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Once an "assassin" always an "assassin." Is that how the saying goes? For Avanelle Knight, that's what she believes. After killing the secret agent who was hired to kill her and her boy ties, she escaped and arrived in New York with; new identity, over 20 million dollars, a wounded Zane Anderson, fit Jax, and her gregarious best friend Ryan. She believes she is safe, or at least, she tries to convince herself.

Romance / Action
Tianna Joelle
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“Do you really think I’m going to let you kill him?” I hiss through my teeth.

Blake cocks his head to the left and looks up pondering my question. “I don’t. I for one know that you put up a good fight, but the real question is, do you really want to die along with your little boyfriend?”

Before I could make my comeback, he continues. “Which somewhat confuses me. How many boyfriends do you really have? Or is Jax over here your little fuckbuddy. The sound of you two shagging all night every night is hard to-”

“Shut up!” I yell.

Surprisingly Zane stays quiet behind me; no surprise from Jax who is always quiet.

“Oh its a secret?” Blake whispers. “My bad.” He takes a picture frame from Zane’s dresser and looks at it, uninterested in what’s shown. “You probably have questions so let me answer them before I kill you three.”

“Who’s to say you’re gonna get to,” I snap.

“Now now Ava. Be patient. You’re always so quick to talk, so just do me a favor and be quiet. Don’t you wanna know the full story?”

“Story?” I baffle.

Blake chuckles. “Where to begin. Oh! Lets start from the beginning. Jess.” Jax hisses his teeth at the mention of his sister.

“I wasn’t her chosen partner. The boss decided to put me with her just so that I can be closer to you Ava. As you know, I also work as the boss’s third eye or as you would say, secret agent. I as well as other chosen assassins keep a keen eye on other assassins, on behalf of the boss to ensure they are keeping the rules.”

Zane stands up but remains behind me. I hear him open a drawer next to his bed but Blake doesn’t notice.

“It was quite easy if I must say,” Blake continues. “I started collecting data after that party you all went to. What was it? The party in remembrance of Avanelle Day, hosted by the best friend. I knew you couldn’t stay away from him after that. You continued to meet up with doctor as well as the bestfriend. After that incident on your mission, I snuck into Zane’s house and stayed hidden. I can’t believe you actually told him! You made it so easy for me.” He grins.

“Took you a while so I give you credit. But you continued to meet up with them and you invited them to our house. That was a huge mistake right there. However, after Leo’s death, you stopped seeing them. I said to myself, oh she finally came to her senses, but how I was wrong. You went on that silly date in that silly dress of yours. You even took him along on the assignment the boss gave you,” Blake laughs. “Everything you do is quite laughable. I feel sorry for the doc to have to put up with you. He’s an idiot if I must say so. While you’re clearly humping Jax over here, he still chased after you. Oh but he didn’t know about that now did he...” He smirks.

“That’s enough,” Jax grumbles and fire a shot in Blake’s direction but he jumps to the left swiftly, dodging it perfectly. The bullet hits the mirror attached to the dresser and shatters.

“Someone’s getting impatient,” Blake says tiringly. “You only alerted my comrades downstairs. Guess you two should prepare to fight them while I get the doc over there. What are you even doing?” He looks over my shoulder at Zane who was now standing, holding something in his hand that I can’t see.

“Don’t do anything. Just stay behind me,” I whisper so that only he can hear.

Jax raises his gun at Blake but he sees through his moves and draws an arrow, shooting it the same time Jax shot his gun; the arrow cancelling the bullet. Blake’s arrows are made with the same element the bullets are made with. Some say some of his arrows, the one that’s painted red on the tips are infused with a deadly poison, which makes his bow and arrow the perfect weapon.

Jax takes his other gun in hand and fires one shot in each, distracting Blake from us. I drag Zane and we both run through the door.

“Not so fast.” Two agents block our pathway. They don’t seem to be armed which means their specialty is in combat. While Jax is keeping Blake busy inside the room, I go into combat with the two agents before me in the narrow pathway.

Somehow during the fight one of them ends up behind me in my blindspot. He faces off with Zane leaving me with the girl to fight off.

“Zane!” I yell out but it comes out breathless. I look over my shoulder to see him in a confident fighting stance. While my attention is on him, the girl punches me in my stomach causing me to grunt in pain. She then elbows me in the back causing me to drop on the ground. I manage to grab both her legs causing her to lose her balance and plummet to the ground as well.

I hear sounds of grunts behind me as Zane and the other guy fight. I can’t see if Zane is holding his ground as I am busy fighting off the girl who is now sitting across my stomach sending punches left and right to my face. I grab the neck of her shirt and pull her to me, headbutting her. She dresses backwards off me and I stand up to kick her across her right cheek causing her to black out. I flex my jaw and ignore the pain coming from everywhere across my body and face.

I look over at Zane who is now held backwards by the guy. He has him restrained with an accomplished grin across his face. With his arm across Zane’s neck, Zane struggles to breathe. I draw my gun and aim it towards the guy.

“If you shoot I’ll break his neck,” the guy hisses, breathless from the fight he was in. I glance at Zane who has a bloody nose but somehow still confident even though he is struggling to breathe. I see him fidget to his pocket to withdraw a syringe filled with liquid.

I smile proudly at him. The guy stares at me confused.

“Why are you smiling?”

“Because this fight is finished,” I say at the same time Zane injects the liquid into the guy’s thigh. He lets go of Zane in shock by the feeling coming over him.

“What did you do?” The man pulls out the syringe from his thigh.

“It won’t kill you but it has the drug to put you to sleep for a couple hours,” Zane informs him as he drops to the ground, losing consciousness.

“Let’s go-” My words are cut off as Jax comes crashing through the door of Zane’s room. He gets up and looks over at me.

“Get out of here!” He yells the second as Blake walks out. I freeze as I see Jax struggling with an arrow into his stomach. I then look to Zane still out of breath from the fight he was in with his wound on his shoulder and broken nose.

I stand still unable to move.

Should I get Zane out of here or stay and fight with Jax?

“Who’s it gonna be Ava?” Blake asks the question that's running through brain.

“Shit.” I hiss under my breath.

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