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A person who was comfortable meets a girl and admires her deeply and offers her a job in crimes He loves a girl and they work together in fraud and financial crimes for a long time and suddenly the girl changes in terms of all this because of a dream that came to her and she is imprisoned and meets the boy and changes her mind and leave each other because he will not give up his work in the crimes and suddenly he is doing a theft alone he is surprised by the police attack on him and goes away from them without knowing The shape of his face..and after two years he decides to go to the girl again because he loves her, so he asks about her and finds her in a small village with simple people who suffer from many problems..and she is surprised by his presence again and will not return him unless he helps the simple people in solving their electricity problems because in Originally, he was an electrical engineer in a large company And indeed he did that until he loved simple people and they loved him very much.. and returned to the girl again

Sara Al_ansari
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In a café
Amal: What is the next plan?
Leader: You will work with Mina
Amal: who Mina!!
Leader: Go to this address, you will find it there
"I went there and found him."
Amal: So you are my new leader
Mina: But I can't work with you
Amal: Sorry!!
Mina: I can't work with you because you are so beautiful جميلة
Amal: Mister Mina!! I'm here with you for a mission only
Mina: Well..the next transaction in this bank
Amal: Well, oh right, you're not my type at all
Mina: What!!!
" The next day "
Mina: Well, this is the map that we will enter the bank with
Amal: ok
Mina: Well, before we start the operation, can I invite you to dinner?
Amal: Why!
Mina: get to know each other?
Amal: I don't mind
Mina: Well, tonight, it's half past nine.
"at the time"
Amal: Do you know? The place is so boring
Mina: Of course I will make it fun
Amal: Do you think you are good at everything?
Mina: You will see
Then Mina got up and sang and danced and made the place more beautiful and she sang with him.
Mina: Well.. tell me I'm cool
Amal: Well you are very cool..ready tomorrow!
Mina: I'm ready

On the day of the operation
Mina: Well, hope, go in and try to get inside the safe, and I'll come with you when I disable the cameras
Amal: ok
"Amal went in a completely hidden way to the safe, and Mina disabled the cameras and went to her."
Amal: Who are you?!
Mina: what are you crying about?
Amal: I'm sorry... will you be able to open it... I think you won't...
And she can't complete the sentence because he has already opened it.
Amal: Oh well..
Mina: Don't be afraid to embarrass yourself
Amal: seriously
Mina: Take all the money, come on
Indeed, they took all the money and went to the door to get out, but:
Bank employee: Sorry
Mina: Oh my God..yes!!!
Worker: May I help you carry the bags?
Mina: No..thank you..come on hope quickly
"After they get home"
Amal: Well, how do we divide the money?
Mina: Half for you and half for me
Amal: ok
Mina: We'll go out to celebrate first
"After they reached a club"
Mina: Tell me, Amal, how many scams you have done so far!
Amal: 27 operations
Mina: I just did 65 scams so far
Amal: Really!!
Mina: Yes..but working with you has a different taste
Amal: Thank you
Mina: excuse me
Amal: Where is your family?!
Mina: I don't know
Amal: How!
Mina: So..I don't know where they are. They left me when I'm 15 years old..But I don't care about this..I am very good at scamming and also I am an electrical engineer..and you!!
Amal: Me! They died in an accident, but I turned to this work in the scam, not for the money. I am a law graduate..but only for the hobby.
Mina: Did you know that for the first time I feel safe with someone..and this person is you
Amal: Me too
Mina: Let's go from here
Amal: ok
"Then Amal arrived at home and went and walked on the road alone and cried."
Then Mina's phone rang.
Mina: Good morning
Amal: Good morning..there is another operation for a very rich person..he wants to distribute his money to his son and eldest son outside the country and he does not know what his son looks like because he traveled when he was very young
Mina: Well, consider me his son
Amal: ok
"Indeed, he prepared the papers proving that he is the owner's son and went to him when he was old and quickly forgot."
Mina: Dad!!!
Owner: Are you my son?
Mina: Yes, how are you?
Owner: I'm fine..I left you a lot of money in the bank..and here is the account number in your name..come with me
Mina: Where!!!
Owner: Up above, come on
Mina: Ok I'll go to the car and get my clothes
Owner: Ok, don't be late
And he went out of the house
Amal: What did you do?!
Mina: I'm not a child.. here's the paper
Amal: You are really great..good..very good..
They went to the bank and took all the money.
"At night, Amal was sleeping. She dreamed that she was running from the government and crying hard, and her father came to her in a dream and said to her: You will regret it. Come back to your senses! She woke up frightened and went to Mina."
Mina: What's in.!!!
Amal: Mina, take it!
Mina: What is this!!!
Amal: This is my money from the last operation.. I don't want them
Mina: What happened?
Amal: I dreamed that I was arrested and I am very nervous now... I don't want to work with you on this monument
Mina: What are you saying, are you crazy?
Amal: Sorry Mina..you can complete this on your own
Mina: I love you!!! I don't want you to go away from me, please
Amal: I am or money!!!!
Mina: aml!!!!
Amal: I am or money!!!
Mina: ok go I'll choose the money
Amal: Really!! Well, I won't show you my face again, and it's yours
"Amal went away for two years and nothing is known about her."
And one night, while he was doing a robbery, the police came to him and ran and ran away until he got very tired.. The police were running after him until he took a bullet in the shoulder and fell into the water, but the police eye completely disappeared from him and they went away thinking that he ran away, but they did not recognize his face and this Fortunately for him, he found himself bleeding out of the water and ran to his house, saved himself, and was in good shape.
"After two days, he remembers Mina..Amal and misses her very much..and went to ask about her near her house because he did not find her there..and they told him that she had gone to a village and he was very surprised, but he went there the second day and did not find transportation to this village, so he walked even He got so tired and met a man named Dave.”
Mina: You!! you there !!
Dave: Yes..who are you..you are a stranger from the village
Mina: I'm Mina..hello..and he extended his hand to say hello to him and he did not say hello to him
Mina: What is this embarrassment: ..I am Mina looking for hope, do you have it?
Dave: yes yes beautiful hope
Mina: I hope the beautiful!!
Dave: Yes, come with me
Mina: Well, is there no electricity here, why is it so dark?
Dave: We have a power outage every five minutes and there are no engineers to fix this for us لنا
Mina: Well, where is the hope?
Dave: She is sleeping now..sleep here and I will bring her to you tomorrow
Mina: Ok, thank you
Mina: What a disgusting place!!!!
" Tomorrow "
Dave: Miss hope
Amal: What!!
Dave: There's a guy who wants to see you
Amal: What!! From !!
Dave: I don't know..let's go to him
Amal: ok
So Amal entered his room and found him asleep.
Hope: Mina!!!
Dave: You know him!!! ok i'll go
She kept looking at him until he woke up and found her in front of him and she was angry with him.
Mina: Hope...
Amal: What brought you here and how did you know!!
Mina: Well, I came because I missed you
Amal :. Oh really !!! After two years she misses me.. Bravo!!!
Mina: I want to be with you
Amal: You chose the money!!!
Mina: This was my dream!!
Hope: your dreams;!!!!
Mina: Yes..but it was..I used to think money was everything..but I really love you احبك
So I took hold of his hand and drove him away in front of all the inhabitants of the village.
Hope: Get out of here!! I do not want you !
Mina: I love you..believe me
So she started walking and left him, and suddenly she stopped walking and he says:
Mina: I can solve their electricity crisis..give me a chance to do a good job
Dave: Really..!!!
Mina: Yes
Amal: Ok I will give you a chance..but if you fail
Mina: I will not fail
Amal: Ok!! Dave;!!! bring him food
Mina: Is this the food!!!
Amal: Yes...let's eat it
Mina: ok
Mina went to the main place of electricity to fix it.
Amal: You really came here for me!!!
Mina: You have every right to every word..I'm sorry..I was crazy at the time
Amal: Ok, fix it first
"Indeed, he fixed it and the whole village rejoiced for this."
“On the day they returned home in front of the village, Mina grabbed Amal’s hand and asked for her passport.”
Amal: Ok, I will think
Mina: What!!
Hope: Agree
Mina: I love you
Amal: Me too
"There is nothing more beautiful than love and nothing better than giving your partner a chance to change...if you love someone go to them and say I love you so much..you don't know if they will still be around or not..and money comes and goes will make up but good people never make up"
Sara Al_ansari ..
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