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Is this chaos?


The surprised squeal turned a few heads and gathered a few side glances from the passerby’s as Ms. Amarano supported the Ray in her arms to keep her from falling. Right outside the entrance of Mayhem Pvt. ltd. all the resolve and confidence Ray had mustered left her body like the air leaving an untied balloon. The last traces of adrenaline that got her through the meeting had now vanished and a sick feeling settled in her stomach as the reality of what she had done set in. The next instant she lost all the sensation in her limbs and she collapsed for Ms. Amarano to catch her just in time. Ray muttered incessantly through all of it.

“Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck what have I done fuck a startup who was I kidding fuck no fuck no fuck no what made me think I can own a fucking company fuck no I am so fucking stupid oh my god where is the money going to come from fuck fuck fuck I cant do this I have to tell him the truth I have to refuse no I can’t say no now he will kill me did you not look at all those people Ray they looked ready to pounce Ohhhhh goddd what have I gotten myself into…” And she went on as her voice lowered down to a whisper before Ms. Amarano shook her out of it.

“Ray...Ray...Ray...RAY!” She kept calling her name until finally she got through to the dazed Ray to her consciousness. Before Ray could embarrass them more on the street because now people were lingering around them longer and held more than curious gazes over them Ms. Amarano dragged Ray away into the nearest cafe. They were rooting for the drama which had grabbed the attention of quite a sum out of the dispersed crowd, enough for the security of Mayhem to contemplate whether or not to meddle in the affair. Ms. Amarano would have wanted anything but that.

Ms. Amarano seated them in the furthest corner, sneaking past the craning necks of people who were staring at the show Ray put on through the cafe’s window. Their eyes tracking their every movement.

“Jeez, don’t these suckers have anything better to do.” said Ms. Amarano under her breath while getting comfortable and calling for the waiter.

Ray was still muttering silently, holding her head in her hands and pulling her hair, ruining the hairstyle. Ms. Amarano had had enough so she said with a deadpan face and her voice coming out a bit higher and harsher than she intended to.

“Stop it.”

Ray’s head snapped up and her eyes sparkled with a gleam if only for a moment. She said eagerly.

“Yeah exactly. We should stop it. You tell him I dipped and I will make arrangements to disappear for the month.”

Ms. Amarano glossed over every word Ray said and continued to act nonchalantly towards Ray’s anxious fit. She then explicitly asked Ray to calm herself down.

“No, stop this. Gather your thoughts till I order and then we’ll talk.”

Not giving Ray a chance to respond Ms. Amarano her head towards the teen who was now approaching them.

“Two iced latte’s, extra whipped, and add a little something of your choice. Surprise me.” she said to the boy with a secret smile.

The boy took her quirkiness for all the wrong signals and winked at her, keeping his eyes on her as he walked back until he could not anymore. Ms. Amarano scoffed after he was out of their earshot and said.

“His ego was so bloated, I couldn’t see past it. Aah, high school and its jocks. They neither look nor act their age.” Said Ms. Amarano exasperated, shaking her head in disapproval.

The accusing eyes on Ray’s lost, clueless face compelled Ms. Amarano to look her way.

“What?” Countered Ms. Amarano.

“What the fuck am I supposed to do?” exclaimed Ray irked by Ms. Amarano’s ignorance of the topic at hand.

“Start with accepting the shit you did. Nobody asked you to do it. What’s done is done. Nothing is going to change that. So own up to that and stop wimping.”

Ray shrunk back at those hurtfully honest and stern words realizing she may have lost control and overreacted a bit. Organizing her thoughts, Ray then began apologizing to Ms. Amarano only to be stopped by her.

“Ms. Amarano, I-”

“Save it. I don’t need nor do I care for it. What I do need is for you to drink this iced latte with god knows what sprinkled on top of it, get your shit together and talk business with me. Also, It’s Zeal for you.” Said Zeal crushing the bill which the waiter boy stealthily slid across to her with his number on it with one hand whilst offering Ray the coffee with the other. The waiter boy stared at her hand crushing up the paper and followed it as she thrust it in one of his apron’s pockets.

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