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There he sat looking like a mouse caught in a trap all lost and confused waiting to be devoured by the beast of a man. Xavier walked into the cell that kept James the accountant who has been stealing money from one of Xavier’s businesses. A man who was entrusted to make sure all the money adds up and the man who Xavier hired to keep his money safe. He should have known better than to mess with the king of not only the business world but also the underground. Upon seeing Xavier, James immediately started to beg for his life....


There he was my new plaything for the night I was in such a good mood as well only for him to destroy it with his stealing ways. Now I’m going to make him wish that he never crossed me considering that I have killed for less, I am known as the King of Beast after all. Taking off my suit jacket I stood in my white shirt and then rolled up my leaves while circling him.

‘Please Mr. Valentino I have a wife and two daughters’

‘I can’t die I haven’t seen my children grow up’

′ My daughters are waiting for me at home please don’t kill me’

‘I will repay you all the money I stole’

After he unexpectedly collect my fist in his gut he got quiet with tears streaming down his pathetic face. Of course, I have heard all of these excuses and it really is a pity that he crossed me or he would be at home with his wife and children. After landing a few more blows to his body I ordered my men to tie him up as though he was on a cross and I proceeded to rip off his clothes. Tired of hearing him cry for forgiveness I sliced his tongue in one swift motion and then I proceeded to sew his mouth shut after fulling it with cotton. Very grateful that I had all my favorite toys on a table next to him.

I then proceeded to pull every single nail off of his body leaving a bloody mess on the ground beneath him. Watching the beginning of my masterpiece I then moved on to his back and the using steady hands cut two beautiful wings and hung them on hooks beside him. realizing that he has lost a lot of blood and want him to suffer more I sliced off all ten fingers and ten toes before carving a hole into his body and while watching the life drain from his eyes I ripped his slowly dying heart out and then sat and watched my masterpiece. too bad he didn’t last long enough he was such a weak, lying and disgusting being.

Looking at the time I decided that I should clean up and go to bed excited to see my Angel later on in the day. Wiping my hands and grabbing my suit jacket, I left while on the way out I called my second n command and told him to ensure that the wife gets a proper job that pays well and to inform her that her husband won’t be coming home. As cold as I am I can’t have that family suffering because of a man. With that order given I cleaned myself up and had a late-night meal before thinking about my Angel before drifting off to sleep at 2 in the morning.

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