The Warrior and his mate - A short story

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Chapter 2

I watched as my beautiful mate slept, wondering what she has been through to act like she did. Yes packs abhorred rouges, the ones what would hurt and wreak havoc, but most were lone wolves who didn’t cause much issue, apart from stealing food, usually during winter months. One of the things that our pack run was a what the humans referred to as a soup kitchen. Lone wolves could come by the outskirts of our boundary, get some food, clothes and medicines. The doc had even helped deliver pups.

My mate was adamant that she was not a rouge, I wonder if her pack was less patient or had maybe had big issues with them. Either way, I could tell she wasn’t a rouge, she didn’t smell like them. However, she didn’t have the usual personality of a lone wolf either, hopefully she would open up to me so that I could help.

Emma had looked through her online jewellery page, showing me some of my mate’s pieces. They were amazing, she was very talented. It turns out that Emma actually had some bits, gifted by friends. This made me and my wolf proud.

I heard groaning, coming from the bed. I walked over and sat on the edge of the bed as she began to sit up. “Take it easy sweet-pea, you’ve had an overwhelming morning,” I say, trying to speak low and gentle.

“What happened?” she asks, her voice husky from sleep, my body reacting to it.

I pass her a glass of water and explain what happened and that she collapsed after having a panic attack. Her eyes are wide and she slowly pulls herself into the corner.

“You are safe sweet-pea, we are not going to hurt you. I would like to introduce my Luna. Her name is Emma and we want to help you,” I softly explain.

Emma comes over smiling, but doesn’t get too close. “How are you feeling now Rory?”

“Erm, my head feels like cotton wool, I remember what happened, but it feels like it wasn’t me, like I was watching outside of my body,” she mumbles.

“I’m sorry if we scared you, that wasn’t our intention. We really were just here to introduce ourselves.”

My mate looks like she’s thinking about something, she goes to speak then stops.

“It’s ok, you can tell us anything,” I encourage her.

“Well, er. It’s just my old, er well where I came from they didn’t tolerate wolves that weren’t in a pack,” she explains, sinking down a little more into the corner.

My heart breaks for her what kind of pack did she belong. “Do you want to tell me what pack you were born into?” She shakes her head vigorously.

“That’s ok, hopefully once we get to know each other better….” I begin.

“You’re my mate,” she suddenly interrupts. I nod my head. “I didn’t think I would get one,” she whispers quietly I only just hear it. My eyes widened and I looked over to my Luna, she was also surprised.

“Why would you think that?” I ask surprised.

She shrugged her shoulders, “Just didn’t think I deserved one.”

I could actually feel a lump in my throat. “I know we have just met and not in the best of circumstances, but getting ones mate is a gift from the Goddess. I for one am happy to have finally found you, and you will be treated like a princess.”

I see tears fall down her cheeks, I move to hold her. She seems to hesitate for a moment, then crawls over too me, allowing me to enclose her into my arms. My wolf is howling in my mind, happy that we are so close to our mate.

“I am happy to have found you too,” I hear her whisper into my chest. My heart explodes with love. I feel that we have gotten over the first hurdle. I am aware that Emma has left us alone. I am hoping that since I am gaining her trust, she’ll maybe answer a few questions.

“You told me your name was Rory, is that short for anything? How old are you sweet-pea?” I hold my breath.

“I’m 21. My name is Aurora.”

“Aurora, what a beautiful name. You might remember that my name is Dominic. I’m the head warrior of the Moon Burn Pack and am 27 years old,” I share.

Aurora giggles. “What?” I ask her.

“You’re old,” she giggles again. I tickle her waist, making her squirm. Before I realise, I am hovering over her looking deep into her beautiful brown eyes. Her eye’s flick down to my lips, as she wets her own.

“Can I kiss you?” I breath out. She nods her head slightly. That’s all I need as I dip down catching her lips with mine. They are so soft. I don’t try to deepen it, I just savour the feeling. Our bond strengthening by a simple act.

I pull away, opening my eyes, watching her. Her eyes are still closed, a gentle smile on her face. Her cheeks are slightly pink. “That was my first kiss,” she whispers her blush turning a deeper pink as she looks at me.

“One of many,” I promise.

I notice that it’s getting late, it’s nearly time for our evening meal. “I would really like it if you would come back with me to the territory, so I can introduce you. You can stay with me, umm the spare room, erm or the pack house, until um….” I stutter.

She giggles as I stutter. “I don’t really do crowds, but I would like to come with you.”

Giving her a big smile, I help her up off the bed. “I’ll order our food to my house, we can eat there. Luna agrees it might be better waiting a few days before you start meeting the pack. We want to make sure you adjust to us when you are ready.”

“When will you bring me back?” I turn around quickly, I must have a brooding look as she takes a couple of steps back. “I mean, umm, I need all my stuff but it will take time to pack it up. I can bring some clothes for a few days if that is ok?” she’s playing with her hands, looking down. She’s obviously scared and nervous.

“Oh, right sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you, I thought for a minute… oh never mind. Yeah, bring some clothes and what you need for a few days, we can make arrangements to pack up your stuff and move it when you’re ready and better settled,” I explain.

I watch as my mate collects what she needs and puts it into a battered looking holdall. Making our way to the vehicle, I can seen Luna sitting in the back seat waiting on us. The two Elites are sitting in the front. I make sure Aurora is secure before we head off.


I open the door gesturing for her to enter. She walks in looking around. Most of the homes in the pack are log cabin designed. I have a large vestibule when entering, with hooks and shelves for coats and shoes, which leads into the open plan living room, dining area and kitchen with all the mod-cons and large hidden pantry room. The main living area has high ceiling with exposed beams of skylight windows. There are patio doors leading to the garden area, with access to a large shower room. Always needed after training or a run in the rain and mud.

Overlooking the living space, is a mezzanine landing, running around the second floor. Access is from one of two staircases, at either end of the cabin. It gives access to four en-suite bedrooms and an office/library space.

I show Aurora where everything is downstairs, then head to the master bedroom, which is at the far end, overlooking the rear garden. Accessing it from the second staircase, I open the door for her to follow me. It is a large room, decorated in warm woodland tones or brown and mint green. I have a large super-king-sized bed, two walk in wardrobes and an en-suite with duel sinks, large shower cubicle and bath. There are doors which open to a balcony, big enough for a small table and chairs.

“Your home is beautiful,” Aurora shares, looking around.

“It’s your home now too sweet-pea,” I tell her, taking her hands in mine, making her look at me. She is so much smaller that my six foot four height, maybe five foot two if she’s lucky.

“You can stay in the room next to mine,” I share leading her to the room. It is not as big as mine and only has basic furniture but I hope that she’ll not be in here too long. I notice she looks a little slumped, she must be tired.

“Come on lets get you something to eat. You must be starving,” leading her back to the kitchen area.

While eating our food, I try to get a little more out of her, but all she has been willing to share is that both per parents are dead. Her dad died in a fight for their pack, which she still wouldn’t share the name of and her mum passed away in a car accident.

“My parents are retired, but they still live in the pack. They will be so excited to meet you when I tell them I have found my mate. So will my three sisters,” I explain.

I am the youngest of four, my sisters are all mated and have young families, only one is still in the pack. The others moved away with their mates. “My mum will love having another daughter to spoil,” I gush.

I hear a sob and turn to look at Aurora, who is crying again. “Goddess, I am so sorry, I wasn’t thinking about what I was saying. I am such an arse…..”

“No, no it’s fine Dominic. It’s just nice to feel accepted and well, I can’t remember the last time I felt included, wanted, um to be part of a family again,” she cried.

I held my mate in my arms, rubbing her back. What the fuck actually happened to her. I really hope she becomes comfortable enough to share.

After eating, we sit in front of the TV cuddled up watching some random action film that happened to be on. I can feel my wolf purring internally, enjoying the feel of our mate snuggled up to us. After a while I feel her breathing shallow. She has fallen asleep. I gently pick her up taking her to her bedroom. How I wish I could keep her in my arms.

I place her down and cover her up. She’s wearing shorts and vest-top she changed into earlier, so she’ll be comfortable. “Sweet dreams sweet-pea,” I whisper, kissing her forehead. I leave the room, leaving the door slightly ajar in case she calls out.

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