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Bound by a baby

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Regina Summers, a single, sassy ,loose tongued and powerful billionare was drunk after a midnight hotel party at the most expensive hotel in Italy and accidentally had a one night stand with a man way below her class, Zach West, an hotel staff. Weeks later, Regina realizes that she's pregnant but is she ready to be a mother? And most importantly is she ready to have Zac West walk into her life?

Romance / Humor
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Regina Summers clapped loudly as the hotel's new year party was brought to a close. It was the best and most expensive hotel in Italy and she preferred spending it there than with her annoying mother. She resisted the urge to look at the hypocritical faces sizing her up. She was drunk and she didn't have any care in the world. She was a billionare and even if anyone wanted to taint her name in the newspapers, blogs and articles, she could make them disappear in a minute. That was how powerful, Regina Summers was.

She turned around and shook hands with a few familar faces before walking half drunk towards the stairs, her hips swaying in her midnight blue maxi gown . She sighted a few faces that scrunched their face in disgust at her lack of feminine balance and she crazily gave them the middle finger.

As she struggled to climb the stairs, she spotted a couple making out and she was turned on instantly. The tingling sensation in her lower abdomen reminded her that she was single... Regina had zero interest in men. The only man who could bend and was above her was her late father. Anyone else was beneath her...like the dust on the ground.

Her eyes began to get dizzy and she lost her balance while on the stairs. Her body jerked backwards and she shut her eyes instantly, she opened her eyes once more expecting to find her limp body on the ground and was surprised to find out that someone was holding her by the waist.

Maybe it was one of her insolent bodyguards.

She turned her head around and froze instantly. It wasn't her bodyguard, it was someone strange, very strange and handsome. His blonde hair was barbed to perfection and his face was a work of art from God. Her eyes travelled downwards and she cringed at what she saw.

He was dressed in a white starched shirt with a bow on it, but that wasn't the problem. The main problem was that the silver tag at the left pocket on his shirt.

She couldn't read his name properly but she knew he was an hotel staff. He was clearly dressed in one.

“Let...me go..." Regina stammered as she tried to regain her balance. There was no damn way she was going to allow this low-life to guide her towards her hotel room.

“I am sorry miss but you are very drunk, so can I take you to your hotel room? What's your room number?" he asked politely.

Regina's brows twitched, how could he call her miss? Didn't he know that she was an Italian Billionaire and one of the most gorgeous and the sexiest woman alive? Or was he merely acting naive?

“I-I don't need your help....." She hit him on the chest

She breathed heavily but she did not apologize after all she didn't ask for his help but she knew that she needed one, desperately at the moment. If she proved stubborn, she might end up sleeping on the stairs and another scandal might be scattered around Italy and she wasn't ready to grant stupid interviews and to have photographers flash light into her face to get a random picture.

“Room..48...VVIP." she rasped.

She heard the hotel staff mumble a response before hooking his arms under her thighs to carry her up in bridal style. Regina instinctively rested her head on his chest for support. Her vision was now blurry and she thought she was seeing the blue sky; one of the perks of being drunk.

A few minutes later, the hotel staff announced that they were at her hotel room. He unhooked his hands from her thighs. Regina reached for her purse and dangled a gold key in his face.

The hotel staff placed the key into the lock and turned the key. The door opened with a creak and the hotel staff gently pushed her in. He guided her towards the bed while Regina was beginning to get dizzy, she could see the outline of her king sized bed but she couldn't touch it. Regina's eyes twitched between consciousness and unconsciousness. Her legs touched something, something soft and fluffy. Probably her pillow. She kicked it sideways, she rejoiced in her heart thinking that the bed was now right in front of her, she left her body do as it wished and she felt her body go down.

But she wasn't prepared when a hand held her wrist and twirled her body. Panic set into Regina's body and she struggled to hold on to something. Her body hit a soft surface, her brain waves instantly recollected. It was her bed.

She opened her eyes and noticed that the hotel staff was hovering over her, her face dipped on noticing that the hostel staff was breathing heavily. Was he asmathic? Or maybe he recognized her?

Her hand clenched around what she struggled to hold on to and the hotel staff began to shiver. Regina gazed at him with awe. What was he scared of? Then her eyes travelled downwards and implusively her eyes widened in shock.

Her right hand was wrapped around his cock which was covered by plain pants. Regina gulped, not because of what she was holding. It was because he was hard and aroused.
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