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" I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me meet you " What will happen when a poor girl encounters a king who accidentally teleported himself from the past . And moreover what could possibly go wrong when he can't go back and gets stuck in this world . Will there be some spark between them . Find out the full story

Romance / Fantasy
R.J Rose
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

I was walking down the streets with my head hanging low and earphones plugged in listening to my favorite song and it was late at night and there wasn't many people around . After few minutes I stopped walking and turned to my side to see that I have reached my destination .

The cool wind and the sound of the waves were so claming. I quickly removed my sandals and marched towards the waves . I stood near the water where the waves would welcome me . I stood there giggling and smiling not bothered to care about my surroundings and enjoy the moment . I giggled everytime the wave touched my feet .I was so mesmerized by the beauty this sea holds.

I daily come here to share my thoughts to the sea. After few minutes I sat on the nearby rock and Started staring at the sea . Myself Hazel an eighteen year old medical student . My parents died when I was 3 years old and my relatives gave me up to an orphanage .

As I gradually grow up I wanted to become an surgeon and help others .But when I was 16 I was thrown out my orphanage . I barely managed to feed myself . I stayed in the streets for months . I used to sleep at the benches in the park at night . I begged for money and from that money I could eat a meal for a day . I would eat for a day and starve for the next 2 days .

I started working at an hotel as an cleaner . I used to clean all the plates and wash the floor . The money I receive from the hotel is very low but I started working at different places and started saving my money because in future I need to join an university to study . It was hard for me to keep my focus on studies as well as the part time jobs I took .

After 1 year of saving the money I finally found an shelter which I could call my home now . My home had only one room but I was comfortable with it and loved it . I came out of my thoughts when a crab bit my toe . I scrunched my nose in pain and carefully took the crab and put it in another direction. As soon as I put it down it immediately dig a hole in the sand and went in . I smiled at the scene .

I started putting my sandals and made my way towards my home . As I was reaching my home I saw and used mirror on the corner of the road that looked a little dirty but I thought of cleaning it took it with me to my home . I opened the door of my house and entered with the big mirror in my hand I placed the mirror in the room and plopped myself on the sofa.

You must be confused as how I got a sofa right ? I found this old torn sofa on the street and took it with me . I usually take things that are useful for me when the others throw out . The sofa was so damaged but I managed to fix it up a little . I had a sofa , and used cupboard and a mirror now . I took the blanket from the cupboard and slept on the sofa .

As I was in an deep slumber I heard sounds coming from the corner of my room .it was pitch dark in my room and I only have an study lamp with me so I took it started moving to the place where the sound came from . it was from the mirror . it was tremendously shaking and a beam of light was coming through it . I got near the mirror and was about to touch it when suddenly someone came out from the mirror and fell on top of me .I pushed him of me and started screaming and hit him but the next he did made me shook .

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