Bound by a baby

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He moved closer to her and asked,“Are you sure you want this?"

Her pussy throbbed, “Yes."

His finger slid over to her clit and he
flicked it a couple of times, and she came in a matter of moments, her pussy squirting its juice onto his finger.

Afterwards, he grabbed her nipples again and began tugging on them, pulling them farther and farther away from her body.

Her eyes shot open as a huge wave of
pain coursed through her. But she tried to focus on the pleasure she had felt, the pleasure his fingers brought her pussy, and it helped, because she stopped thinking about the pain.

Then his voice cut through the silence and
he said, “Look at them. Did you ever think they could be that long?” She looked down and was honestly amazed.

Her nipples were red and large, and the sight of this sexy man’s fingers mauling them flipped a switch in her.

She actually became turned on at what he was doing. Damn, it was so
hot that he was hurting her nipples and making them grow long and hard.

She became transfixed at the sight in
front of her and forgot the pain—forgot everything but this moment, and when he finally released her engorged petals, she was almost disappointed.

He had seen the look that had come over her and was very pleased with his protégé, so he smiled at her and led her to the wall. He turned her so that her back was facing him, and then he began spanking her ass again.

She bit her lip and said nothing, watching how red her ass was becoming,
decided it was time to stop, even though he wanted to hurt her some more. But he couldn’t do that. He didn’t want her to be afraid of him and start having doubts. This whole experience was supposed to
be wonderful for her.

So he turned her around and slid his fingers
over to her pussy, this time sliding two inside of her. He saw the change in her instantly. He felt her visibly relax, and when his fingers slid sensuously around and around, she began to move
slightly, pushing her pussy against his hand. At that moment, his tongue slid out and began licking her neck, loving the hot sweat
that had erupted on it, sweat that he had caused.

She was getting very turned on and could
have come again very easily, but he pulled away from her and slid his fingers out of her pussy. “You’ve been very good. I know this is all new to you,” he said.

Then he looked her up and down. “But I can’t get enough of you. I need more. Get down on your hands and knees.”

Regina, her heart beginning to pump just a
little bit faster at what he was going to do, got on the floor and looked up at him. He smiled and grabbed her ass, which was red from his spankings.

She flinched at his hands on her ass, but she
said nothing, gritting her teeth and hoping he wouldn’t spank her again, and he didn’t. But he did squeeze her ass just a little too
hard, hard enough to make her cry out.

“I can’t help myself. Your ass is just too
hot,” he said unapologetically. He got down on the floor behind her, removed his clothes and, grabbing his cock, rammed it up her pussy.

When his huge member entered her, she felt a brief moment of pain because his cock was so large. But her pussy soon got used to his dick, and it started to get wet again when his finger slid to her clit and began flicking it ever so slightly.

As he continued playing her clit, he shoved
his dick deeper into her pussy. But she didn’t focus on that pain. She focused on the wonderful sensation his magical finger
was giving her. She was ready to come again at any moment. But before she could, his finger left her clit and grabbed her pussy lips. He wrenched them tightly.

“Ow!” she yelled out, but he didn’t pay
attention. He kept pulling on her lips and squeezing them. It hurt like hell and, combined with the pain of his cock ramming deeply into her, She thought she would lose it. There had to be some
reprieve soon, she told herself, but he wrenched her lips harder, squeezing the life out of them.

She was ready to ask him to stop, but at
that moment, he released her hurt lips and his finger went back to her clit and gently slid over it.

The relief from the intense pain, combined
with the wonderful pleasure, did her in. She went wild. Her breathing became louder and ragged, and more sweat popped out on her forehead. She was swept away in ecstasy, the pleasurable, wonderful orgasm shooting through her.

“I see you liked that,” he said. He rammed
his cock deeper into her pussy, and then, he too, was coming. But he pulled out and spurted his cum onto her hair, showering it.
When he was through, he stood up, saying, “I needed that.”

She said nothing, simply watching him,
watching and waiting.

“Stand up,” he said, and she stumbled to her
feet. He pulled her to him and grabbed her nipples again. Tugging on them lightly, he played with them for several moments. Then his tugging became harder and he pulled and pulled, wrenching her
nipples outward. She looked down, and as the pain coursed through her, the excitement and thrill of seeing her nipples get redder and bigger overshadowed the pain.

“I see you are very fascinated with your
nipples. I’ll remember that,” he said, letting them go. “They are pretty, I have to say. In fact, they look perfect right now.” He
leaned down and, before she realized what was happening, his mouth was on her nipples, suckling, suckling softly and causing her to moan in pleasure.

“They taste sweet, too.” He continued sucking for several moments. Then he bit into her nipple. She cried out from the unexpected pain.

Pulling away from her, he said, “Oh, did that hurt? Well, that’s too bad. You can’t have it too easy.”

He grabbed her arm and brought her to the
couch. “Sit down,” he said, and she did, but when her ass made impact, she jumped back up. Her ass hurt so badly from the

“Is your ass aching you?” he studied her face for a moment. She still seemed fine. Sure, she was in some pain, but that was to be expected. He had no doubt that she
was enjoying herself as much as him, and when he slid a finger into her pussy he realized that he was right. It was still hot and wet.

“OK, you don’t have to sit down. Just stand
there while I suck your pussy.”

His words excited her and made her wet pussy get even wetter, and, as she stood there, waiting, her heart began
beating erratically in anticipation of his hot tongue working its magic.

He knelt in front of her, and suddenly, she
felt his tongue on her tingling pussy. Goose bumps popped out on her body, and a jolt of electricity raced through her.
Oh, it felt wonderful. His hot, smooth tongue was sliding around in her wetness, sliding and tasting. At the same
time, his lips were suckling her pussy lips, suckling softly. She felt his facial hair cutting into her, but it didn’t bother her.
She loved all the sensations she was experiencing. Soon, her body exploded with pleasure, and her pussy released its juices into his open mouth.

He continued licking her, licking her dry,
and then he began suckling harder on her lips, Suddenly, she felt a pain shooting through her as his teeth bit into her
sensitive lips. She gritted her teeth and told herself to forget the pain, and so she focused on the sight in front of her,
this sexy man kneeling at her pussy. That’s all it took for her to block out the pain and become lost in the moment.

He finally stopped biting her. He began
suckling her lips again and caressing them softly with his tongue.

She let out a low moan at the pleasure engulfing her. When his tongue slid inside of her again, she was soaking wet, and he began lapping up her juices again. Then his hot tongue slid over to her clit, slowly, very slowly, flicking it very gently. But he pulled
away before she became too excited, and he began biting her lips again, biting into them harder and making her cry out.

Then he slid his tongue to her wounded lips
and he sensuously stroked them, gliding up and down each lip and covering them with his hot touch. She went wild when he flicked her clit again, and her heart began pumping so fast she was sure it would burst out of her chest. But he wasn’t ready for her to come again. He enjoyed toying with her, so he moved his tongue to her lips again and began suckling them softly at first and harder and harder as the minutes passed. Soon, he was sucking them so hard
that she again had to remind herself that the pain would be worth it, that the pleasure would be better than ever.

She was right, too. Suddenly, his tongue
slid to her clit and flicked it in a slow circle, sliding around and around. She had had enough. The pleasure was way too
intense. Her pussy became as hot as an inferno and began throbbing
uncontrollably, releasing its juices.

He pulled away, satisfied, and stood up. He
said, “You taste sweet. I could eat you all night long.”

She didn’t know what to say, so she simply
stood there, trying to get herself under control. When she met his eyes, his were gleaming brightly and he seemed very

“This has been great. Come here,” he

When she approached him, he said, “Pull on
your nipples. Let me see you hurt them.”

“What do you mean?”

“I want to see you play with them. Do it,” he
said in a commanding voice that left no room for argument.

So she began to tug on her nipples lightly, and his eyes seemed to darken as he watched her playing with herself. Then he began to rub his cock. “That is so hot,” he
said. “Now, hurt them. Pull on them.”

She began to squeeze them, and his lips
turned up in a smile. Then he placed his fingers over hers and began wrenching the life out of her little petals, squeezing them
so hard that she thought they would pop off. She began to gasp from the pain and he let them go, saying, “I know it hurts, but it’s
hot as hell. Isn’t it?”

She had to agree. It was hot as hell. “Yes,”
she whispered.

Licking his lips, he grabbed her nipples
again and pulled them out from her body, expanding them like they were rubber, but she didn’t cry out this time. She simply
watched in amazement, and when he finally let her nipples go, she was hot and her pussy was tingling.

When his finger shot out to her wet spot and slid inside, he said,

“I’ve never seen anyone get so wet. You really are into this.” He slid over to her clit and began stroking it, and several strokes
was all it took for her to once again succumb to another orgasm.

“I love to make you come. It turns me on.”
He pulled his finger away from her pussy and grabbed his cock.

“See how hard you make me?” He brought her to the wall again and turned her around so that her ass was facing him.
Sliding his finger into her wet spot, he
sensuously stroked her for several moments, several wonderful
moments. Then he rammed his dick into her wet pussy. Her body was shoved against the wall with each thrust of his massive member, but soon, she heard his breathing quickening and he pulled out,shooting his cum all over her back. Then he turned her around and looked into her eyes. “That was awesome. "

Then he carried her to the bed and cuddled her.

Regina still a little bit sore knew that she couldn't tell him that he had just taken her virginity but she guessed he might have known since he seemed like a pro.

“I can't... believe that I don't know the name of the man I just fucked. " Regina laughed.

“It's Zach...Zach West." he said, huskily.

“Nice name." she commented, “And by the way, do I need to give you money to forget about this? "

“I don't think money can erase this moment and I don't think you can forget about this either. " he replied, “ be fair, it's only a one night stand. " he laughed.

“Yeah," Regina agreed, “Just a one... night stand. "

She had a one night stand with a sexy hotel staff in one of the most expensive hotels in Italy on New year's day!

What a crazy way to start the year.
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