Facing fears with my Alpha

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Warning : contains violence and emotion triggering scene.

I am scared right now,more like terrified.But my so called father is looking happy because he has finally ,after whole week ,has got another reason to punish me.

The only difference is only time or he can tell how harsh this is going to be.

The malicious smirk on his face says it all.he enjoys doing it,seeing me terrified ,scared and most importantly hurt.

I am shuddering at the memory of last week that is flashing in my mind.

“Shachi , come here right now” he shouted from downstairs. I jolted from my seat,oh lord!

" Where are you, lazy punk? ,Get here yourself or I will come up and you won’t like it”

Shit! This is not good .I think he has noticed what happened.

The thing is - I was cleaning the house .when I started cleaning his shelf in which he keeps all his scotch, beers, whisky and alcohol ,a rat suddenly jumped out of the shelf and in shock the bottle in my hand slipped, on the floor near my foot.

It cut my foot too,but I was more terrified of the scenarios of him knowing.

I cleaned the house spotless and bandaged my leg.
When he came home that night,he didn’t observed any change.
Besides it helped that whisky bottle was nearly empty . Like 2 - 4 gulps down and finished empty. I finished my homework and fell asleep.

Next day felt too normal to my taste and luck ,but I pushed back those thoughts and followed my schedule.

Now ,it was night time, around 10 . I was doing my homework when he started shouting.

I have no choice but to go and present myself to the beast.so I did.

" What the hell shachi ,where is my serona whisky bottle”
He asked.

“I - -i act .. actually d - - dad - it- “I was stuttering badly from fear,I always do.

" You what? ,Oh! I get it. You drank it didn’t you. I am wondering if you have started taking drugs too”.

"Or did you sell it for money ?”

"N - no dad,it ..it sli....slipped thro-- through my han ..hands whe...when I was cleaning the shelf .” I whispered .

“YOU BROKE THE WHOLE BOTTLE ?” He screamed at me.

I couldn’t find my voice ,so I nodded slightly.

Suddenly he slapped me across the face, making it jerk to the other side.

" I knew you are just a waste of money the second you were born. Every penny I spend on you goes to gutter.
Was it not enough for you that you started destroying things ?” He shouted.

Silent tears started following. He then slapped on the other side of my face .then grabbed my hair in a brutal grip and slammed me on the wall.

I fell on the ground with the impact.then he started kicking my stomach repeatedly.
After a few times he stopped and sat on the chair .

I was in so much pain but seeing me groaning in pain on the floor didn’t gave him a remorse to stop .

He stood up and said” that whisky bottle was rare and as you have broke it you will as well should pay for it. I expect that money by 2 days till then you are not allowed to eat ” .
With that he strolled to his room and slammed it leaving me a crying mess.
Only one question was running in my mind was ,how will I arrange it?

Flashback’s end

I gave him the money from my savings ( after not having any food for the whole day) which he practically snatched from my hands without shame.

Well,I think shame and guilt are words ,he is unaware of.

Now ,this time god only knows what he will do.

" Why are you so late ? Haven’t I told you to come home as soon as school end or you were too busy screwing guys and playing around to think about home ?” He said.

He always does that.jumps on conclusions and thinks low of me.

Playing around ? I haven’t talked to a guy for some time now.but I can’t say that out loud.

" No dad ,I .. I act. .. actually got detention “I said quietly .

“What ,you got a detention ” he screamed at me.

" God ! You are so humiliating. You don’t have any shame ,do you ? At least think about your family’s respect .now you need a strict punishment for it ”

Again that malicious smirk appeared on his face .

He slapped me first ,so hard that I fell on the floor then started kicking on my stomach.
“Ahhh.... ” I screamed.
" Shut up ,you deserve all of it” he said and continued.

With every kick he said
" this is for humiliating your family ”
“This is for humiliating ME”
After so many kicks he stopped . Not that he cared about me but about someone finding about this.

" You are a disgrace to this family ,how many times I tried to put you on adoption ,but could'nt as every time your mother stopped me.

just my luck . You are good for nothing. ” He spat
“Now , don’t just lay there and rest,start preparing some food for me”

After that he sat and started drinking without a care in the world.

How cruel and crazy he could be ? Guess I already know the answer.

I slowly crawled and made my way to the kitchen.
First applied some antiseptic and gulped some pain killers.Then started making dinner for the beast.

No,no I have no shame in calling him a beast .he is just my biological father and nothing else .he keeps us at edge every day , doesn’t deserve to be called father .

After sometime the dinner was ready so I called him.

He sat on the table where I set the food .After just a few minutes the whole bowl of hot soup crashed on me.

" You call this food? Even rotten fish will taste better than this. Can’t you do a single thing good”

“I am sorry “I said ,head bowed down.

“Yes ,you should be very sorry for keeping your father hungry .so this is what you should get,no pocket money for remaining month ,let you starve when others are having lunch then you will feel it” he said happily .
Offcourse. ,He now can see me starving and saving money .
I can bet he never missed a chance to save money or snatch it back from me.

But ,I have a feeling he is not finished just yet-
" Also by tomorrow morning I need the whole house clean and tidy ,I don’t want a single dust particle .ALSO I want you to clear the backyard . If not by tomorrow ,then you know what is going to happen.AM I CLEAR” He said without any concern.

As expected,no wonder he wants me to work whole night.

“Yes” I said without any option.

“Then what are you waiting for ? Start cleaning you deaf !” He said and got to his room slamming the door behind.

I started doing as he said.

After a few minutes ,I heard the doorbell rang.

I got to the door and peaked through the eyewhole, delighted to see the face.

I flung opened the door and jumped into her arms ,her arms soothing and relaxing as always .

“Honey “,on that I started crying, hearing her voice was so calming but still made me emotional .

“Mom, I missed you so much” I said resting my body on her like a toddler.

“I missed you too ,honey” mom said.

Oh god ! She is back finally .I practically screamed in mind.

Ahaa! Shachi’s father is a real bastard . Don’t you think ?.

Annddd The bond between shachi and her mother is adorable.

So guys this is the second chapter of the book.I hope you like it .
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Thank you .


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