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Billionaire Empire

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Alena desperately in need of a job to provide for her sick father and sister. After many days of searching she was about to give up when she came across a vacant position at a billionaire company and figure it was her one and only chance to get a job. She took it and she had no idea about what was to come her way....

Romance / Fantasy
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Job hunt

Hey guys so I have decided to write a new book; this book is quite the charmer, a little typical but is it definitely a book that would make you beg for more. I have decided to write this book in a heterosexual style, for all the straight people I have in my readings. So without any hesitation I would like to give you my new book called “BILLIONAIRE EMPIRE.”

Alena Pov:

Living in London for all my life is an absolute honor; to have so many opportunities for your future. When I was quite young; I used to tell myself I would become an entrepreneur so I can make enough money to assist my sister and my father. My mother died a few years after giving birth to my sister. My dad was badly affected by her absence but still tried his best to provide for us, but for a few months now he is unable to work. I am trying to pursue my studies to have my degree in Business, but unfortunately I can’t do so right now. I’ve sent out countless applications; for I am desperate in need of a job to help maintain my family; since dad became much more ill and is not able to work that has been my main priority.

It was Sunday and I had just finished my daily chores and made lunch, my sister and I were in the living room reading the newspaper to see if there were any vacancies available for me. My sister wants to pursue her studies as well. I want her to have that opportunity so I need a good paying job and really quick. After going through the newspaper and not finding anything I am qualified for we decided to give up.

I sighed.

“Don’t worry my sister I am sure something will come up.” Helena said.

“I hope so; this is the last month dad is getting benefits from this former job and we are almost half way through it already.” I said.

“I know, something will come, we just have to pray.” Helena said.

I decided to browse some more on the internet, maybe I’ll be lucky this time. After spending some amount of time and coming up disappointed every click I decided to give up. As I was about to give up my finger accidentally touch another tab and brought some type of vacancy of this billionaire that lives in the city.
I scoffed.

“Yeah like I have the qualification for that” I joked.

I decided to still read it just in case and to my surprise I am qualified. Actually there wasn’t much to be qualified for. They needed a maid and I am desperately in need, so why not give it a shot.

“Hey Helena?” I called.

“Yes?” she answered.

“I think I found something I can do for now.” I said.

“Really? Let me see.” She asked.

I showed her and we went through it together seeing the address and did some research on the family to know a little of them. What I came across was that the billionaire family had one son who was quite handsome and about two years older than I was and was studying in Canada. They had a vast amount of businesses with clothing and wine being their main business.

“You should go tell dad I’m sure he will be excited to hear.” Helena said.

"Let's not get too excited, I haven't got it as yet."

“ But I will still tell him.” I said.

“At the bottom there it says interviews are on the 10- 15th of May.” Helena said.

“What date is tomorrow?” I asked.

“The 15th.” She responded.

“Oh wow then I better head down there tomorrow.” I said.

I decided to inform my dad that I will be heading for an interview tomorrow.

“Hey dad.” I said coming into his room.

“Hey my little girl.” He said sounding weak.

“How are you feeling.” I asked.

“I’m going to be okay and I just feel a little weak for now. This will soon pass and then I can get back to working.” He said with a slight smile.

“I am going in for an interview tomorrow for this really amazing family. They have a vacant position for a maid, and I believe I should take it.” I said.

“Oh honey are you sure about this?” Dad asked.

“Yes I am, it also the only option we have right now.” I said sitting on his bed and fixing his pillow.

“Your mother would be so happy to see how you are trying so hard for your family Alena." He said going my hands.

I smiled.

“Come here.” He said and embraced for a hug.

We were interrupted by his vicious coughing that once started takes so long to stop.

I poured him a glass of water from the night stand and rub his back and chest a little until he stopped coughing.

“You get some rest now father and please take your medication on time.” I said and gave him a kiss on the forehead.

“I love you both so much Alena, I wish I can do more for you girl I really wish I can.” He said.

“Don’t worry father we love you so much too and you have done enough it is my turn now. Please get your rest father.

I came out of the room with my eyes teary. I only wish for him to be well and strong again, seeing him like this makes me so sad. I gather myself together and head back to the living room to see my sister watching Bridgeton.

I scoffed.

“ Didn’t you finished watching that already?” I asked.

“Yes, but it’s too good to be watched only once.” She responded.

The rest of the day went on like a normal day. I did some reading and watched Bridgeton with my sister. Night came and I was early to bed for an exciting and nervous day tomorrow. I prayed and ask god to help in getting the job for I am in need of it ever so badly.

I hope you guys love the first chapter. If so give it a like and please drop a comment. Sorry for my grammatical errors. New chapter coming soon

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