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Something she was afraid of

Sam trailed right behind Ray, and was taken aback seeing the people who were standing at the door towering over Ray. He threw a side glance at Ray and saw her head drooping low. His hand grazed her skin which had turned ice cold, the contact ensuing goose bumps on his own. Her hair covered most of her face, but Sam could tell she was disturbed from judging the situation itself.

Not wanting them to come off as suspicious, Sam swiftly moved in front of Ray hiding her from their sight. He tried to hide the distress upon his own face and said with poise.

“Yes...officer?” Sam enquired, as Ray’s words from when she spent the night at his place played in his mind.

If they search that apartment and find drugs, I would not be let off the hook so easily either.

I have enough shit going on to add legal stuff to it.

The oldest looking officer said to Sam, his voice demanding.

“You live here, young man?”

“No sir, she does.” Said Sam promptly.

“Can you make way then mate? We have work to do.” Said another man who was about the same age as him, slightly taller with his voice too commanding.

Sam took a deep breath to calm his nerves, before uttering the words he was about to.

“Are you sure you have the right apartment, sir?”

“We have a search warrant.” Said the older guy impatient and clearly agitated. Sam, not wanting to play with fire, obliged and moved back, letting the officers enter.

The three of them charged into different parts of the apartment, following the lieutenants orders to flip the place upside down. Sam moved the limp body of Ray against the wall beside the shoe stand near the door and approached the lieutenant. He wished he could stay with Ray, but finding out what was actually happening was more important at the moment.

“Can I ask what the search warrant is for?”

“Illegal possession of drugs. We were tipped off that cocaine and LSD abusers were frequenting this area. It had to be stocked somewhere around for such a steady supply.” Said the officer, throwing a scrutinizing glance at Ray, who hadn’t moved an inch from how Sam had left her.

Sam did not like the look in his eyes and he felt a surge of anger within him, but he tried to play it cool, to keep them off their radar and stray off more trouble.

“I don’t think you will find what you are looking for, here, officer.”

The officer grunted in response, cutting the conversation short and sauntering off into the living area, making rounds to check on his underlings’ updates.

Sam was about to head towards Ray, when the one of the three male officers, who hadn’t said anything until now, walked out of Ray’s room with his hands full of small pouches of white powder, calling out to his senior.


The senior officer inspected the stuff and confirmed it, for drugs. He turned to Sam and then said, deriding what Sam said earlier to him.

“I am afraid this is exactly what we were looking for.”

Sam then said in a desperate attempt, clinging to their innocence.

“That stuff doesn’t belong to us.”

The man said inquisitively.

“Maybe not you, what about her.”

Sam now felt his rage, coursing through his blood. He suddenly hated this man, even though he knew he was only doing his job.

“We are clean. We will get tested if you want.”

“That you will have to, but that’s not the end of the story. She will have to be charged for possession of illegal drugs.”

Sam now felt his footing start to waver. What now? He thought to himself, raking his mind for something, anything that would not make them the prime suspects. That’s when he found the last straw. In the heat of the moment, Sam nearly screamed out the next words.

“She isn’t the only one who lives here. Her step brother lives with her. It should be his.”

“Where is he?” said the lieutenant, tired of this pointless talk.

“I don’t know that. He hasn’t been home for two days.” said Sam, biting his lip.

“That’s convenient.” scoffed the officer as all the other officers who not having found anything else were now gathered in one place, smirking at each other.

“No, he does live here. That room is his. You can check for his stuff.”

“What do you think of us? You think we haven’t checked.” said the one who was the same age as Sam.

“That room is empty. Not a speck, never used, collecting dust. Now if you will stop cooking up excuses and let us do our job.” said the lieutenant in an end-of-discussion manner.

Empty. Never used?

Sam was losing track of things now. He cursed Justin to his heart’s content and realized the gravity of the situation. They were in deep shit. So, he succumbed to the circumstances and affirmed internally to himself that they should comply for now and see how things work out. He thought so because he believed in his and Ray’s authenticity.

“What’s the protocol?” Sam asked demoralized.

“We will be taking her into custody and have you come down to the station with us.” Said the lady officer who was observing everything with a keen eye up until now.

The thought of Ray being arrested didn’t sit well with Sam and he retorted even when he had decided to not to.

“Hey, I said we will follow along with your procedure. You can’t arrest her just yet.”

“We sure can.” said the lady officer as she took a step towards Ray, the cuffs jangling from her hand.

“Listen-” Sam tried to stop her, but halted mid speech as the warmth of a familiar touch pushed him back, silencing him. He saw the blonde mop of hair in his obscured vision. Before he could comprehend what was going on, a frail voice echoed through the walls of the apartment.

“Take me.”

Blinking several times, Sam readjusted his focus only to find a dropping figure of Ray, receding into submission with her hands hanging in the air ready to be cuffed. The sharp noise of the lock setting in place pierced through the air. Everything that happened after was a blur.

Sam felt the cold metal of the cuffs prickling the soft tissue of his wrists. All the four officers bustled around leading both of them out of the apartment. As the last person shut the door behind them, a draft was created by the air pressure inside the apartment which travelled its way to the island in the kitchen, uplifting with a featherly touch the note Ray left for Justin.

It drifted upon the air and losing its momentum settled on the floor, upturned. Ray’s menial words in black upon the yellow of the paper, glossed over by a stark smiley in red on the bottom right corner.

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