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Striker doesn’t have much in life he never had his fathers never home his mothers sick he doesn’t have much money everything’s going in circles he’s being bullied his older brother partying every night and his other won’t pull his weight he’s trying to keep his younger sister hidden from it all everything’s on a spiral and he can’t fix it striker runs into a childhood friend turned gangster but can he turn the 16 year olds life around? Before the final straw is pulled? (Boy x Boy) (not canon in my series) (image of picrew)

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

He yawned as he stood at the desk the cash register in front his legs burned with how long he had stood their the dreary store usually beaming with light as he scribbled down his homework for tomorrow or was it today? Taking a glance at the clock it was today the clock ticking his shift ended at 7 he often claimed the night shift to get some overtime money he was wearing a blue button down shirt with the companies logo on the back and black jeans for his uniform his name tag fully presented just like it had to be his weary appearance made most rather weary of him he had dishevelled dark blue hair and sky blue eyes he had slits for pupils light skin with practically invisible freckles dusted across his face his eyes narrowed into a glare his head was pounding and his eyes were getting fuzzy he was exhausted but he found it funny he didn’t know maybe it was just from insomnia or was it starvation? That made him think this way his body craved sleep and yet when he succumbed it would plague him with memories of his past he was scared to sleep and yet his body yearned for it a chuckle escaped his lips

He stood and walked over to the fridge grabbing a energy drink from it his boss didn’t mind much they were allowed to take any small item at a time on a shift wether it was a small pack of crisps or a drink he didn’t care just as long as it wasn’t anything big he threw his head back and chugged the energy drink it woke him up but the effects of energy drinks began to get less and less effective his body was getting used to it but for now it still worked when he finished the can he wiped his lips and chucked it in the bin he didn’t feel fresh but he was awake that was all he could ask for he walked back to his desk and gripped his pen he had to finish it He promised his mother he wouldn’t let his job slack away from his studies Azazel rubbed against his leg jumping on his lap “kid” the cat spoke “you need sleep” he said “can’t sleep on the job I’d be a pretty lousy employee” striker chuckled

Azazel was his spiritual deity everyone had one that took the form of an animal they gave people powers some were weaker then others but only the master of the deity could hear them speak Azazel was a small kitten sized cat with white fluff on his forehead and paws his eyes the same colour as strikers as well as the familiar slit azazel was often rambunctious uncaring sadistic and mischievous but due to the spiritual bond between a deity and his master he could tell how striker felt he understood striker at a point striker wouldn’t let anyone else get to “I’m fine Azazel but you can sleep!” Striker said forcing a smile “striker” azazel warned “Azazel” striker replied “I don’t have a choice” striker said azazel sighed but nodded Curling up as he watched striker stand he slowly fell asleep while striker continued with his homework


Striker tapped his foot against the ground staring at his old watch it was a gift from school it was to mark all of his work, dates exams and homework everyone at school got one most didn’t wear it It was a sign of being poor if you did but hey had to make budget cuts somewhere and it it stuck with his style didn’t it? He was nervous his mind racing to come up with the worst possible solution to the reason she was late he looked up and saw the same person he was worrying about it was Rhianna she was a similar age to him except she was 18 she had make up caked on her face and her hair was done “I don’t know how you get the time for that every morning” striker said choosing not to comment on the fact she was late “I don’t know how you run home every morning with those twig legs” she said she didn’t say nothing about it either holding a cigarette Rihanna belonged to a well off family but she had always wanted to start somewhere striker didn’t mind Rihanna she spoke her mind and wasn’t a two faced as everyone thought she looked at the energy drink “didn’t sleep huh?” She asked “….4 nights” striker said quietly

“You can’t keep doing this to yourself” she sighed striker shrugged “if nothings broken don’t fix it” striker said she opened her mouth to comment “anyway I’ve got to get home!” striker continued he didn’t have much time “common Azazel” striker said “I’ll give you a lift if you want” Rihanna said striker looked at her “I was late to work and cut into your time to get home least I can do is give you a ride” she said strikers shoulders tensed what if his dad was home? He knew it was unlikely but he couldn’t risk it striker turned his head and smiled “no thanks I’ll just run home If I’m late I might miss maths!” Striker yelled excitedly but it was all fake

It drove him mad how fake he was the smile was fake the laugh was fake the cheeriness was fake he hated it having to put this facade he was being suffocated Rihanna chuckled he wished she’d press on the issue but like everyone else in his life she believed it after all he was the son of the most famous superhero out there how could he have a shitty life? Striker walked to the back and grabbed his bag shoving his homework in the bag Azazel jumped inside “I’ll see you tonight!” Striker said “oh no way! It’s my turn for the night shift i need more wine money!” She spoke loudly striker chuckled “theirs some money on the table for you by the way” Rihanna said “but the weeks not over yet” striker said that’s when they got their paycheck “I convinced the boss to give you a little extra bonus” Rihanna winked

She was lying of course the Money was from her but he didn’t need to know that his face practically lit up when he saw it “thank you!” Striker said “no problem anything for a colleague” Rihanna said “your amazing!” Striker said pulling his bag up “see yah later Rihanna!” Striker said running out the front door Rihanna chuckled to herself her forgotten cigarette being returned to her mouth as she turned around and began working
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