Facing fears with my Alpha

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Finally ,after three weeks she is back !

I was hugging her so tightly in happiness,that I almost forgot we are at entrance.

“Mom ,lets go inside,its cold outside and its late too”.

“Oh yeah,just help with the luggage sweetie”.

“Sure”saying I tried to lift a suitcase totally forgetting about my injuries ,as suddenly my whole body jolted in pain,making me hiss.

Off course,mom heard it(i think her hearing capacities are better than wolves) and immediately ordered me get inside and relax .I know she won’t let me help her so i got inside and waited for her.

After around ten minutes minutes, she came in the living room freshened up,luggage settled and changed clothes looking refreshed.She was wiping her face but stopped suddenly and frowned,halting her steps ,looking at me with fearful but concerned eyes.

“What are these?,what happened to you?,why didn’t you called me huh?who did this?she bombarded me with so many questions,i got confused.

“Wha-” I stopped when she tenderly touched my bruises on face and neck,which were getting more blue by seconds.

And here i was thanking the god a while ago that she didn’t notice the bruises.maybe because it was dark outside she couldn’t see my face properly.

“Mom , its okay ,its jus-” i was cutoff by her.

“Did he do it?” she asked not wanting to believe it.I sighed internally, there is no point of lying , to her especially.I just nodded and held her,knowing what is there to come.

Her eyes started watering, an extremely painful and regretful . I was embraced in her arms tightly with her body shaking weakly.“I am sorry honey ,i am so sorry, i thought he won’t do it this .He hasn’t done this for almost 3 months”.

(because he was in and out of the house for those times,busy with office work)

this is what i thought.she is so selfless and good ,even without any mistake she thinks that its all for blames.Her sad face especially for my injuries makes me want to swim in guilt lake.

“I shouldn’t have left you for such a long time with him.i promise to not leave you with him for so long. But why didn’t you tell me about it ,we talked almost everyday on the phone?”

“Mom,mom! please listen ,it wasn’t your fault.If there is someone to blame,then it is him,not you ,not me ,no one else.I said sadly but firmly.This is our system of surviving for so long.Whenever one of us breaks ,the other one remains calm and strong,it helps us get through.

After sometime,she stopped sobbing and said” let me tend your injuries .”

“Eat something first mom , you must be very hungry.”

I don’t have an appetite ,and don’t try to hide your injuries shachi. GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW!”

“I walked to my room laid on my bed ,she came in with medical box.she applied disinfectants and ointments on bruises and cuts on my face and neck. “Are there anymore sweetie?”

Again , I have nothing to hide ,she will find it eventually so I only nodded and lifted my shirt.There was no start or end of bruises almost my whole stomach was swollen and almost bluish - purple(my favourite colour) from the kicks and blows.

Her eyes watered again,but this time she just shook her head and continued with tending.

“tell me everything”

I sighed and started “I was little late because I got a detention at school ,so when i got here he was already at home a little drunk .Knowing my reasons for getting late here he did this as a punishment for being a disgrace and degrading his dignity.

(as if he has any dignity ,oh i forget he acts ironically gentlemanly in front of others)

She is not looking at me and I think she is regretting her decision for leaving again.she was just visiting her mother (my lovely grandmother ) because she was very ill and had been hospitalized.No one was there to take care of her until my mother got there because she is the only child.After many requests from him ,mom was able go somewhere, and i didn’t want her to come back because of me ,but when nani was feeling healthy and out of hospital.

I call her nani ,she is really kind .After my grandfather died ,her health started degrading. Mom once pleaded him to help with grandmother ,but he ignored it as always ,saying it will be a waste of everything because eventually nani is very old and will die anyways.

“So much respect for your in laws huh?"

i switched out of my thoughts when mom got up from bed and kissed my forehead .

She sighed heavily and said with a hopeful smile on her face “Everything will be okay Shachi.We have come this far , and we will make through it”.

“I know mom,we will” This is the positivity,that she emits every second which keeps us going.

She descends to put medical box back.I got up from bed and sat on my study desk.I know she will ask me about not resting but if i told her about cleaning he ordered me about ,she will help me , in fact want me to rest and do everything all alone .So before she could say anything ,i said “I am not feeling sleepy right now,so i probably will finish my homework .”

“Are you sure sweetie?”

“Yes mom,I will be just fine .Please take some rest , you must be very tired from travelling. ”

“Okay, but don’t over fatigue yourself and grab some sleep.Goodnight ”

“Goodnight, mom”

After that she descended to her room.Yes, her room. He doesn’t want to share a room with his own wife .Taking about his oh so”personal space and privacy” and that is why she has another room which is much smaller than his big “master bedroom”.

Not that it is bad, I am actually genuinely happy that she has a seperate room .HE is bad, and when he is drunk (which is almost always) ,he gets out of control.Because of that him and mom in the same room is never good.So ,all in all ,i am glad for it.

I am planning on staying in my room for sometime ,maybe half n hour ,so that mom gets to deep sleep.after that i will start cleaning. Planning that i brought my book to bed and started reading it.








“chi.... Shachi wa.. ,” someone is shaking me?

“shachi , shachi ,wake up sweetie ”

I slowly and tiredly opened my eyes and saw mom standing beside my bed ,trying to wake me.

“oh, finally you are awake, good morning sweetie “she said happily

I smiled “good morning ,mo-” i stopped midway ,remembering my now failed plan

SHIT!! I didn’t cleaned but just slept whole night”

(i shouldn’t have started reading chemistry last night ,always boring)

no offense to chemistry masters!!

wow , may everyone have a mother and child bond like her

So guys this is the third chapter of the book.I hope you like it .
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