Facing fears with my Alpha

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Oh god, OH MY GOD! I didn’t clean anything but slept. But I had set the alarm if this happened actually. Why did I not wake up.

Because you sleep like an animal in hibernation.

Yeah well, not gonna argue on that. Shit, now is not the time to have self talks shachi!. I looked at the clock, it’s 6 in the morning now.

“Honey, what happened, you look troubled? ” Maa came to my room and asked. Oh I am in trouble. And now I have no option but tell you about the cleaning.

I sighed “Actually, Mom uh.. He said that some guests are coming toady, so I had to kind of clean the house by morning, and I slept, and the alarm - ”

“Oh that, Don’t worry I cleaned the home shachi” She said sweetly.
It took me sometime to register her words.
“How, and whyy, ... You just came yesterday night and should be resting at the moment maa, how do you even know about the guests and cleaning. ”

She chuckled at me and said “You never study at night shachi, that too chemistry. I knew something was up, then your father woke up and.saw me. He informed about the guests and all, so I did the cleaning. Don’t worry about it”.

“But why, we could have done it together, you should have woke me up!! “I exclaimed.

“Your face says otherwise sweetie, now enough of this, go freshen up and come down stairs. I have made your favorite breakfast and you have some gifts to open “she smiled and walked out of the room.

Yesss”, I jolted from my bed happily and danced to the bathroom. Never really receiving many gifts, whenever a gift comes to me, I get as excited as a small child.
My grandmother, my nani send these gifts to me on every festival. She is Indian and Grandfather was American. It was Nani who named me “shachi” which I like very much, it is unique and stands out in the crowd.

All in all, she is the support for me and maa. She has a florist shop back in the hometown and some money left by grandpa which keeps up for her healthy living. A knock interrupts my train of thoughts “shachi, come down stairs or the food will get cold” Maa said.
“Coming maa”,. I walked to the dining room, and literally water filled my mouth.
Cheese sandwich, dhokla and my favorite chai.

" Oh you’re here, now come on have breakfast and then we will open the gifts. You have to change your clothes too after. “Oh yeah, I don’t change to school clothes without eating before. It is one bad habit of mine that sometimes(okay, almost everytime) when I eat, food falls on me more than my mouth. I have improved this but still not taking any chances.

I do not generally eat lunch so breakfast is like combination of lunch and breakfast together. well it’s only 6:50 right now so I have plenty of time to open the gift and get ready for the school .we both wake up early in the morning so that mum and I can at least enjoy our mornings without him interrupting it.

I quickly finished my breakfast and patiently waited as my mum brought the gifts to me. “Open it sweetie” Mom said.
I did and found a bag for school, some pair of clothes, a paint box and an envelope with 200 dolars in it.“Wow, mom i loved these, but this was so much, it is clearly going out of budget for her” I said worriedly.

“Shachi, You are now in your final year of school. These things are much needed and that’s why she gave it to you. Also she has promised to send money to us every month.

Hearing this I was saddened a bit, all these things should have been done by my father and not my grandmother my nani it was his responsibility. ” maa are you sure this whole money thing will not affect grandma’s situation and budget” I asked curiously.

" Sweetie, do you think if it had affected her I would allow her to do this and besides all this you need this money for books and I can’t tolerate for you to skip the lunch at school anymore. Now enough of the serious talk, go get ready”she told in a tone I couldn’t defer.

By the time ,I got ready it was already 7:25 . Good, it took almost 15 minutes of slow walking to reach the school. Today,I actually looked all dolled up from head to toe and I am slightly excited too.

I just packed my bag and reached the living room when he walked in. ” Where did you get these clothes from? “He questioned accusingly.

I was just going to answer him when maa came to rescue. ” Her Grandma gave some things to her as present ” She answered calmly.

“What? Her really!! Shachi already has tons of clothes in her closet and everything that she needs ” He told icily.

Wow, tons of clothes huh. I think these clothes are invisible i have never seen them.

“She wanted to buy shachi something for her last year of school, after that she will be in college. ” Maa said proudly.

" Oh if she passes this year and any college mistakenly accepts her then it will be her last year in school. Do you know she just got detention yesterday. ” He roared . This is getting out of hand, I must do something. But before I could his phone rang. He pulled the phone from charger and rejected the call just as quickly.

“Now, you tell your mother toh stop wasting her money on shachi, she has more than enough already, we don’t need her to become a spoiled brat. ” He told turning to leave for work but halted
" Also some guests are coming tonight for dinner with me, I want everything to be appropriate. Don’t be an embarrassment at least today. “?Without turning he left slamming the front door.A few seconds later a car’s engine sounded and left with a zoom.

Phew, well that really went well, without shouting or slap, much better . But I doubt it was because he was in hurry or didn’t want the guests arriving tonight to be suspicious. After all he is well respected in society and acts very dutifully and perfect in front of the world.

“It’s 7:30 now shachi, you should get going ” Maa said. I said my goodbyes and started my Royal walk to school listening to music on my earphones.

Almost 15 minutes later, my school came to view which I reached just in time. Walking down the hallway, I was greeted with the same scene, people divided in small groups the popularity, jocks, nerds, and then there were people like me.

I don’t stick in just one group. I am nerdy enough as being in top 10 of my classes with some experience being in the popular group for sometimes when I was leader of several clubs in my previous years.
Thankfully, bullying is minimum in our school and have strict laws not that I would have allowed anyone to cross my ways without getting a fight in return. Most of us in school are generally nice, at least for a small conversation but sone exception is still there.

Just as I reached my locker, I was pulled into a hug ” Ohhmm ... I can.. ’t breath sherly ” My best and kind of doppelganger in behavior friend. Sherly is sarcastic and sensitive with a heart of gold literally. Anyone can go ask for help from her and she almost never denies them.

“Ah, there is my favorite bitch in whole world, sorry I was not in school yesterday, some important people dropped by in dad’s company and invited all the employees family to join a party , so you know the choice was obvious I couldn’t have missed the party. ” She rambled a bit.

“Oh my, now I get my place, you dumped me for a party. How could you my love? ” I faked a high pitch sarcastically.

“Oh, shut it drama queen, do you know the party was in a 5 star hotel, the Radissons, and you know food comes first. Well how did your day went yesterday without me. ” She smirked knowing I was probably bored out of mind. Oh this bitch is teasing me, I know just what to say.

’”Well it went very pleasantly. Brandon was there in school yesterday and even showed up in all the classes ” Oh this is gold. Sherly has a crush on brandon, but she doesn’t know what to do further. As this is just the beginning of new year of school, many students have yet to return to attend school regularly and Brandon has not once came till now.

Yup,I lied but I liked it.

Totally silent sherly spoke after a few seconds “really, he’s back, but just yesterday night I saw his pic on Instagram, he didn’t share any stories of coming back? ” And then she stopped, narrowing her eyes at me, “you’re bluffing aren’t you ? ”

Uh oh, she is out for blood, “Nope,I am certainly not sherly”. I said hurriedly and started jogging towards my class to save myself a little from her wrath.

" Oh, just you wait, little witch , I will catch you in next class” Showing her middle finger high in the year she walked to her own first class. We only have this one period which are different and hopefully by next one, her anger will be subsided.

In my own thought, I didn’t see someone in front of me and literally bumped hard on them. the water bottle in hand of that person fell on both of us, wetting both our clothes and we fell hard on the floor..

Shit, how mother of - eww the dirt on ground. I don’t want my clothes to get more dirty by water sticking on already wet clothes.

Just, then my eyes landed on the oceanic blue eyes. Woowww
Never saw this shade of blue in someone’s eyes before. Heart pounding I don’t know why he groaned a bit and then the situation kicked in.

I was laying on top of him almost, and laid just beneath me, our face inches apart. I quickly pushed myself up and offered my hand for this handsome stranger.
What, chivalry is not dead yet

But he had already stood up and stared at me intensely. And then with most epic timing the bell rang and all students started leaving for their class.

“I’m sorry, really I wasn’t looking forward ” I said in whisper, a little embarrassingly.

“It’s alright, it was a corner turn, you couldn’t have seen me either way. ” He said huskily. I noticed his cheeks being red. Is he BLUSHING?

Uhmm, well then sorry again, I will get going” I said and unwillingly started my way to class.

“Wait, what’s you name ” He asked.

“Shachi throne , what’s yours? ”

He smiled “Austin”.

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