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After asking my usual everyday question he looked up. And when I say this man is FINE I mean that he is FINE. Many people come through our little comfy cafe daily but he is the hottest one I have ever seen in my 3 years working here. He ordered a black coffee and one of our breakfast plates. Our breakfast plate consists of toast and jam along with scrambled eggs and few pieces of bacon. While the chef made his order I served him his coffee and went on to the next table. A while after I heard the familiar ‘DING’ of the bell on the counter and I served him his food and continued to deal with the other customers. While serving them I felt eyes watching my every move and instead of finding it weird or creepy, it felt homey and like a hug. After about an hour I turned around only to see him walking out the door and the money on the table. His bill came up to ten dollars but under the ten dollars, I saw a hundred dollar tip. This is the most I have ever gotten as a tip and I felt a smile come to my face because I am saving up to buy a car. This handsome guy had me smiling for the rest of the day and I had a feeling that I would be seeing him very often. I went on with my usual daily activities and after closing, I started to help out with the cleaning. We close at 8 and I am usually home by 9. After a long day at work, I arrived home, and after fixing a quick plate of leftovers from the cafe for both Max and I. I filled my tub while waiting for the tub too full I played with Max. Max usually stays with my elderly neighbor Mr. Brown. I had a long soak, did my nightly routine, had a quick facetime with Lily and then snuggled with Max till I fell asleep.


After leaving my angel at the cafe I went to my office which is located in the middle of Freebury and is the biggest office space there. After arriving at my office I began to attend meetings and go over my business documents and emails, this kept me busy until lunch. My brother brought me lunch and we spoke about the businesses and what needs to be done after that he left and i continued to work with my angel in mind. I left the office at 6 and went to my major guns warehouse where I checked everything and made sure business was running smoothly. Looking at my watch I realized that it was 10 and I went home. Upon arriving home I ate the dinner my chef made and I went over my emails. putting my dishes in the sink and washing them I went to my room, took a bath, and then went to bed with my angel on my mind. Waking up and doing my morning routine of getting up at 5 and going to the gym, then eating and taking a shower I left home and told my driver to head to the cafe anxious to see my angel again.

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