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The Warrior and his mate - A short story

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Follow Aurora and Dominic on their journey to happily ever after, This is a Werewolf love story, between a Pack Warrior and an Outcast with a hidden past. I ran as fast as I could away from my now old pack. As I passed the boundary, I felt the bond snap. I didn’t have time to think about it, I ran for as long as I could until I collapsed. I had run for hours and hours, I couldn’t move anymore.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

I ran as fast as I could away from my now old pack; as I passed the boundary, I felt the bond snap. I didn’t have time to think about it, I ran for as long as I could until I collapsed. I had run for hours and hours, I couldn’t move anymore.

How long I had lain there I don’t know, it was now pitch black, only the half-moon lightening the immediate area. I saw a pair of feet at my head, looking up I saw a gentle looking old man. He knelt-down getting a better look at each other, he did not touch me.

He took me to a small crofter cottage; it was wind and water tight, but old. You could just make out where repairs had been made. Inside was an open plan living/dining room and kitchenette, an alcove for a small bed and a separate room with a small bathroom. It had electricity and running water. The old man offered me the accommodation to stay in for as long as I wanted, all I had to do was come twice a week to clean his apartment and cook meals to last a week.

Sounded like a fair deal, so I took it.


Moon Burn Pack

I look around the handful of people sitting around me. I have my mate and Luna Emma, Beta Pair, Nic and Jess, along with my head Warrior Dominic. Nic, Dominic and I have been friends since we were pups, we were all born within a few months of each other and been thick as thieves for 27 years. Both Nic and I took over from each of our parents, with Dominic working through the ranks, surpassing his father, making head warrior at 23, one of the youngest to reach that high a standing. However he was the only one of our group yet to find his mate.

“Well, I have some interesting news,” I tell my group of family, smiling at them.

“Well Alpha, don’t keep us hanging,” Nic pipes up.

“Yes Blake,” my Luna smiles back at me, “tell us what the solicitor wanted.”

“Our old neighbour, Sir Albert, died a couple of weeks ago,” I began. “As you know he kept to himself and didn’t cause us issues, was very friendly the handful of times we met. Well, the solicitor advised me that he has left his whole estate to Moon Burn Pack. It is 150 acres, includes a rundown mansion sized house and large natural-spring lake.”

“Oh man, that’s sad he died. I have said it before, but I honestly think he knew what we were. It’s kind of him to leave us his estate,” Dominic shares.

“Yes, it is very generous,” I agree. “We can build new housing for our expanding pack, plus I have a few business ideas for around the lake to bring money into the pack. Maybe holiday cottages for other wolf packs, we’ll see. Will have to look at the logistics.” I finish.

“When can we start to survey the area,” my beta asks.

“The land is already ours; I signed the paperwork this morning. Anything that was to go to other people, charities, etc was already dealt with. The only other stipulation was that there is a tenant in a cottage on the south boundary, opposite end from ours. There was no tenancy, however in his will Sir Albert said that the tenant had a lifelong, rent free lease and expressed that this must be kept in place, only the tenant can choose to terminate. I have no problem with that. It’s likely an old lady or groundsman he wanted to make sure has no worries in their later life.”

It is agreed that my Luna and I, along with my Beta Nic will visit the cottage tomorrow, just to meet the person living there and if they need anything, it’s the least I can do for Sir Albert.


After breakfast, the three of us head to the cottage, while Dominic is training my warriors and adolescent pups. I park up along the lane, near the cottage. There is a small walled garden with flower pots dotted about the place. Knocking on the door, there is no answer.

We head back to the SUV to wait and see if the tenant returns soon. After about 40 minutes, I see a small woman in black and pink running gear, listening to music, jogging towards the cottage. Could this be her, it’s not someone old, but a young woman, maybe about 18. Meeting Nic’s eyes, he looked as surprised as me.

“Maybe it’s a granddaughter,” he shrugs.

The girl unlocks and heads into the cottage. “Well let’s find out,” I state as I exit the vehicle and head over.

Emma takes my arm, looking at Nic and I. “Let me hun, it’s a young girl. She might get scared by two heavily muscled guys knocking at her door,” she smirks.

Nodding my head, I let my Luna take the lead. We stay back from the garden, looking over the woods around us. This is going to be a lovely area in which to expand.

Emma walks up to the door and knocks. The girl opens the door ajar, eyes wide. I can hear Emma telling her that we are her new landlord and not to worry, if she needs anything to let her know. Emma points over to me, she looks up eyes wide looking petrified. She then slams the door closed. Emma turns back to me shrugging her shoulders. Coming over to us she tells us the girl didn’t say anything and freaked when she pointed at me.

Just then I see the front door open and a quick flash of black and pink as the girl takes off. The wind changes and we get a whiff of her scent. “She’s a wolf,” I growl as we begin to run after her, she’s heading towards my pack.

I link Dominic telling him and his elites to head towards the south border, hopefully to cut her off as the three of us spread out, making sure she only has one way to go. Dominic links back that they are on their way.

I’ll give it to the little wolf, she’s fast. But she doesn’t realise we have her cornered.

“Remember Blake, this is a young she-wolf,” Emma begins. “Let’s hear her out. We know she’s been living here for five years and she’s not done anything to the pack. She doesn’t smell of rouge either,” my mate links me to keep me calm. I wouldn’t hurt a she-wolf unless she was a risk to my pack, rouges are a different story, but like my mate says, she doesn’t smell of rouge.

We come to the area that we have penned her into. It’s an old ruined gatehouse, which is tucked away into a coved area, with a cliff on one side. She’s cornered, with nowhere to go. She’s panting and crying, holding her hands out. Petrified.

“I’m not a rouge, I’m not a rouge,” she keeps shouting between breaths and wails. She looks miserable and is swaying, looking over at us all. “I’m not a rouge, please I mean no harm,” she cries out.

Emma steps forward “It’s ok sweetheart, we just want to talk to you. What’s your name?” she asks.

The girl is frantic, “I’m not a rouge,” she keeps saying, getting quieter, still holding her hands out, palms outward trying to stop anyone from moving nearer.

“Alpha,” Dominic links me. “This girl, she must be at least 21,” he tells me. I can feel a variety of emotions from my warrior.

“How can you tell?” I ask back, while keeping an eye on my mate.

“She’s my mate Alpha,” he informs me. “Let me try?” he asks. I link him and Emma and watch as she steps back a few steps.

The girl is looking all about her, still whispering about not being a rouge. What has happened to this poor she-wolf!

I watch as my warrior, who has shifted back and wearing a pair of shorts steps forward towards her. He growls and his Elites move back.

The girls eye snap towards Dominic as he gets closer, “Mate,” I hear her whisper.

He puts his hand out towards her, “Mate,” he agrees, giving her a smile. “Can I come closer, I want to make sure you are not hurt. You will be safe with me. My Alpha will not hurt you,” he explains.

“I’m not a rouge,” she cries. Dominic nods his head.

“I know, can I come closer?” He edges closer and takes her hand. She looks down surprised. I assume they must be feeling the mate sparks we feel when we touch our mates.

“What’s your name sweet-pea? I’m Dominic,” as he edges closer.

“I-I-I’m Rory,” she whispers. Dominic is now standing beside her, holding both her hands. She’s tiny compared to him. She suddenly realises how close he is to her and panics, trying to pull away. “I’m not a rouge, I’m not a…..” she starts shouting and pulling. Dominic takes her into his arms, embracing her against his body. All flight leaves her body as she slumps.

“Alpha,” Dominic calls out. “She needs the pack doctor, she’s unconscious,” he links me. I can hear a little panic in his voice.

It was decided that it would be best to return her to her cottage, where Dominic, Emma and myself would meet the pack doctor. When she wakes up, it might keep her calm, rather than waking in a strange room or hospital bed.

We don’t have long to wait; the doctor arrives minutes after us. Giving her some privacy, Dominic and I stay outside, though I can tell he’s struggling.

“Don’t worry Dominic, we’ll get to the bottom of this and get her any help she needs. It looks like she’s been through some tough shit,” I tell him, not really knowing if I’m helping. “She’s part of this pack now,” I pat my friend’s shoulder.

Emma comes out followed by the doctor. “I’ve given her a shot to settle her, she’ll sleep for a while. Generally she’s fine, a bit on the small side, but nothing a few good meals and love of a mate won’t fix. Until she wakes, we aren’t going to be able to do much, but her mate close by will comfort her. You will be the one she opens up to and of course our Luna, our nurturer. Be gentle with her. I suggest once she recognises Dominic as her mate, she moves into the main pack estate, it will make it easier for her and me if she needs check-ups and what not. He shakes all our hands and leaves to go back to the packhouse.

Walking back inside, the three of us look around the small cottage, hardly allowing us room to move. Emma has had a look around while Dominic checks on Rory. “She makes jewellery, as you can see,” she explains, pointing at a dining table with an array of tools, stones, beads and crystals. She has a mobile, but only two numbers on it. One for Sir Albert and another for the post office.

What or who is this young woman hiding from? She lives a hidden life in the middle of nowhere, three miles away from the nearest village post office and shop. No family or friends. My heart goes out to her. As Dominic says, she must be at least 21 as she’s his mate, but she looks younger than that.

She has lived here for five years, the paperwork the solicitor passed on told us that, which means she would have went through her first shift between the ages of 16 to 18. That must have been so scary for her. Emma checked and there was no ID in her purse, just a small amount of cash. Her fridge and freezer had a reasonable amount of food, but there was nothing here to help us know more about Rory. We would have to wait till she woke up.

I decided that Emma and Dominic would stay behind, with two of the Elites to stay outside. I left the SUV here for my mate and warrior, the rest of the group heading back with me to the main packhouse.

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