Facing fears with my Alpha

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2 days before meeting Shachi .

“Hey Aus, we are going to leave for the airport in 20 mintues , are you not done packing yet?” My best friend and soon to be beta danny yelled from downstairs.

I sighed looking at my room last time. For the last 18 years , this had been my home but now I have to leave and shift to southern part of my pack, which saddens me very much.

Don’t be so whiny aus , your sadness is draining my energy.

My Wolf Lykos, and tormentor said. Oh no no .Aus, I am your closest confidant and your other half .Also you are not a rainbow personality too Aus.

We are going to leave our home lykos and who knows what new dangers we will face now. Are you not going to miss this environment.

I am definitly going to miss the forests.But this is our time to explore new grounds Austin.Just think about all the new terrains we will run in and hunt different animals. Finally I will get to hunt a bear there.

This fury fucker is just thinking about hunting , getting all soaked up in mud and grass only.It has been 2 weeks since our parents died .After that the whole future of my pack has changed forever which includes the base of pack to shift from here to southern area due to the control shifting to my uncle and younger brother of my father.

Now to continue my training as alpha and danny as beta we have to relocate there.

Suddenly a shout resonated downstairs followed by a crash.“you , you ass , how dare you , I am going to chop off your body , then make a barbeque of those tiny pieces of it and serve it to the rougue in cellars to feast on.” Oh yeah , that is my sister isha . Wild,untamed and now that no one to scold her , has a very colorful use of vocabulary.

"This is your fault isha, who told you to wear those gigantic heels and now that you have sliped , you are blaming me”danny also yelled .

″YOU SHIT , literally tried to scare me , coming out of nowhere booed at me, and I fell with my suitcase. Now see all my things are scattered here.“Isha said angrily.

“What the hell, I did not push you - ” this has to stop or else they are going to burn the place down. “STOP”.

And then they was silence. I walked out of my room with two suitcases of my own. “both of you , gather the stuff fallen around and pack fast ,we leave in 5 minutes.”

“but Aus , we still have like -” I stopped isha”We will first visit the graves and then head to the airport”

This killed whatever lightness that was left in the atmosphere and instead filled with a sense of pain. Almost immediately both danny and isha robotically started picking the things on floor , while i walked out of the front door and walked towards the backyard.

Fresh and pure white rose bushes greeted me as stepped in there. My mother loved the smell of roses and dad loved the white roses so they both planted these when this house was getting built.This yard has always kind of symbolised their love for each other ,pure and selfless , just like these roses. After they died,these roses started to wither but Mrs. johns took care of them and this house too.

Thinking about them brought tears to my eyes , which i quickly wiped . Kneeling on the ground , I collected few of these roses and made a small bunch of them .

After a few seconds , Isha and Danny stepped out and came behind me.“Aus , lets go” She whispered.

We loaded our luggage into the car .“Ron, wait for us here , we will be back in a few minutes”Our driver Ron just nodded at us as we took off running towards the graveyards.

Within a minute , I stood in front of two tombstones . Many bouquets laid in front of them ,some of dried flowers,some fresh .

Adolph Hart , Benevolent Alpha of Moon Hart Pack, Loving mate and father .(1908 - 2021)

Callista Hart ,Altruistic Luna of Moon Hart Pack, Compassionate mate and mother.(1912 - 2021)

Beneath their tombstones was written - “As we ascend to the moon goddess , remember that every ray of moon will carry our essence of grace to this pack . may the Moon hart pack always be the home to every wolf .

As werewolfs have a longer life than humans ,we live for very long time , but many of us get killed in attacks , just like my parents.

I , Isha and Danny kneeled down and placed the roses there.Isha started to sob a little and danny took a hold of her. I also had tears falling down from my face .Today , I am starting a new journey mom, dad. we all are.I just wanted to say that I will take care of this pack and isha .Be in peace.

I took a hold of Isha’s hand and we stood up. Saying our final goodbyes, ran back to our car.It was close to dusk when we left for airport.

The next hour and so was spent in waiting and finally getting on our seats.As the plane ascended to the sky ,I prayed to the moon goddess for everthing to be okay.

2 Hours Later

Finally , we landed. Those closed spaces already my wolf agitated and then there was a crying baby just beside my seat. Just the luck.

“Mr.Austin?“A voice called from a little far as we came to the parking area. “yes” I asked. There stood a tall man in driver uniform .“Good evening ,I am brone ,your driver . I will be taking you to the packhouse. Alpha Arsen is eagerly waiting for your arrival”. he said taking our luggage and packed in the car.

“Good evening ,Mr Brone . well not to be rude ,I wanted to ask one thing. was’nt Mr. dudley the driver here. I mean He always picked up and stayed as such for every time we came here” Isha questioned. Can’t she shut her mouth for one minute. I elbowed her slightly on stomach,on which she cussed and kicked on my foot.

Before We could engage in a full fight, Danny draged my arms and we stepped in the car. Mr. Brone chuckled a little, getting into the drivers seat , He said ” Oh Mr. Dudley , actually he was unfortunately ambushed by a group of rouges around five days ago. He succumbed to his injuries on the way to hospital” .

This came to me as a shock. Mr. Dudley had been a Kind of guardin to us. He shifted to this outher area of our pack almost four years ago to serve Uncle Arsen. As Isha drowned in her own sadness and shock of this news, I looked out of the window ,But one thing I did not miss was the tiny smirk on Mr. Brone’s face which vanished just as quickly when danny asked to turn the ac on.

It took almost 20 minutes to reach the Pack house.Just as we opened the doors two figures came running towards us , Riley and Rachel . Our cousins and Uncle Arsen’s children, clinged to me.

“Hey Aussy , did you bring gifts ” they both said at the same time.

If not known, they could have passed as twins but Riley in 2 years older than rachel.“oh , NO HUGS FOR ME? , guess I have to eat the chocolates alone”Isha teased and just as fast as they came to me they jumped towards isha’s back.

“chocolates,“chocolates”,“chocolates” They chanted.

“Austin” Uncle arsen came out with Aunt Loralei . He hugged me first “We are so happy to have you here son. Your father and mother will be proud when you complete your training here and become the alpha of the pack.”

“Enough of this training thing Arsen , He has just stepped in the house ,let him breath.“Aunt loralei said .

With this we all stepped in. I and Isha were given rooms in the main chambers upstairs and danny was given a room just a floor below.After freshing up ,We all sat at the dining table.

“We are hosting a party for your arrival tomorrow at Hotel Radissons. All the pack member and their families will be there.“Uncle said.

“There was no need uncle”Isha said.

“It will be beneficial. After the sudden death of Adolph and callista all the members here are very wary of any change . You and Austin being there will bring some hope and security to their minds.“He explained with a small smile.After that we all quickly finished our dinner and got to our rooms .

The whole next day was spend in us attending the party . Danny already has a crush on this she wolf who attends the school that we are going to attend .

As Tuesday rolled in, I , Danny and isha were ready for school.First we dropped Riley and Rachel to theirs , then started towards ours.As we got closer to the school main gate , Lykos started pacing in my mind.

‘what happened, are you sensing any danger ?’

‘No, But something big is going to happen soon’

And with that he broke our connection.

Parking the car, the three of us stepped out. “isha , please keep away from trouble . this is a new place and no one will save us here” I whispered to her. In response she just showed her middle finger and marched towards the gates , towards her building.

The campus had three buildings , each for different years .Mine and danny’s was the second one. We first got to the office and collected our routines. just as we stepped out, danny found some incorrect details in his form and left for the office again.

I just stood in the corner and observed the crowd. Some of them were wolfs of my pack and slightly bowed before crossing the hallway.Taking the bottle out , I was taking gulps when a body slammed into me.




“MATE, MATE ,MY MATE”Lykos chanted in my mind.

Finally the person who will share my life, my happiness , my sorrow and my soul with me is here.

The impact of our fall came to me a few seconds later. I was lying on the floor and she was above me, our faces inches apart.But she quickly pulled herself up.

Get up , and talk to her now aus, or I swear, I will take control’.

I also stood up and just stared at her, taking every detail in. Her eyes, soft curls, that mole on her lower lip .

“-forward” what did she say?

’she apologized , whhat the fuck are you doing? ’Lykos yelled in my mind.

“Its alright,It was a corner turn , you could’nt have seen me either way”I said.

Yet she apologized again and started leaving , maybe towards her first class as the bell rang already.

The words rushed to my mouth “Wait, what’s your name?”

“Shachi throne, what’s yours” she said angelically.

“Austin”I said.

and with that she just smiled and turned , walking out of my sight.I just stood there transfixed . With a shocking tranquility filling me up I and my wolf whispered

‘we have found you , My Mate’

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