Facing fears with my Alpha

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Shachi’s pov

“Shachi,shachi,. . . Wake up!
I got shocked, suddenly waking but falling out of chair, falling on the ground.

Well this is embarrassing

MY VERY KIND TEACHER,Mr. Throde came near and said ” Get up shachi,not the whole class has free time like you”
Also you have an hour detention”
“But sir -” I was rudely cutoff by him
“Do you want to pay a visit to the principal shachi ?”
“No sir”
“Good ,all of you resume now”

Oh god! I want to do something about it, SOMETHING DISASTROUS

Like -
Making him slip at floor in front of everyone,
Shave all his hair which he loves so much,
Flat all his car tyres,
Lock him in the bathroom with lights off and the list goes on .AMEN!

Why in the whole class ,he only catches me ?
That Aria , sitting almost in front of him ,is using her phone for whole damn lecture!

Not to mention that jock sheen ,is firting with a chick,even the whole class can hear it.
Almost everyone is doing there own stuff then why me!!
Well ,let’s not go there..
I am worried now, actually terrified.I don’t know what will HE do when I show up late.
This detection will put a huge dent on my monthly pocket money which already is so little.
Sigh .so much for detention.

When the bell rang,I got up tiredly, already exhausted ,not sleeping much and constantly working has its affects which I have been experiencing whole life.

I was sleeping in class not because of laziness but because I have to work,so hard.But that teacher can’t wait to give detention, to see past the punishments.
My body is aching ,both from last week’s incidents and now added the embarrassed falling on the ground in class .All for her,I chant in head.

Now it’s lunch time,but I don’t have money to spend food , savings will help me get some books and other important stuff.

Besides if someone asks ,“I am too cool and health conscious to eat the crappy food this cafeteria offers which tastes so bad”
It always works, always.

Well ,its good I have a habit of holding hunger ,it helps in these situations.

I walked in the girl’s washroom , looking at the mirror sometimes is a struggle.

With my tan coloured skin,blonde hair ,plain black eyes and standing at 5.5 feet ,I am nothing special,which is being reminded to me plenty of times .

Also my not so good clothes add nothing to my favour.
Well I have come this far, I will make it better.FOR HER.

She is everything to me,my mother. My motivation, support and life.she keeps me from giving up.

After doing my buissness I walked out of washroom , bad timing,i came face to face with sheen.shhiit.

" Hey shachi,I didn’t knew you came today”

“Oh , really ,like you had time to see who was present in the class.Too busy with flirting with the chick weren’t you” I said

“Were you jealous? ”

“I have more important things to do , besides you are not someone I Will waste my feelings on”

After that I walked out ,not wanting to hear some cocky comment from him.He is so frustrating .i wish if he had put this energy on studies.

All for mom ,I repeat it in these situations.

At detention

Oh god,I should just make some good excuse about being late,but the big question is What.

Traffic,no I walk back home stupid mind.
“My friend fainted so I helped her ,no ,not this again. I have already made my imaginary friend faint and vomit third time last month,not working.

Hmm ,excuses are hard to find these days.
But,even with a good excuse or real issues,I wonder if HE shows any mercy.

2 minutes more,then i will go ...37 seconds...Riiiiiinnnng.
I bolted to the gate of school,and ran ,fast ,like usain bolt fast.It will put athletes to shame.
Well i guess fear has its way to our bodies ,it can make is do things out of range.

I finally got home, sweating profusely.
Opening the door, I quickly but quietly stepped inside closing the door behind.

I thought of quietly going to my room and pretending to be at time,but destiny is not in my favour today.
There he is , sitting on the sofa.he turned slowly, looking at me.

My heart started beating faster,with bloodshot eyes,angry look on his face and the smell of alcohol I knew he is drunk,but why today,when I got late.

When is he not drunk ?my thoughts were.
Yes ,at work.but it doesn’t helps because he comes home either half or full drunk or starts drinking after coming.
That is not my concern right now.
My concern is about this situation and my mom.
Where is she? , Why is it so quiet?
I think it is the silence before the storm.

“SHACHI” he shouted.
My thoughts exactly.

“Yes dad ” I said quietly, terrified of the upcoming scenarios.

Hey guys,this is the first chapter I have ever written .I hope you like it .please vote and comment and share your thoughts .
I will update the next chapter in few day . THANK YOU LOVELY READERS.


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