The return of the captain

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The army captain travelled 100 miles from his family. His wife got pregnant so he tryed to come back but the enemies attack the base. He finally got back to give his new bored child and his wife

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Chapter 1 heading to base

One morning I woke up with my wife Rosie. I got a call from the army saying I need to get there as soon as possible.
I told my wife and left to get to the airport in time. When I got there I had to get on the plane straight away and when I got to the base they said "Captain Brad welcome back to the base." I replied with "Thanks for a having me. What's the trouble?" They explained "Oh its China, sir, they are trying to attack us." I resolved "So we attack back. I will join in the fight even if that means I won't see my wife for a while. I'll call her tomorrow befor we leave." The next morning, on the phone, I tell her the news "I love you my baby girl" I said. She said "I love you to and I'm pregnant with our child."
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