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Good thing or bad thing?

“Felix, we have a problem.” Said a woman in her mid thirties, as she walked towards the man sitting on the couch, leaning over a table with a multitude of documents laid in front of him. He said over his shoulder, picking one particular document and inspecting it closely.

“We have a lot of problems, Aliyah. Not all need my meddling.”

“This one does.” Aliyah, pressed on the words ‘this one’, as she demanded Felix’s full attention.

“Speak.” he spat with irritation, on being bothered during his work hours.

“They have it.” The urgency in her voice did not resonate with him. He looked up at her, and said as calmly as before.

“You are way out of date here. They don’t, we do.”

“Why don’t I know about this?” asked Aliyah, not happy with being left out on important business.

“Not words, but actions, my dear.” said Felix, dismissing the topic altogether. He continued, picking up another document from the table and extended it to her. “I need your judgement.”

Aliyah plopped down on the couch beside him letting her hair loose from the sleek ponytail, her demeanor a lot more relaxed than when she initially came in.

“Who is it?” Sam asked Ray, who had been staring at her screen for a minute now, her face illuminated by the soft neon glow of the phone, in the darkness of his bedroom. They had finally drifted off to sleep not so long ago, when Ray, who still hadn’t slipped into her deep sleep, was overcome by her desire to check her phone, which had beeped twice. Whoever and whatever Ray discovered, made her rise from the bed and brood over her phone, her fingers hovering over the screen ready to type, but she did not know what to say. The sender’s name and the content of the message glared back at her.

Zeal Amarano

Hey, I hope you still haven’t called quits on the deal. I am texting to follow up on the place I told you about. They are ready to rent it. But the deposit amount is quite bulky. Call me if you want to know more and I can set up a meeting with the tenant.

Sam, who was stirred awake by Ray’s movements, sat up and leaned over Ray’s shoulder to see what it was that she was so engrossed in when she didn’t respond to his question.

“Who are they and what are they walking about?” he asked again, as he massaged her neck, easing up the tension.

Ray let go of the phone letting it fall on the bed with the soft thump, leaning into Sam’s touch. She said in a whisper more to herself than Sam.

“Something and someone I wanted to forget for tonight.”

“Let’s do that then.” Said Sam, taking Ray’s phone and keeping it on his side of the bed and pulling her back with him. Ray murmured, looking straight ahead into the darkness.

“There’s some good news and there's some bad news. I don’t know which is which. Actually, I don't know if any of it is good. I will tell you all about it first thing in the morning.”

“Sleep.” was all that Sam whispered, as he tugged her closer by the waist.

The next morning Ray rolled over and reached for Sam but all her hands got a hold of were cold crumpled sheets. She lifted her head slightly to take a quick scan around the room but he was nowhere to be seen. She slowly propped herself up from the bed whilst rubbing the sleep off her eyes. She was a heavy sleeper so it took some time for her to get all her senses back. After she felt awake her hands acted on their own accord searching for her phone. Spending a minute in pointlessly flipping over covers and pillows she spotted it on the table beside Sam's side of the bed. She grabbed it and opened it to check if she had any missed calls or messages. Not that she expected any. But even still. As soon as the screen unlocked the message from Zeal that she received last night flashed on the screen as the phone was locked in that state not having clicked on the home or back button. And an avalanche of everything that happened the day before came down on her.

She sat there staring into the blank wall ahead of her, going over it all again. She read the message from Zeal not once not twice but three times before coming to a decision. Taking a deep breath she typed.

Zeal Amarano

Hey, I hope you still haven’t called quits on the deal. I am texting to follow up on the place I told you about. They are ready to rent it. But the deposit amount is quite bulky. Call me if you want to know more and I can set up a meeting with the tenant.


Let's meet up instead at the coffee house from yesterday. Then we can head out from there together to take a look at the place. Sounds good?

Zeal texted back immediately.

Zeal Amarano

Roger that.

Ray tossed her phone and jumped out of the bed with a funny feeling in her guts. She was nervous but it felt good. She walked on air in the pursuit of Sam. She found him on his couch hunched over his laptop. He hadn't noticed her yet so she tiptoed across the living room to get her payback on him from when he had scared her.

She placed her hands around his neck in a slightly tighter grip and said in a menacing whisper in his ear. His fingers which were typing away vigorously came to a sudden halt and he leaned back a bit.

"You made for a good plaything. Any last words, my lord?"

Playing along, Sam tilted his head up tentatively and said matching Ray's tone.

"I dropped dead the moment I saw you. All that's left is this material body with its carnal desires. Do as you may wish with it, my lady."

Something about Sam's husky voice from him stretching his neck all the way to the back stirred something deep in her. Something that had been stowed away for quite a while now. And the connotation of those words only added to it. She flushed red from all the things her mind chose to imagine in the moment and she pulled back in an instant and turned away feeling the need to hide her arousal. She wished she could express it, let it out even, but the hurt from getting shut down last night for the kiss was still raw so she shrugged it off and changed the topic walking around the couch to take a seat beside Sam. She plopped down keeping a distance between them and asked.

"You are up early."

"Inspiration." Said Sam over his shoulders as he went back to his typing.

"Did you sleep well?" He asked, still focused on his computer screen.

"By the courtesy of my personal humanoid plushie, I did." Said Ray with a dreamy smile on her face.

Hearing that Sam reached over to give Ray a quick peck on her cheeks.

A few minutes passed as Ray watched Sam work, completely immersed into the world he was creating. She admired his passion as her trail of thought led her to her own. She recalled that she had to tell Sam about all the events that had conspired the day before. She said then, while he was googling something related to his story.

"I need to talk to you-"

Before the words even parted from Ray's lips Sam shut his laptop and turned to her, giving her his full attention. But she could see her hesitation as he looked at his laptop from the corner of his eyes. What Ray wanted to talk about was important but not as important as to come between Sam and his writing. Ray reached over and opened his laptop, completing her cut out sentence from before.


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