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That which is rotten

The tiled floor of the kitchen was cold against her skin. It was stinging cold. Something that served in retaining even 2% of her consciousness. Everything else was black. Not merely painted black, but the absence of light black. It was a screen of murky shadows that thrived within the evil. Faces. Morbid. Warped. Morphed into things unimaginable. Shapes. Crude. Still primitive. Liberating out of their human self, into a thing unknown to even themselves. While some, never human, lurked eternally, suspended in the conundrum of existence. The shadows moved, drawing closer. She twitched with fear. Her sinking consciousness commanded the carcass of her body to move away from them. When an all too familiar silhouette, their features, immaculate and humanoid still approached, standing out from the others. Close enough for her brain to recognize the face.

The next instant, the shades of dark, dissolved into the bright hue of the light reflecting off of the penumbra of colors of the sleek interior of the kitchen. The shadows vaporized, scurrying and cowering away from the luminous backdrop against which, one of the apparitions materialized, creating a void in the radiance of the light itself. Her delirium turned into a remembrance. Reminiscent of her past. The past she had managed to slither out of. That was now traced back to her. Corroding her present along with its rotting self.

The form circled over her, like a vulture circling its prey. She found herself, begging for mercy. Her unabting plea, echoing through the stilled air.

“Don’t. Please Don’t. You can’t do this. Look. It’s us. Stop. Please. Please stop.”

She bawled her eyes out, trying to call out to the human within them. They did not yield. And what came next, left her with an excruciating pain and an ear-splitting scream.

“No, No, No. MOM, NO.”

And she slipped into the dreary mist of delusions again accompanied by the ghastly lemures.

The silence was impending as Sam and Ray sat in a room, waiting for the results from their drug test. Neither of them said a word and Sam was glad it was that way. Because for one he himself was dumbfounded by everything that had come about and for two even if he wanted to say anything, he didn’t know what to say. Ray refused to look up until and unless necessary and she was reluctant to meet eyes with Sam. He could see that she was traumatized and nothing he said could make it any better, because no matter what, the reality was that they were in custody for illegal possession and use of drugs. So he maintained his mum and decided to wait and watch as he absentmindedly stroked the place on his wrists where the handcuffs had been.

Hours ticked on, as he waited for the twenty four hours to be over. Sleep had evaded him for the most part, yet during the time he felt eyes drooping, he shook himself awake for Ray’s sake. Her head hung low in such a way that anybody would have mistaken her to be in deep sleep if they weren’t observant enough. He knew she was awake because her body twitched, every now and then. It was concerning, but Sam kept to himself, because he was afraid that if he went too close, she might explode. He knew he was just paranoid, but it was him trying to sympathize with her fragile state of mind. She was like a house of cards right now, holding it’s, frail self, together against all the odds. One wrong move and it would collapse in on itself. He needed her to stay calm for now, so this was good. As this thought lingered in Sam’s mind, a faint chant fell on his ears.

“No, no, no, no, no.”

His head, which was leaning back on the wall, snapped towards Ray, who was rocking back and forth and with her head in her hands. Taking in the sight, Sam rushed to her side and engulfed her in his arms. Over Ray’s anxious ‘No’ chant, Sam recited a string of ‘It’s okay’, because he honestly didn’t know what else to do. He had no idea what was going on with Ray, so the most he could do was let her know that he was there, with her. She calmed down after a little while, but Sam did not let go as Ray had held onto his t-shirt, her head, hanging low, still not meeting his eyes.

Sam then whispered some reassuring words, words he believed were true. Those words he said more to himself than her.

“It’s okay. We are going to be okay. We have done nothing wrong.”

Upon that Ray’s body went rigid as her fist clenched, tightening her nervous grip on Sam’s t-shirt.

The rest of the time was spent without much thought as the clock ticked on. Ray had drifted off to sleep. He had laid her down on the bench while he was keeping watch straining his eyes to their extent. And finally, in that empty bland room, with which Ray and Sam had blended in, as if there were supposed to be a part of it, walked in on an officer who threw off that harmony. He was not among the four that had raided Ray’s apartment. This one had a softer look and wasn’t as stringent as the others. He said in a concise manner, making sure he would not have to repeat himself.

“Mr. Maverick, the results of your test came in. As you know your urine and hair samples were taken for the same.”

Sam knew what the result was, but still he couldn’t help his heart beating in his throat.

“You both are clean.”

Upon hearing those words Sam let go of the breath he didn’t know he was holding. Relief washed over him as his muscles eased up, but he didn’t rest. He abruptly stood up and asked eagerly, the words itching to come out of him.

“So that means we are not being held anymore right? We can go home.”

A pained look crossed the officers face over Sam’s reaction. From his years of experience he could tell that these two were innocent. But gut feelings and instinct don’t work in courts, only evidence does and unfortunately for the young lady, the evidence was against her. So he had no choice but to do what must be done. He said in a milder tone, than usual, trying to make it easy for Sam to digest.

“Not so soon Mr. Maverick. Even if you aren’t involved in substance abuse, we still found illegal stuff in her house. We are going to have to run a background check on both of you for any track record of criminal activity before this and charge her with possession of illegal drugs regardless of that. You can contact your lawyer now if you wish to.”

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