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He hates her. He wants revenge from her. But deep inside he craves for her. He is her new boss. He is her ex boyfriend.

Romance / Drama
Crazy dragon
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Chapter 1

“Bitch seriously stop now. You have been pacing for hours now. It’s irritating.” I fake gasped at Carol’s words. “Do you even understand? What if I don’t get accepted in any of the companies. Then the only option for me would be prostitution. What if I get STD. OMG, STD….. I don’t want to die of STD.” I dropped on my bed with my head in my hands.

If not STD I’ll definitely die of over thinking.

The bed sank beside me. Carol wrapped her arm around my shoulder. “Why the hell are you being overdramatic? It has been less than 3 hrs since you submitted your resume to all those companies. And I have already told you that you don’t have to over pressurize yourself. And anyways, my job is more than enough for both of our needs and ‘desires’.” I laughed when she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively at ‘desires’.

Carolina or Carol as I call her, is my best friend since high school.She currently works as a senior doctor in a hospital.She was there for me all the times. She trusted me when everyone, everyone including the one and only love of my life, left me to myself.

When I think about that day, it still feels like someone is stepping on my heart. I feel the burn from the thousands of unshed tears, each carrying a painful memory. The pain of distrust. The pain of heart break. The pain of losing everyone and everything.

“Angel are you thinking about ‘him’ again?” Carol said softly, snapping me out of my thoughts.
I shook my head in a no. But I knew, she was aware of the fact that I was lying.
I quickly got up and walked in the bathroom.
I looked at myself in the mirror. My eyes were red from holding back my tears.
But I won’t cry.
I promised mom I would never cry because of that day.
I still can’t believe she is no more a part of my life. She had cancer, which she hid from me. I still remember her words when I asked why she never told me about it.

‘You were going through so much. Pressuring you with my problems was the last thing I wanted. But promise me, you will never ever cry over those bad memories. You will move on. Become the happy Angel you were before. Promise me.’

I shaked my head to get rid of those thoughts. I splashed water on my face. Practiced a nice, warm smile and exited the bathroom.
Carol wasn’t there in the room. She probably went downstairs.

I climbed down the stairs and surely she was there, sitting on the sofa. I plopped down beside her. “you up for some Netflix and ice cream?” I asked her cheerfully. She looked at me in a way, I only remember my mom using on me. “You are doing it again aren’t you?” she asked me. “what?” I asked her innocently. She breathed out a heavy sigh in defeat.

She snatched the ice cream tub from my hand. “Heyyy” I whined like a child. “Stop whining and pick out a nice movie.” She ordered me. I pouted and dropped the remote on her lap. She shrugged and started picking out a movie.
She chuckled at my remark and started to eat the ice cream, moaning with every bite.
I hate loud eaters and she knew it. You asked for it bitch.
I moved closer to her and BANG.

I laughed at my best friend who sat there, opening and closing her mouth like a fish.
I had slapped the plate of ice cream on face. She turned towards me and oh boy…… She was FUMING.
I quickly jumped over the sofa and ran around the house like a maniac. She was soon hot on my trail. I continued to laugh my whole generation’s ass off.
“Angel I swear I’ll whoop your ass if don’t stop right now.”
“But I just gave you a nice facial. You should be thanking me.” I teased her without stopping.
“yeah sure. But I believe in returning the favor. Why don’t you stop and I’ll do the same for you.”
I ran out of the house into my neighbor’s house. She was a really sweet lady in her mid 50’s. She was used to handling our craziness. And breaking into her house was kind of a regular routine.
I hopped over the backyard door and entered the house. I finally found her in the kitchen. “what now Angel?” She asked me with an amused grin. “Samantha please help me. Some ice cream monster is after me.” I said in between gasps. “A what?” she chuckled. The very next moment the ice cream monster A.K.A. Carol entered the kitchen. I quickly hid behind her. Now Samantha had doubled over laughing. “You two behave like twenty six year old toddlers.”
“No Samantha it’s her. She slapped a plate full of ice cream on my face.” Carol complained while wiping her face.
“Carol! Haven’t you heard? Snitching bitches get stitches.” I said which earned me a slap behind my head by Samantha.
“Ow, what was that for?” I asked while rubbing the back of my head.
“No cuss word in my house, young lady.” Samantha scolded me which made Carol chuckle.

I glared at her.

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