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Xavier continued going to the little cafe just to see his angel every weekday. He would order the same thing off the menu every time a black coffee and a breakfast plate. While eating his breakfast he would watch Saphire work. She would attend to him every time he went to the cafe and would feel his eyes on her as she works, she became comfortable and eventually looked forward to seeing his handsome face every day. He would always leave a hundred-dollar tip and she would put it towards her car. She is also saving up her other tips and the money she makes from selling little custom pieces that she made s that she can open her own clothing boutique due to her passion for sewing. This would continue for three months.....


I smelled him before I saw him that woody, rainy masculine scent that I have come to enjoy smelling. Grabbing my pen and notepad i went to take his order.

“Good morning Xavier the usual?” I asked him.

“Good morning angel and yes please” was his response.

“Coming right up, ill get you your coffee while the chef makes your plate” with that I left his table. Gave the chef his order while I prepare his coffee. After it was made and I gave it to him I attended to the other customers. DING. Giving the chef the orders and takings Xavier’s order to him I continued my work. Hearing the familiar chime of the door I knew he left or so I thought I turned to his table and there he was still sitting and watching me. blushing because I got caught I continued to attend to my other customers. Turning back to Xavier’s table I see him motioning for me to come over and that I did.

“Angel ” he said.

" Yes Xavier” was my reply.

“Would you like to go on a date with me this Friday?” he asked.

Without a second thought, I answered yes. We then talked a bit more and exchanged numbers, luckily today wasn’t busy so I could sit and talk and get to know him better. When it was lunch time and more customers came in we both bid our goodbyes him leaving his usual $100 tip. Needless to say that I was in a very good mood for the rest of the day. After work and picked up Max from his sitter. I heated leftover pizza from the night before while giving Max his dog food. We ate played, relaxed, and then I took a long-needed bath before heading o bed and checking my phone.


X- “Hey Angel, it’s Xavier”

S- “Hey Xavier”

X- ” How was today? Did you eat and stay hydrated?”

S- ” No I was to busy for lunch so I just had a cup of tea”

X- ” You need to stay hydrated and eat especially when ur on your feet the whole day. Can you try to eat on time and stay hydrated for me????”

S- “Yes i will”


Xavier and Saphire continued to text back and forth until it was nearly 11 and Saphire had to sleep to get ready for work in the morning. After bidding Xavier goodnight she thought about calling Lily but watching the time she chose to let her best friend enjoy time with her husband. with that Saphire cuddled Maw and they both fell asleep. After bidding Saphire goodnight Xavier turned on his mafia boss side and went to interrogate an accountant who has been stealing money from him.

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