The Warrior and his mate - A short story

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Chapter 4

I have linked my mother and father, telling them to come over for lunch. I can’t wait to see their faces when I introduce Aurora. She has gone out with Luna Emma for some shopping, as she didn’t own a lot of clothes and well I want to give my mate anything.

I discreetly let the Luna know about Aurora’s lack of mating knowledge, so hopefully she can discuss this with her and arrange anything that might be needed by the doctor. Although I would start a family right away, I’m in my late twenty’s after all, but I understand Aurora might not be.

I’ve arranged a lovely lunch from the pack kitchen, that we can sit outside and enjoy it. I have some evaluations to finish before then. Looking up at the clock, it’s just after 12noon, when I hear laughing. I can smell Aurora when she walks into the house.

“Thank you Luna for today, I really appreciate all your help.” I can just make out Emma’s acknowledgement, before Aurora says goodbye and closes to the door. I meet her at the foot of the stairs, taking all the shopping bags off her. She looks so much better than yesterday, her overall demeaner is more relaxed and her expressions open.

“You’ve had a successful shopping trip I see,” smiling at her as she blushes. I place the bags at the foot of the bed, recognising a few of the names on the bags, including a large lingerie store bag. I go to peak inside “oh, what’s in his one?”

Aurora moves fast, yanking the bag away. “Not that one Dominic, that’s private things,” she blushes.

“Oh baby, there will be nothing of yours that will be private,” winking at her, causing her to blush darker.

“Get back to work Dominic, I’m going to shower and get ready to meet your parents,” as she shoos me out of my, I mean our room.

I finish up and head to the bedroom to change. When I enter, I stop in my tracks. Aurora is standing in a lovely above the knee corn blue skater dress with a half sleeve and square neckline. Her long chocolate brown hair, which falls straight down her back is just above her waist, with the sides pinned back off her face. She has put a little make-up on, just highlighting her natural features.

I am aware my mouth is open and close it with a click. “You look beautiful Aurora,” I tell her, making her turn round, giving me a megawatt smile, brightening her brown eyes. I notice she doesn’t wear any jewellery. “Do you not wear any of your own jewellery?”

“I have some pieces I have kept, but haven't unpacked everything yet," she explains.

“Wait a sec,” I tell her, striding to my wardrobe. When my grandma passed away, she gave each of us something special. In my case to pass on to my mate. I opened the drawer with the velvet box and brought it over to Aurora. “This is for you sweet-pea. It was my grandma’s and I wish for you to have it.”

She slowly opens the box and gasps. It was a sapphire, diamond and moonstone necklace with matching bracelet and small drop earrings. The necklace comprised a large teardrop blue sapphire in the middle, with four each of diamond and moonstones leading outward on the left and right of the centre stone. The bracelet was a repeating pattern of the colours, blue sapphire, diamond then moonstone and the drop earrings having the diamond at the top, followed by moonstone, then a teardrop blue sapphire.

I took the necklace out the box and swept her hair to the side and fastened the clasp at the back as I kissed her neck. I brought her over to the mirror, meeting our eyes. “Beautiful,” I told her simply.

“Dominic, no one has ever given me something so exquisite, are you sure you want me to wear it.”

Turning her, looking into her eyes. “I love you Aurora. I know it’s only been a day, but you are my mate, my whole world. I will give you anything I can, and this sweet-pea is meant for you.”

She leans up on her tiptoes, giving me a fleeting kiss on the lips, smiling at me. “I am falling in love with you too Dominic,” she shares. My wolf and I pause as I feel the love flow over us from the bond.

“Right missy,” I tell her popping her behind with my hand, “let me get changed as my parents will be hear soon.”

I get myself refreshed and changed into smart trousers and a button-up casual shirt. Picking a similar blue colour to Aurora. Cheesy I know, but who cares.

Everything is set up outside, thankfully it’s a warm day. Aurora is sitting outside on the decked area as I greet my parents. We had agreed to doing it this way as a surprise, since my parents have been waiting longer than usual for me to meet my mate.

“What’s with the lunch today Son?” my mother asks hugging me.

“I just thought it would be nice to catch up as we haven’t seen each other for a couple of weeks and you’re always hounding me.” She gives a laugh. I give my father a quick hug too, asking him how’s things. Straight away he picks up on a new scent, catching my eye. I give him a wink, watching him smirk.

“Come dear, let’s get seated outside,” directing my mum forward.

I step out first, seeing Aurora standing by the table. I hear mum gasp. “Mum, Dad I would like you to meet my mate, Aurora. Aurora, my parents Jim and Susan.”

Suddenly my mum squeals like a little girl. “Oh my Goddess, can you believe it Jim, our little Dodo has found his mate. Aren’t you a beauty, come here let me see you. Oh my Goddess Jim, just look at her,” my mum continues not letting anyone else get a say. She launches at Aurora, taking her into a motherly hug.

After many hugs and pats on the back, we sit down to our meal, where mum has many questions. My dad picks up on my looks and pats mums hand. “Now dear, we’ll find everything out about Aurora in due course, let’s not overwhelm the poor girl.”

I’ve not seen mum this happy since my sisters mated and the grand-pups came out.

We explain a little about how we met and that Aurora’s parents are no longer with us. I knew there was more to her story, but until she was ready to tell me, there wasn’t much to say. We had already made so much progress. It might seem fast but wolves’ relationships do move quicker than humans, our mate bond helping things along. After lunch, my parents head away with promises to have us over for evening meal.


That night as Aurora and I cuddle in on the sofa, we discuss and agree about her meeting the pack over the coming days. She needs to become a member of the pack, which can be done privately or a gathering, with Aurora preferring a private commitment proceeding, with the Alpha, Luna, Beta pair and ourselves. This will be done tomorrow as no arrangements are required for a party.

I awake from my sleep to Aurora whimpering and flinching in her sleep. “Jason, no,” she cries. “Why?”

I gently shake my mate awake; she has tears streaming down her eyes. “What’s wrong sweet-pea?” There is only the noise of her panting from crying. “You don’t have to tell me.”

“If I can’t share this with my mate, who can I. You have a right to know where I come from and how I got here,” she sighs. She leans over and puts the lamp on. “Please don’t let what I tell you change the way you feel about me. I, I just don’t think my heart could take it.”

I feel my own heart squeeze. What is she going to tell me, she is so young and naïve. Did someone hurt my mate. I can feel my wolf surge ready to extract revenge.

She took a deep breath and explained everything; from her parents being second chance mates, her dick of a brother, losing her parents and lastly the ultimate betrayal of the dick-head brother and his Alpha and Beta.

I get out of bed and am pacing back and forth, my wolf wanting to burst free to hurt those that hurt our mate. I must be emanating a lot of warrior aura as I notice my mate curling up right into the headboard of the bed.

I stop pacing and reach over for her. “Aurora, I am not angry or upset with you my love. My wolf and I are finding it difficult to understand your brother’s behaviour and that of your previous Alpha and Beta. I know under our pack law, this would not have been permitted,” I rush out.

“Fuck!” I shout, jumping up, “I want to go there and, and beat the living shit out of them.” I sit back down on the bed.

Aurora straddles my lap, taking my head in her hands, making me look at her. “I feel so much weight lifted off my shoulders, sharing my story with you. Please do not put yourself or our pack in danger over someone that is insignificant. That part of my life is over, I see that now. We will make our own memories.”

She kisses me, embracing me into her arms. Goddess I am lucky to have this amazing strong woman by my side. I have never been so happy.

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