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“So, what’s the real problem?” asked Zeal judging Ray’s silence and the dejected look on her face.

“What?” asked Ray, jerking out of her entranced state of mind.

“It’s obvious what you want. So, what’s holding you back?” rephrased Zeal enquiring further.

“Money. I got none to spare.” Said Ray a bit more comfortable talking to Zeal than before giving this conversation a chance.

“How much do you need?” asked Zeal leaning forward.

“I would need to buy a place for an office now that I must bring it into the material world from the fantasy one. So, anything up from $10000.” said Ray, letting out a deep breath.

“Own anything that is worth that much?”

“Yeah, my place.” Said Ray instantly, wondering subconsciously as to why she was sharing everything with this bare acquaintance of hers. She realized it was easy talking to her. Just like with Sam.

“Where do you live in a mansion?” asked Zeal, not making any attempt to hide her shock.

“It’s an upscale condo, in the elite part of the city.” said Ray casually, not paying any heed to Zeal’s flared nostrils and widening eyes.

“Okay help me out here, why can’t you buy an office again?” asked Zeal, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

“It’s inherited.” snapped Ray, her voice laced with spite, as a fleeting expression of disgust took over her face. Cutting short the topic not wanting to talk about it any further, Ray asked Zeal, swerving the conversation in another direction.

“So, Mayhem Pvt. Ltd. What’s the deal with all the uptight people, who look like they have something shoved up their asses?” Joked Ray, feeling a bit better than before.

Zeal almost snorted out the sip of coffee she just took at Ray’s farce comment. After a coughing fit Zeal said, catching the sheen of wetness in her eyes with the corner of a tissue to keep her mascara from ruining her makeup.

“It’s like their identity. All those people and their hostile scrutinizing stares are like the personality of Mayhem.”

“Psycho much?” Sneered Ray, shrugging it all off for nonsense when Zeal leaned closer and said her voice dropping a pitch.

“Don’t. Now that you are associated with Mayhem there will always be a pair of eyes on you.” Zeal reached and made an act of brushing something off from Ray’s cheek while her eyes searched the room for anyone who looked suspicious and out of place. Ray for the first time since she met Zeal saw her uneasiness. Zeals concern was contagious as the anxiety Ray had forgotten began creeping back in. She asked her voice not more than a whisper.

“What does that mean?”

Upon that Zeals wavering eyes snapped back at Ray and she asked perplexed.

“You don’t know?”

“Was I supposed to?” asked Ray starting to get worried.

“Did you not do your research before coming?” asked Zeal, apprehensively.

“No?” said Ray, unsure about everything now.

“You must know what kind of business they are into?” asked Zeal hoping for a positive answer from Ray. And when none came her silence was more daunting for Zeal than anything else.

“What have I gotten myself into?” asked Ray desperately, as she saw all the color drain from Zeal's face.

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