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He is the king of the underworld. She is a waitress in a little cafe. What happens when he spots her leaving one night? Will he leave her alone or will he pursue her? Read to find out.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1


I started the day just like any other.I woke up to the sound of my alarm going off and the sky still dark. It is currently 5 o’clock on a Monday morning and I have to be at work for 7.
Getting up and making my bed I stretched and started to prepare myself for the day ahead. Sometimes working at the cafe can be a bit tiring especially when we are busy but I love my job and won’t trade it for the world. After doing my morning bathroom routine I slipped on a peach colored tee and a pair of jeans with my white and black converse. I made a simple sunnyside egg and some jam and toast long with cup of tea. Brushed my teeth and was out the door by half six. I live close to work only 2 blocks away so I walk. I love walking early in the morning there isn’t many people and the fresh air is great. I arrived at work in time for 7 and slipped on my apron and put my pen and notepad in the pocket. I helped Mrs.James with the cleaning and opening the cafe at half 7. Today is Monday so there will be a morning rush. With a smile on my face I approached the first table. “Hi my name is Saphire and I will be your waitress this morning what can I get you?”


Waking up at 5 o’clock I went to my gym and had my morning workout. I left the gym at half 6 and started to get ready for the busy day ahead I have 5 meetings with business partners and other mafia bosses and then I have to confirm a shipment of guns later. I left home and told my driver to stop at a cafe. He carried me by a popular one located in Freebury on Starlight Road. I usually ask my secretary to get me coffee but I decided to relax before heading to the office. I stepped into the little comfy looking cafe and had set going over some emails on my phone. I sensed someone approach me md when I looked up there she was the one who would be mine she had the most breathtaking smile and the perfect hourglass body. She looked short but that would be perfect against my height. After coming to my senses I ordered a black coffee and a breakfast plate. Watching her walk away was a great sight to see and I knew I would do all I can to win her over.pulling out my phone I called my brother and told him I would be running late. I looked around the cafe and saw tht it qs relatively busy and watched a my angel took orders. If she was with me she wouldn’t have to work but she could if she wanted. I am a popular man known to own several of the most popular hotel chains and have my own line of perfumes and men wear. I am surprised that she didn’t notice who I am but I like that. With a smile I paid my bill and left a hundred dollar tip. I’ll have you in my arms soon angel I thought to myself while I exit the cafe.

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