A new beginning

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A cheesy story. Disclaimer: This is my first story. It might have lots of spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes. Also this is a story I got an inspiration from other story.

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Chapter 1

Today is first day in my new school. I am so nervous, will I be able to be friends with people here. I miss my old school but I left it for my own good. Hi, my name is Siyali, I am 15 years old and I am weirdly an ambivert.

I see two girls approaching me, maybe I should talk to them and try being friends with them. "Hi, I am Siyali, I am new here. Where can I find 10th 'A'."

They smiled at me and said, "hi Siyali, my name is Diya and I am Aashi. We are in the same class we can walk together." And then I saw a girl suddenly running in front of me and she was crying. I asked Aashi, "what happened? Why is she crying." Diya replied, "must be that popular guy Rudra, he must have rejected her." Aashi then said, "I don't understand these girls, they know he is going to be this mean, still they keep approaching him. Siyali, just avoid." I looked at them and just walked towards the class. I had only one thing in my mind, how can someone be so terrible if you don't like her you can atleast not be mean to her, forget it, doesn't matter.

In class the teacher asked me to introduce myself to everyone, I was kinda nervous but, I made sure no one noticed me and I said, "Hello everyone, my name is Siyali, I am looking forward to be friends with all of you".

The teacher looked at me and asked "where are you sitting?" she looked around and suggested me, "sit with Rudra, he is a good student he will help you with your doubts." I went and sat beside Rudra in 3rd bench. I said him "Hello!!!." He gave me a look and pretended like he didn't hear me.

I also pretended to not know him and was concentrating on the class. Like such an asshole he is, atleast he can be formal. I guess he lacks manners.

After a long class, Rudra looked at me and said, "can you sit somewhere else it's annoying." I looked at him and smiled, "no I won't. If you want you can sit somewhere else" and I walked out of the class. All he could do was stare at me.

Aashi and Diya smiled at me and said, "good job". I smiled at them telling, "he deserves it." Then we went for our lunch break. We then had 2 more classes which went really smooth. I am really happy that I could make 2 new friends in my new school and looks like I am really going to have peaceful time here.

Next day in the morning, I ended up being late to school, it's all because of my alarm. I by mistake put it for 7pm instead of 7 am. I am really dead. I hurriedly took my cycle and started going really fast. It's just second day of my school and I am already late.

As soon as I entered the door was closed. I asked the watchman uncle, "I am sorry, next time I won't be late please open the door" he looked at me and said, "you students always do this, Don't know how to be punctual. Wait for the Principal to come, all of you should be punished. "

I had a sad face and was staring at the wall, Suddenly a guy came infront me and he asked "hey do you want to get inside the school. "
I looked at him and said, "yes". He smiled and held my hand and started running towards the backside of the school.
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