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I don’t really know what I was expecting, and it sure as hell wasn’t this. Whatever this was…it was even better than I could have imagined. The mystery, the anonymity, the sense of excitement that has reawakened something in me that I hadn’t felt in what seemed like a lifetime ago. The way his hands caress my body, his fingers gently tracing along my skin; my lips against his neck and hands in his hair, wanting him the way he wanted me… I was learning to love the unexpected.

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Chapter 1

I don’t really know what I was expecting, and it sure as hell wasn’t this. Whatever this was…it was even better than I could have imagined. The mystery, the anonymity, the sense of excitement that has reawakened something in me that I hadn’t felt in what seemed like a lifetime ago. The way his hands caress my body, his fingers gently tracing along my skin; my lips against his neck and hands in his hair, wanting him the way he wanted me… I was learning to love the unexpected.


Name: Kristine. Age: 25. Location: Chicago. I was getting tired of repeatedly sharing this information. Bumble, Tinder, Match. App after app, failed date after date. What was the point?

“Do you think you are ready for a relationship?” My best friend, Kate, asks. She places a glass of wine in front of me. I drop my phone onto the couch beside me, clearly annoyed at the situation. I take a long swig from my glass and sigh.

“I really don’t know if, or even when, I’d be ready to get into a relationship. A year ago I thought I would be married. And well, we see how that’s turned out.”

Kate scoffs, “You two would have been married and divorced within a year, and we both know that. He wasn’t good for you, he never was.”

I’m quiet for a moment, taking another sip from my glass.

“Maybe I’ll just stay single…be that fun aunt who gets drunk every holiday and talks about how happy she is without a man.” I mutter. I was only half joking.

“Unacceptable. You won’t be doing that.” Kate picks up my phone and begins scrolling through it.

“Well see he’s cute!” She says after a few scrolls. Kate turns the phone for me to see the screen. I examine the profile. Tall, dark hair, brown eyes, 27, good career…

“See his political party?” I point out to Kate, bringing my wine glass back up to my lips.

She rolls her eyes, “Why do you have to be so picky, Kris?”

I laugh, “I have plenty of reason to be!”

Kate downs the rest of her wine and places her glass on the table. She stands up and turns to look at me. “Alright, new plan. We’re not staying in tonight.”

“What do you mean we’re not…? Kate?” I spit out.

Kate enters my bedroom. I hear her rummaging around and sliding through hangers in my closet. “No, no, no…yes!”

Kate skips back into the living room and throws clothes into my lap.

“Put that on, we’re going out.” She grins mischievously.


“Remind me why we’re here again?” I shout to Kate over the club music. I can feel the bass pounding in my chest, the smell of alcohol and sweat around us. By now we’re a handful of shots in and I was feeling a buzz. Kate pushes another drink into my hands.

“It’s a Saturday night. We’re single, we’re hot, and we’re ready for fun!” Kate laughs. She holds her drink in the air and begins moving her body to the rhythm of the music. She holds her hand out and motions for me to join her. “Don’t leave me hanging, come on!”

I take a few gulps of my drink, purse my lips, and shake off the burn of the alcohol. I move my body to mirror hers. Kate turns her back to me and grinds up against my hips.

“This is what the guys like to see!” Kate shouts. I laugh in response, but notice a few eyes in our direction.

I felt ridiculous, but Kate was right. I was in need of something fun, a night to just let loose, and not have to worry about men and relationships. I felt good, I felt sexy. Kate had done well picking out my clothes for the evening. Black heeled sandals, dark ripped jeans, a low, revealing black lace tank top. Thankfully I had the breasts to fill out the shirt, showing an acceptable amount of cleavage, but not falling out of it. Kate insisted I curl my long brown hair and put on some makeup. She wouldn’t take no for answer. Not wanting to go overboard, Kate and I compromised with some mascara and a deep red lip color.

Kate and I finish our drinks quickly.

“I’m ready for another, are you?” I ask her. She smiles and hands me her empty glass. She nods toward a guy on the dance floor. “I’m going for it!”

“You better, or someone else will!” I shout back.

I push my way through the crowd of sweaty bodies, back up to the bar. I rest my elbows on the sticky surface and wait for my turn to order. I watch the people around me. A young group of girls, freshly 21. A group of guys watching them from the corner of the dance floor. A few men older than what you’d expect to see in this crowd, beers in hand and laughing. My eyes wander back to Kate, already locking lips with the man she had met barely 5 minutes prior. A firm hand on my ass snaps me out of my alcohol induced trance.

“What the fuck?” I turn to see who the hand belongs to.

A tall man stands in front of me. I look him over. Greasy hair, matted beard, and the smell of cigarettes wafting from his clothes and breath.

“Hey baby, seeing an ass that nice I couldn’t help but reach out and touch.” His words slur together and he stumbles forward.
I grimace and pull his hand off of my body.

“Don’t touch me again.” I snap, taking a step back.

He holds his hands up in the air innocently. “Didn’t mean any harm baby, just trying to catch your attention.” He slides his arm around my waist and pulls me closer to him.

“This sure as hell isn’t the way to do it! Let go!” I push against his chest, attempting to loosen his grip on me. I can feel the muscles in his arm tense, holding me tighter.

“Come on now, don’t be like that.” He slurs into my ear.

I try to push him away once more, “I said-“

“She said let go.” A firm voice comes from the other side of the aggressive man.

He turns to face the other person. “Excuse me, this lovely lady and I are just having a chat.”

“She said, Let. Go.” The heroic stranger pushes the repulsive man away from me. He stumbles back, scoffs, and returns to the dance floor eyeing up his next target.

I take a moment to collect myself. “Thank you.” I say to the stranger.

He smiles and nods. “It’s not a problem, can I buy you a drink?”

I look back at Kate, who already has a fresh drink in her hand.

“Vodka Lemonade.” I tell him.

Soon enough there’s a drink in his hand, and a drink in mine. I quickly down it, welcoming the sour burn. Before I have the chance to start a conversation with the stranger, Kate grabs my arm.

“Get back out here, you’re missing all the fun!”

I turn back to the stranger. “Thank you again!” I shout as Kate pulls me away. He smiles and holds his drink up, as if to say “cheers”.

By now I’m feeling more than just a buzz. I was completely drunk. Kate and I dance, laughing and moving our bodies in a way that probably wasn’t a dance at all. We sing to the music, not giving a shit how horrible we look or sound.

The man Kate had been dancing with earlier returns to her and says something into her ear. She looks back in my direction. Her expression seems to be asking permission to leave.

“Go!” I laugh.

Kate disappears with the man. I check my phone to make sure her location is shared with me and slide it back into my pocket. I close my eyes and begin to dance again, continuing to feel the pounding beat of the music while I sway and move my body against empty air. I begin to feel dizzy and stumble over my own feet. I feel two arms catch me before I hit the floor. I look up and there he is. The stranger, my hero of the evening.

“Are you alright?” He laughs, helping me stabilize myself.

“Having a bit too much fun, I guess.” A feeling of embarrassment rushes through me, my cheeks burn. I laugh, trying to shake it off.

“There’s no problem with that!” The stranger says. “Dance with me?”

My first instinct is to say no. I look around the room and back at him.

Fuck it. I nod.

We make our way to the middle of the dance floor. I sing along to the music and rotate my hips in the shape of a figure eight. I reach my arms up and rest them on the stranger’s shoulders. His hands venture down to my hips. He holds them and mirrors my movements. I step closer, he pulls me against him, my chest pressed to his, nose to nose. We continue to dance, our bodies moving in sync with each other. I look into his eyes for the first time. They are a soft hazel color. I examine him, taking in the features of his face. He has defined cheek bones and a sharp jaw line. A friendly smile spreads across his lips and I catch flecks of his light brown hair in the flashing lights. I keep one arm resting on his shoulder, the other way works its way up to the back of his head, his forehead rests against mine. He’s tall, at least 6’0 compared to my 5’5. His arms are firm and muscular, his shoulders broad, and his chest defined through his shirt.


I rotate my body, my back now against him, and begin grinding my hips. I can feel him harden against my ass. A smile pulls across my lips.

Maybe I’ve still got it.

His hands begin exploring up from my hips to my chest and down again to guide the speed and movement of my ass against him. I lean my head back, resting it on his chest. I reach up behind me, holding my hand at the base of his neck. My other hand folds on top of his, a firm grasp on my waist. I’m feeling dizzy again but I don’t want this to stop. Suddenly, I can feel his soft lips against my neck, his warm breath tickling my skin. My body tingles, I hadn’t been touched like this in a long time. The stranger spins me around to face him.

“Do you want to get out of here?” He asks.

“Immediately.” I nod, a little too eagerly.


The stranger unlocks the door to his apartment; a small building not too far from the club we were at. The door swings open, he takes my hand and leads me inside. The door closes quickly behind me. Immediately I’m pressed against it, the cold wood is a welcoming feeling against my sweaty back. He leans down he traces the tip of his nose from the base of my neck up to my ear. It sends chills through my body. A soft moan escapes my lips.

God, I’ve missed this feeling.

The stranger’s hands explore my body once more, they’re friendly but hungry. He pushes his hips against me. He was still as hard as he was on the dance floor.

All because of me…

In that moment of confidence I pull his face to mine, kissing him deep and hard. He kisses me back with the same amount of passion. I trace his bottom lip with my tongue and gently bite. He takes in a sharp breath before pulling away. He looks down at me and smiles.

“I’m sorry, should I not have done — “ He interrupts my question by pressing his lips hard against mine. He brushes my long hair away from my neck and kisses below my ear.

“Don’t apologize for anything…” He whispers. He tangles his hand in my hair and tugs, his hand guiding my head back. The stranger runs his tongue along my neck, stopping from time to time to kiss. I feel his teeth graze softly against my skin. I let out a soft gasp and clench my fingers into the fabric of his shirt.

I push him away from my body and step away from the door, pulling my shirt off in the process. I slip off my shoes, kicking them out of the front walkway. My eyes locked on his, I slowly unbutton my jeans, letting them drop to my ankles. I step out of each pant leg.
The stranger stands there, his hazel eyes taking in every inch of my body. I suddenly feel self conscious in just my bra and underwear in front of a man I had only met this evening. I never thought I would find myself in this situation, a drunken hook up. It was new territory for me. What was I expecting from this? What was he expecting from this? I cross my arms over my chest, feeling somewhat vulnerable in that moment. He reaches for my hands and pulls them down, holding them in his.

“You’re beautiful.” He says under his breath.

“And you’re wearing too many clothes.” I whisper, moving closer to him.

I lift his shirt up, running my hands from his stomach to his chest. He grasps the back of his shirt and slips it off in one swift motion. He tosses it onto the floor with my clothes. A path is beginning to form from the front door down the hallway. I press him against the wall, holding my hands firmly against his pectoral muscles. His skin is warm and sweaty underneath my fingertips. I bite my lip and look up at the stranger. He holds my face in my hands and kisses me. My lips spread and I feel his tongue against them, finding its way to mine. I run my nails gently down and back up his defined chest, my hands stopping at his neck, one reaching up and twisting into his hair. He kisses my neck once more, gently sucking at my skin. I reach down and tug at his pants, clumsily pulling at and unhooking his belt. It drops to the floor with a loud thud.

He pulls me towards him, my hips rubbing against him. He kisses me forcefully, wanting me. Another rush of excitement floods through me as I feel his erection against my hip. He was rock hard. I slide my hand back to his pants, unbuttoning them and letting them drop to his feet. He kicks them aside without missing a beat. My right hand enters his boxers, it glides along the length of him.


His lips release mine as he takes in a sharp breath. I continue to rub him, he grows more in my hand and moans. I pull his boxers down, he’s completely stripped naked in front of me. The stranger hooks one arm around my waist his other hand tangling into my hair. Suddenly he’s pulling me up, my feet lifting off of the floor. I wrap my legs around his waist. He carries me into his room, throwing me onto his bed. My body sinks into the blankets, my head landing against his soft pillows.

“Now you’re wearing too many clothes” he smirks. He climbs onto the bed beside me and hooks his index finger along the top of my underwear and begins pulling them down my legs. He leans forward and kisses my chest. He slides my underwear off. Tossing them aside, they disappear in the darkness of his room. He places his hand on my ankle, his fingers begin tracing up my calf to my inner thigh.My skin tingles in response. The stranger pulls me up and reaches one hand behind me, releasing the clasp of my bra and dropping it onto the floor beside the bed.

“That’s better.” He smiles down at my exposed body before pressing his lips to mine. He rubs his hand against my thigh. He spreads my legs apart and slides his hand between them. Slowly, gently, he begins rubbing me. I’m breathing grows quicker. He kisses my neck, following a path down to my breasts. His tongue traces around my nipple, it hardens in response. He continues to rub between my legs, his thumb teasing me before sliding his middle and ring finger inside of me. I moan louder, arching my back. My body is welcoming to this long lost feeling. He continues to tease me, I feel myself getting wetter as his fingers slide in and out of me.

I dig my nails into his back, he moans against my skin. He pulls his fingers out of me and rolls his body over mine, positioning himself between my legs. Instinctively I wrap them around him. He leans forward, grasping the pillows behind my head, he presses his lips against mine. He reaches into his nightstand drawer and pulls out a condom. I take the small square package from him and tear it open. I slide the lubricated rubber onto the tip of him and guide it down his shaft.

Nearly eight inches. He’s above average.

He adjusts himself between my legs and slides into me. He lets out a deep moan as he fills me. He begins thrusting slowly, I grind my hips against him and take in short, quick breaths.

More. My body begs.

“Faster.” I moan. The speed of his thrusts increase at my command. With each pump he moans louder. My breathing turning into moans to match his. He pushes into me harder and deeper. My nails clawing into his back, he bites his lip. Our sweaty bodies continue to move together, his skin slapping against mine.


I feel my legs begin to quiver. I drop my hands from his back and grasp the sheets underneath me. My body arches up to him as he continues to thrust. His muscular arm above me tenses as he holds tightly to the pillow behind me, the other hand caressing and kneading my breast. The pressure between my legs continues to build, my body preparing to climax.

“Fuck” I moan.

He breathes hard as I clench my legs tighter around him. I think he’s almost there. He plunges into me one, two, three more times. I feel my body release, shaking, and exploding around him. Two more thrusts and he finishes with me. My body trembles as he pulls out and rolls onto the bed beside me. We lay there, attempting to catch our breath. He leans over and kisses me softly before getting up from the bed and entering the bathroom. I wipe my sweaty hair away from my face and close my eyes. Exhaustion floods my body. I should go home. I shouldn’t stay the night…

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