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Bound by blood. *** Echo Lennox is a young woman who's been called lethal and cold her whole life, for a reason that has left her clueless. Mobs have taken over New York, prophesizing apartments, rebuilding storehouses with construction sights, and burning down buildings filled with their rivals. Mafia's all around the nation come to New York, feeding off of their fear. That is until the German Mafia had made a fatal mistake by assassinating Echo's mother. And she wants revenge. Over nine years later, Echo has made her vengeance, hunting down each gangster one by one for their blood to be on her hands. Receiving the name as, The Return of Femme Fatal. Working with additional lethal women, commencing power together. But one midnight, undercover to assassinate the one and only, Carmine Balzano, she faces the certainty of her true inheritance. ⚠️MATURE THEMES⚠️

Romance / Action
Age Rating:


Warning: This story contains the dark and gory activities of drug trafficking, vulgar language, sex trafficking, rape, sexual orientation, explosives, abuse, trauma, brutal massacres, guns, bloody circumstances, torture, knives, and hot ass mafia men and women. Do be informed.

I suggest you read this if you are 18+. (I'm fucking with you)

Thank you for reading!

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