focus.

I sit up, looking around, not quite remembering where I am at first.

I look down and there's Zachary.

And then I have a small moment of panic.

I didn't... we didn't.

God I was drunk, I don't know what we did.

I look around the room. There's no sign of us being rowdy and the door is open so I'm going to assume we didn't.

Zachary is stirring a little and then he grabs his pillow pulling it down closer to his chest.

His back is to me.

He inhales heavily. I lay back down, letting out a slow breath.

Zachary must have fallen back to sleep.

I want to lay my arm over him but I also don't want to startle him

After about another hour, he wakes up.

He rubs the ring on his finger absentmindedly.

Suddenly like he had forgotten, he rolls over.

He meets my eyes shyly, "good morning Mr. Adler."

I lean in slowly, stopping for a second. I want his permission to kiss him.

I smile a little, "good morning Zachary."

He lays there staring into my eyes for a while.

My curiosity wins out and before I can stop the question I say, "we didn't have sex did we?"

He blushes a deep red and looks away, "no."

His eyes avoid mine now.

I ignore that the door is open and I move over him.

He bites his lip softly, still avoiding my eyes.

I breath out slow, hardly able to contain my desire.

There's someone clearing their throat behind me and I quickly move off of him.

I'm an adult and so is he and his parents always cutting in is getting old.

Zachary sighs, clearly put out but he gets up.

He looks at me, "if you want I'll pack soon and we can go."

I promised him a couple weeks at my private beach house.

He leans into the doorframe a little, biting his lip, "I'm going to shower really quick first. It's the next door down the hall."

And then he whispers, "if you decide you want to join me."

I listen as he pads down the hall. He's a really risky kind of guy. His parents are home and he knows it.

I settle to myself that I won't be joining him. I even head down stairs so if he comes back, thinking we'll do it in bed that I won't be tempted.

We haven't seen each other naked. We haven't made out. We've barely touched other than our arms.

I can get it up plenty fine. I'm just nervous because I haven't had sex with a new person in a long time. My ex-wife was my only sexual partner and I have no idea what I'm doing with a guy to be honest.

After about an hour and a half, Zachary comes downstairs, where I have been talking to Mr. Smith for a while now.

Zachary looks slightly disappointed but he sits beside me.

I do wonder what goes on inside his head sometimes.

He stretches a little and looks at me, "I packed Mr. Adler."

I look at him, "are you ready then?"

He nods and gets his suitcase.

I take it from him softly and load it into my car's back seat with mine.

Zachary was careful with my car but it doesn't matter to me. It's just a for pleasure item.

I slowly get into the car and he has his arms crossed.

I gently rub his hand, "are you mad at me?"

He sighs, "no Mr. Adler."

I rub his thumb, "okay Zachary."

He looks at me.

I lean in close to kiss him. He leans in and I kiss him softly.

I start to drive and then we get a plane to my beach house.

He spends a lot of time talking with me.

I rest my hand on his knee, "how did your parents take you coming out?"

His breath hitches, "my mom took it pretty well but my dad disowned me basically. And screamed that I must be a mysterious John's son because my mother never shut her legs. How did your parents take it?"

I swallow a little.

I hesitate for a minute, "my dad uhh tried to beat the gay out of me. Mom couldn't stand to watch so she just stop coming home and if she was she was drunk."

I swallow, "I did get married to a woman for a while."

He touches my hand, "I'm sorry Mr. Adler."

I look at his hand, "oh, I'm okay Zachary. Do you want kids?"

He looks at me, "yeah I want a couple kids."

I watch him, "I'm getting older."

And I don't add that I've had a son. I ignore how bad it hurts to think about it again. I avoid the thought mostly but sometimes I get pulled into a conversation where he comes up and I cry over it. That void that will never be filled.

Jonah was the reason I never became a workaholic like I am now. Jonah was proof that even if my dad had been shit that I could be a good dad.

Zachary nods, "I know."

I sit back for a while and he looks at me, "are you going to take me tonight?"

I look away, "maybe Zachary."

I think about the toys I got.

I've never been with a guy before so I did research and bought prep toys.

But I also read that you shouldn't suprise your partner with them so I brought them but we have to talk about them.

And I don't know how to bring them up.

He turns away huffing softly.

I know he must be frustrated with me ignoring his desire to have sex.

He's waited for me. Wait for our marriage to be finalized and now everytime he hints at it or asks I blow him off.

We head to my house and he sets his suitcase on the bed.

He sits beside it.

I kiss him softly, "how about you go and get in the water a bit and I'll unpack for us?"

He softly pulls me closer, "please Mr. Adler."

His legs wrap around my waist, "please."

I push his legs off, "not now Zachary."

He unpacks his suitcase and shoves it into the closet.

He leaves the bedroom.

I get out the toys, opening them. My fingers trace over the first tapered plug.

These are the first toys I've ever bought.

I tuck them under the bed nervously.

I find my way out to the living room where Zachary is.

He curls up into the arm of the couch, pulling his legs out of the way.

He has his head resting on the arm while he plays with his phone.

I sit on the other end of the couch, "would you like to watch tv?"

He gives a soft shrug as a answer.

His shirt is rolled up in the back a little, exposing his skin.

I bite my lip softly.

He still plays on his phone.

I take it from him, putting it up on a shelf he can't reach.

He pouts, "give it back right now, Mr. Adler."

I grab his chin softly, "we are honeymooning."

He rolls his eyes, "like that's mattered to you."

He rolls over so he's facing the back of the couch.

I kneel down beside him, "Zachary."

He just lays there, unmoving.

I touch his back softly, "the sex is really important to you isn't it?"

He lets out a deep sigh, "no. It doesn't matter. I don't want any."

I laugh a little, "okay I know that's a lie. How about we make a deal?"

He rolls over to face me, "what Mr. Adler?"

I look into his eyes, "if you can make it all week without pouting about not having sex and you call me Clark consistently, we will have sex."

He holds out his hand slowly, "deal, Mr. A- Clark."

I softly shake his hand and then I rub his cheek, "one other thing Zachary."

He looks into my eyes, "yeah Mr... yes Clark?"

I kiss his softly, "I got some toys to help prepare. Will you... start to stretch?"

He raises a brow, "huh?"

I go and get the toys, "I've never done this before and I want to do it right. So uhhh I got these toys to help."

He looks at me, "you're going to put those in me?"

I hadn't thought about me putting them in.

I don't want to see him yet but also it might be nice to do something with him.

The deal was at the end of the week I would.

I give him a look, "are you open to them? Like you aren't intimidated and are okay with me using them on you?"

He looks into my eyes, "yes Clark."

I think for a minute, "will you put them in for me?"

He nods eagerly.

I give him the smallest and the lube, "you can do it in the bathroom or in the bedroom whichever you prefer. And you come back clothed and we'll watch some tv okay?"

Zachery kisses me ever so softly and takes them to the bathroom.

I spray cologne under my arms and take a mint. I quickly set up the couch and then make us popcorn.

He comes back a little excited, biting his lip softly with each step.
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