Can't Help Falling in Love with You

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Chapter 3

George’s POV

“You must be loving it here,” I heard Sage, my caregiver.

“Absolutely,” I said taking a deep breath and inhaling the pure air which I’ve been missing for weeks. I wish I could have huge lungs to store all this freshness.

The chirping of the birds feels like a blessing to my ears. The scent of fresh greenery mixed in the cool moist air was touching my skin like the calm ocean waves touching the shore. I feel like a bird that has been set free from its little cage.

“Mr. Ashworth?” called the masculine voice but I chose to ignore and focus on the little freedom that I’ve got after weeks.

“Sir?” like a pin the voice tried to pierce into my little calm bubble again but I chose to ignore it.

“Mr. Ashworth?”

“It’s Sunday, Raymond,” I said nonchalantly. “Go home have fun with your wife.”

“I don’t have a wife, Sir.”

“Then take Sage with you and leave me alone,” I told him, annoyance for intruding my peace clear in my voice.

A loud sigh was heard from my Secretary.

“Sir, did you talk to Lyn about your meeting with the Evans’?” he asked and I ignored him yet again.

“The meeting is tomorrow if you remember,” he added.

Groaning, I opened my eyes and lifted my head from the back of the chair.

“I’m her grandpa and the chairman of the company. Why do I need to inform her about everything?”

“Sir, you know I can’t let you do anything without Lyn’s permission.”

“And I’m pretty sure that little brat won’t let me do it,” I grumbled, sitting straight. “Anyways, where is she?”

“Probably home since she returned last night,” I nodded to Raymond as I took a sip of hot coffee.

As the bitter liquid covered my tongue I couldn’t help mumble, “Perfect,” under my breath.

“Also,” Raymond began, ruining yet another heavenly moment of the morning. “As told her, she went had dinner with Daniel last night.”

“What?!” I coughed, choking on the coffee I just sipped. “She went on a date right after returning from a month-long business trip? How did it go? When are they marrying? Gosh, that’s why she didn’t even call last night. Thank goodness, she finally fell for some—

“You’re taking it all wrong, Sir,” my suited Secretary cut off my strings of happiness. “She must’ve wanted to get done with it like she always does. It was far from being called a date as her guards suggest.”

My shoulders dropped hearing his words.

“And, she did call you last night but you were already asleep by then so she hung up after asking her usual questions,” added Sage, trying her best to keep herself from laughing at my crushed false hopes.

I sighed.

“So, how did it go anyway?” I asked sounding defeated.

I saw Raymond stiffen at my question, avoiding making eye contact. Something was wrong.

“What happened?” I inquired, my face harden and my voice sounded deep as the sudden seriousness took over me.

“Well, as her guards informed me,” he hesitated.

“Yes?” I encouraged.

“Daniel insulted Lyn publicly and also poured a whole glass of water over her.”

By the time Raymond finished his sentence my blood started running in my veins at full speed. My jaw clenched and my hands resting on my thighs turned into fists.

“Mr. Ashworth, please calm down. Anger is not good for your health,” Sage worried as she attempted to approach me.

“That bastard,” a growl escaped my mouth leaving my caregiver frozen at her spot.

“Mr. Ashworth, calm down,” Raymond said as he passed me his iPad. “Everything has already been taken care of.”

Tearing my eyes off his anxious face, I focused on the screen and that’s when my breath stuck in my throat. My body froze as I read the headline wide-eyed.

“She has practically destroyed that man’s whole career,” Raymond summarised for me.

“Lyn did this?” I asked him again. My sudden rage was completely frozen by utter disbelief and shock.

“I did it, yes.”

My head snapped to the side at the source of the voice and there she was carelessly leaning against the doorframe looking at her grandpa with her lips curled up ever so slightly to make any difference.

“It was solely her this time. I only heard about it this morning but it was already too late,” Raymond explained.

“Why?” I asked her in a low voice, frowning my brows.

“You would have done the same thing for me, grandpa, so I took care of it before you,” she shrugged walking towards a vacant chair across me.

“But you never do such things,” I pointed out still staring at her to read the expressions that she was hiding under her blank face.

“I was exhausted and starving and that guy couldn’t keep himself from getting under my skin so” she drawled, pulling her chair out.

“She told him something he didn’t like and he,”

“Correct,” Lyn pointed her index finger at Sage for getting the point.

I released a loud sigh. No matter how many times I ask her, she is not going to tell me. That’s how she has molded herself now.

“Keeping that aside,” she turned her face at me, “How are you, grandpa?” she asked.

“I should be asking you.” I smiled covering my thoughts.

“I feel heavenly.”

She chuckled at my reply, “I can see that.”

For the first time in months, I get to hear and see her smile like that. It’s always pure bliss for a grandparent to see their grandchildren smile. It is heavenly for me since it happens rarely in my case.

“Are you two working on something?” she knitted her eyebrows as her eyes scanned the table, that was thanks to Raymond could be now called my study.

“Why is your hair still wet?” I noted, making a vain effort to divert the topic from work. Her waist-length hair was still damp probably making her grey shirt damp underneath.

“Too lazy to use a dryer,” she said, eyeing Raymond and me with an intense stare drying our blood in the process.

I could feel the sweat making its appearance on my palms, feet, and forehead. It’s unbelievable how my granddaughter was capable of snapping people’s airways shut with just her eyes.

I looked at Raymond for help. After peeking a nervous glance at the hawk sitting across the table, my Secretary hesitantly got up from his chair.

“I’ll give you two some privacy,” he said smiling nervously, and before I could say a thing he grabbed Sage’s hand and dragged her inside.

I cursed under my breath glaring at his retrieving back.

“So?” came the voice from across, I turned at Lyn. “What is it?” she demanded.

I cleared my throat and wiped my hand on my trousers. But before I could say anything she added a question I was certainly not prepared for, “What is this file doing here?”

“So you know what’s in this file?” I raised my brows at her while pointing at the Evans’ Co file kept on the table.

Her looking away at my question made me scoff. The fear that I felt minutes ago was replaced with anger.

“It was Raymond, right?” she muttered, still avoiding my gaze.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked.

She shifted on her chair and crossed her arms over the chest.

“You knew who they are and still you choose to ignore, why?” my voice was stern and it took me everything in me to keep myself from yelling at her.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she shrugged as she answered carelessly.

“I’m talking about the Evans’ Co, Sebastian Evans’ company. The same Sebastian who was your father’s best friend.”


“And his company wants to have a partnership with us. They want to work on the same project that your father was planning six years ago.”

She was about to say something when I cut her off and added, “Since you already have quite a knowledge about this project, I want you to work on it.”

“Grandpa,” her eyes pierced into mine, “I can’t, that’s my simple answer.”


“I don’t want to.”

“That’s not an answer, Lyn. Give me a reason that makes sense.”

I knew I was pushing her off her boundaries I could see that on her face. However, I wanted her to discover things that she was missing by caging herself in her little world.

She released an exasperated sigh before speaking, ” Look, grandpa, no matter how much you force me, my answer will always be a simple no. I’m not going to work on this project.”

“I need a reason, Ismay,” I demanded sternly. I wanted her to say the truth. I wanted her to speak out her feelings which she hardly does. But as expected, she looked away without saying a word.

Although I was fuming with anger inside, yelling at her would only make the matter worse. I needed to be patient to convince her.

I took a deep breath and began, “Lyn, why don’t you read their project report one more time before making any decision. I read it and found it quite interesting. We should definitely give it a try. What do you say?Huh?”

“I guess we are done here for today,” she said rising from her chair.

“Sit down,” I ordered.


“You are letting your emotions take over your professional life. It’s not good for you.”


“I know exactly why you don’t want to do this project.” I stood up from my chair, walking towards her. “Because it’s your father’s.”

Her eyes leaving mine were the indication that I was right. I slowly reached her, at the same time to keep a comfortable distance between us. “Lyn, child, you are not the person you believe you are. You are—”

“Enough, grandpa.” She took a deep breath. ” No matter whatever you say my answer will not change. I’m not going to do it that means I’m not going to do it. You should rest now.” she said and turned away.

“Maybe I’ll see you tomorrow,” she told me as she started walking towards the door.

“It was his last wish!” I shouted at her back and it was enough to stop her in her tracks.

“What did you just say?” her voice was low as she turned to face me.

“This project was your father’s last wish. He promised Sebastian that they’ll work on this project together... I want to fulfill his last wish and I need you for that. Please, dear.”

Her face hardened at my words and her hands turned into fists. Turning her head to the side she spoke her voice as cold as ice.

“Then he should’ve lived to fulfill his dreams. It’s not my duty to make his dreams come true.”

The rage I had been holding back couldn’t keep itself from breaking out after hearing her cruel words.

“Gracelyn Ismay Ashworth!” My fist slammed onto the table as I roared on top of my lunges.

Her eyes snapped up at me with worry for a second before turning ice.

“I don’t care if you want to work on this project or not. Just don’t expect anything from me,” she said and walked away, leaving me alone frozen at my spot.

“Then he should’ve lived to fulfill his dreams. It’s not my duty to make his dreams come true.”

Her words kept repeating themselves in my head, like a stake penetrating my heart leaving me in excruciating pain.

I don’t care if you want to work on this project or not. Just don’t expect anything from me.”

Tears started to sting my eyes as I recalled the things I just heard and saw.

Looking up at the sky, I smiled.

“I’m not crying because of what she said to me. I’m sure she must be in a thousand times more pain than I am. I’m crying because I couldn’t save her. It’s all my fault she became like this.”

It was quiet as I silently wept under the calm sky.

“But don’t worry, son.” I took a deep breath, comforting myself. “I will change her no matter what,” I wiped my tears. “She will become the same Lyn from six years ago, I promise. I’ve failed you once, I will not fail again. I will bring your daughter back, I promise. I’ll bring your Gia back,” I promised to my son, who now lived in Heaven.

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