The Warrior and his mate - A short story

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Chapter 3

I woke with a start, having that horrible dream again, the day my brother Jason with the support of Alpha Ross and Beta Drew, banished me from the Dark Moon Pack. I know he didn’t have the best upbringing, loosing his birth mum at eight. Then my mum came along as his dad’s second change mate, me joining the family a year later. As there was a big age different, I didn’t see him much, he had moved to the packhouse at 16, but he was always snippy with mum and ignored me mostly.

Our dad died when I was 14, in a scuffle with a large pack of rouges. Jason took over the Gamma position at age 22. I started noticing that he was rude to mum when they came into contact, which wasn’t often. Not long before mum’s accident, he was really nasty to her. One evening after a pack gathering, he made a point to make a big deal about his dad being better off in the spirt life with his first true mate. I remember mum crying and him grinning. As a 15 year old girl, I didn’t know what to do, but I yelled at him calling him bitter and a disappointment. He was nothing but a cruel boy no better than pulling wings off a fly. After that day I didn’t see him much, he kept away from us.

A couple of months later, mum had her car accident. A drunk driver crashed her off the road on her way back from town. Both died in the accident. I was a ward of the pack. My best fiend’s mum looked after me until I turned 16. The day my life was turned upside down.

I was summoned to the Alpha’s office, were the Alpha, Beta and Jason were, all grinning at me. I was told that as I was 16 I was now an adult in the eyes of pack law, they did not recognise my mother as a mate to my dad, I was considered an illegitimate pup and was banished from the pack due to having no other family connection.

I was ordered to leave the pack immediately and that if I was found in pack grounds after half an hour, I would be caught and trialled as a rouge wolf. My brother had a wicked grin on his face as the Alpha ordered me out his office, escorted by six guards. I didn’t have time to collect any belonging and say goodbye. I just had to run. Run far away as I could. Until I collapsed from exhaustion.

Sir Albert, or Bert as I called him knew what I was. Overtime he shared his story of how he knew I was a werewolf. It turns out as a young man he was the mate of a she-wolf. Due to it being the 1940’s and medical practises weren’t what they are now, she died during childbirth. He never loved another again. The reason I didn’t fall into my own black hole, we both guessed, was that the two of us created our own connection to each other. He was like the grandfather I never had and to him, his granddaughter. Without fail, every other day I would go and see him. Clean up the two areas he used within the rundown home and meal prep for the week.

He always supported me and helped me set up my own business and gain access to a trust fund my mum has set up, in her own name. Jason wouldn’t have known about it. Bert was always there for me, including my first shift. He had seen it happen in his wife’s pack and I blessed the Goddess that someone was there for me. It had been scary and just knowing he was there to reassured me was amazing. I drew a picture of my wolf for him, which he had in a frame proudly by his drawing room chair. I took it back, the day I found him passed away, quietly in his sleep. I knew who to contact when the time came, he had discussed everything with me in the weeks before, telling my his Dotty was waiting for him.

I needed a cold drink, thinking about all this was making me anxious. I padded down to the kitchen, pouring a small apple juice. Once finished I headed back to bed, stopping outside Dominic’s room. His door it open, enough for me to peak in. He was lying on his back, one hand up by his head, the other under the covers. I looked back at my room, shuddering at the dream. My wolf and I wanted our mate, I know he gave us our own room as to not overwhelm us, but I needed his comfort.

I slowly make my way over to the bed. I gingerly side in pulling the covers over me. I roll onto my side, facing away from Dominic. Just as I relax, I feel him shift nearer his arm coming round my waist pulling me against his hard chest. “Go back to sleep sweet-pea,” he mumbles, nuzzling his nose into my neck. I can’t help but smile contentedly as my eyes droop, his touch relaxing my body into sleep.

I woke in the morning to a warm embrace. Something was tickling my face. I rubbed my cheek to get rid of it, before opening my eyes when I heard a low rumble laugh. I was facing into Dominic’s broad chest. It had been his light covering of hair that has been tickling me.

Looking up into his bright blue eyes, I smiled at him. “Good morning,” I tell him, feeling a blush.

“I can’t tell you how great it feels waking up with you in my arms Aurora,” he tells me. He leans down, kissing me on the forehead.

“I had a bad dream and I couldn’t go back into the room,” I explain.

“No need to explain sweet-pea, I would have had you in my bed from the get-go, but didn’t know how you felt about it, so wanted to, er give you space.” His own cheeks going pink. I leaned up and kissed his lips. I felt a wave of pleasure rush through me, causing me to moan.

Breaking the kiss panting, my body pulsed with need. “Aurora tell me stop and I will,” Dominic growls out, giving me time to pull away.

“I’m enjoying your kisses Dominic, but I-I’,m not ready for mating yet,” I whisper out.

“Do you trust me? I know it’s only been a day, but do you trust me to pleasure you, kiss you, worship you? We won’t make love or mate, but let me show you love in other ways.” He trails kisses over my jaw and neck.

“Yes,” I breath out, closing my eyes.

He lifts my vest top off and I feel over exposed. “Don’t hide your beautiful body mate,” he tells me, gently moving my hands away, kissing down towards my breasts. His hot mouth envelopes the soft bud, sucking and flicking his tongue over it, causing it to harden and pucker. He does the same to the other breast, as I feel heat and wetness in my panties.

“You smell so good Aurora,” he tells me as he comes back to kissing my lips, running his along tongue along my bottom lip. I open my mouth, deepening the kiss. Our tongues dancing together gently. I groan as he breaks away, watching why he stopped.

“I’m going to take your shorts off, but leave you panties on sweet-pea,” he explains, coming back to kiss me. His hand travels to one of my breasts, his fingers playing with the puckered flesh. I feel his hand travel south, skirting round my ribs and waist.

“Do you wish for me to go on Aurora?” I hear him ask. I can’t help but answer with a breathy moan.

His hand continues down into my panties. I feel one of his rough fingers gently part my wet folds. He begins to circle his finger around my opening, but not dipping in, then moving his finger up slightly near the top of my lips. I have no idea what he’s doing, but it feels amazing. I can’t help but spread my leg wider.

He continues to follow the same pattern, and I can’t help but move my hips along with his fingers. His mouth is on my breasts, sucking, nibbling and flicking at them. I begin to feel a knot deep in my core, I’ve never felt this before. Whatever it is, feels like it’s building and building. I can help put grip the bed sheet in one hand and gently tug his hair at the nape of his neck while he’s worshipping my breasts.

“Dominic, what’s happening,” I moan out, the feeling spreading over my body.

“Relax Sweet-pea, just let it happen. Don’t fight it.”

As he joined our lips together, giving one last caress with his fingers over my wet centre, I fell. I fell off the precipice blinded by a bright light behind my lids. My whole body uncoiled at once, shuddering in his arms. I was aware of high-pitched noise, which I realised was me crying out in ecstasy, calling out my mate’s name.

He held me in his arms I came down from what ever happened to me. It took me some minutes to get my breathing under control. Looking up into eyes, I could see the love already there. I hope he could say the same about mine. I could feel our mate bond strengthen, yet I was confused. What exactly was that I experienced?

I knew little about the intimacy of mating wolves, my mother always said that I would be told more when I was 16 and when I found my mate. Obviously, that didn’t happen. I knew mating happened, it involved our private parts and it involved marking, biting one’s mate, but I had no idea about what Dominic made me do.

As I lay against Dominic enjoying him stroking my hair, I know I needed to speak to him about what happened. “Dominic?”

“Hmm sweet-pea, are you ok?”

“Um, yeah better than alright,” I pause. “What did you do? I mean what happened to me just now?”

I felt him shift from under me, so that he could look at me. He had a conflicted look on his face. “You don’t know what I did?” I shook my head no, feeling my cheeks burn. “Goddess, Aurora I’m so sorry, I thought, I though you knew…..”

“You didn’t do anything wrong Dominic,” I interrupt. “I enjoyed it. A lot.” I add.

“Fuck! Well, I made you cum.” The look I gave must have shown I didn’t understand. “You had an orgasm,” he coughs out.

“When mates are intimate, and certain areas are aroused through touch, then it can cause the person to have an orgasm. I used my fingers on your clitoris to stimulate it, along with the kisses and well, I made you orgasm or cum as some people like to call it.” There is silence as I reconcile the information.

“I really enjoyed it, does that happen all the time? I want more.”

“Fuck baby,” he groaned. “I’ll give you as many as you want, it stokes a wolf’s ego and that of any man knowing he’s pleasured his woman. It’s the ultimate goal. What we done is considered foreplay, the real fun happens when we have sex, mate, make love. The male’s orgasm is messy though and well, erm, we’ll have to decide if you want to go on birth control or not as there is a high risk of pregnancy,” he continues. “I think my sister or Luna Emma would be better to speak more to about this.” I can see his cheeks are pink, having to talk about this kind of thing.

I lean up and kiss his cheek. “Thank you, Dominic, I hope we have many more experiences like this.”

“Oh baby, we will have too many to count,” he growls.

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