Facing fears with my Alpha

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"Facing the fear of life is most difficult, but there is an advantage. once faced you can achieve anything" 18 years old SHACHI has been manipulated whole life.Financial issues, emotional issues, health issues ,she has suffered all. With a motivational mother and good for nothing father ,she has come this far. BUT, now in senior year when she meets Austin, and an invisible force attracts her towards him. 18 year old Aust is the alpha's son, but often unsatisfied with life. when he meets shachi and discovers that she is his mate things begins to change. with Aust and Shachi helping each other with the demons of life ,they grow, fight and learn AND maybe some feeling evolve. As they say love can happen in most unimaginary situations, Aust and Shachi are going to get a taste of it. Warning: Some violence and emotion triggering scenes . Can resemble to someone but is purely imaginary.

Romance / Thriller
Aashlesha Mishra
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“You will never achieve anything, remember that you are a waste “he spats venomously .

I was shaking, both with fear and anger.I have heard this countless times, but it still hurts, every single time.

BUT, today is different, I can feel it inside me, because

“I will father ,i surely will achieve something good and you remember this too that you will be there ,praising me, telling everyone how you knew i was worth it”

yes,I said it,I stood up for myself, its just beginning, i will prove myself.

For the first time ,i am very thankful that I feared him ,not respected him, because its the fear which degrades day by day, once faced the worst, there is no hesitation, no regret to fight back.

“thanks aust “,i thought walking out of the door."

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