The Warrior and his mate - A short story

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Chapter 5

The next day Dominic took me for a walk around the pack, meeting some of the pack members. Including watching him during training and sparing. After that we went to the Alpha’s office for my pack joining, which didn’t take long. A prick to my finger, a few words promising to uphold pack law and do my best for all of the pack and that was it.

We stopped by Dominic sister’s home to meet her and her family. She was delighted to know Dodo, as the ladies in his family liked to call him, causing me a giggle each time I heard it, had at long last found his mate, meaning more babies.

Walking back to our home, I was lost in thought about how to ask Dominic about starting a family. I knew with him being older he might want to start right away, but I wasn’t sure I was ready. I was only 21, however as wolves our family dynamic, pack living was different. At 21 I wasn’t thought as too young.

We had already agreed I would continue to make jewellery, with many of the pack interested in getting something made. Dominic’s sister ran a clothing store within pack grounds, they had their own town square and was happy to help me venture out to further my online presence and also stock items in her store. I knew it would become successful and provide for us, not that we needed the money, but I enjoyed the craft.

“I can hear the cogs turning sweet-pea, what are you thinking about?”

“Do you want pups,” I quickly shout out.

We came to a stop, Dominic turning to look at me. “Yes I want children Aurora, but only when you are ready. We have plenty time for pups,” he smiled at me. “Do you?”

I smiled up at him, “I do, put I don’t know if I’m ready for them yet.” He leaned down kissing my forehead.

“All in good time sweet-pea,” he shared thought the link, walking us back home.


A whole month I had been in the pack, everything from the old cottage had been packed up and brought here. Dominic’s office had been large enough to install a work bench for my craft, as well as lots of storage for my bits and bobs.

We got into a routine, always having breakfast together. I enjoyed running and found I enjoyed kick boxing too, so together we would go out running and he would train and spar with me.

Everything was going great, but one thing was causing a bump in the road. Dominic and I were still to mark and mate. I was ready, he always held back. We did other things to pleasure each other, but when it came to mating, he would pull back. I was starting to get frustrated.

I met up with Jem, Dominic’s sister, who was only a couple of years older than me. Although she didn’t want to hear about her brother being intimate, she was able to share some ideas and left it at that, making me giggle.

Tonight was the night! Dominic had a meeting with the Alpha and Beta about the new patrols around our extended border. Luna Emma would link me when the men had finished and Dominic was on the way home. The men had eaten at the packhouse. I made sure to have something filling, I was going to need all my energy.

I had taken a trip to the salon that morning for my bikini wax; not taking it all away, I liked a landing strip! My brows were shaped, a nice facial and nails polished. We had decided to wait for pups, let me be fully settled in the pack, so I had gone to the pack clinic and got a birth control shot. I had a quick shower, fluffed my hair up and put on my piece-de-resistance.

Dominic’s favourite colour was blue. I had picked out a negligee, that had fitted lace cups, emphasising my decent sized breasts. The scalloped hem brushed to the curve of my bottom, with a matching pair of blue lacy Brazilian knickers. I had made sure our bedroom smelt and looked amazing, using some scented oils and placing fairy lights, giving the room a romantic glow.

I heard the door close and Dominic shout out to me. “Up here,” I shouted back. I could hear his steps getting closer. I placed myself standing at the side of the bed, where he would see me as soon as he entered. His reaction didn’t disappoint. His eyes opened wide, pupils dilating instantly. His mouth was hanging open and I heard a low grow from deep in his chest.

“Fuck Aurora, I, I mean, fuck!” he stammered as he came striding towards me, pulling me against his strong body, kissing me like there is no tomorrow. I slowly unbuttoned his shirt as he kisses and smells over my jaw and neck. “You smell so sweet baby,” he murmured in my ear, his breath caressing over my hot skin.

I remove his shirt and undo his belt and trousers, allowing him to step out. I bite my lip as I look down seeing his arousal through his boxer briefs. He tugs them off, leaving him in his naked glory. I feel my core pulse with need, knowing my panties are already wet.

He turns me and pulls my back against his chest; lowering the straps of my negligee, kissing and nipping at my neck, his hands caressing over my breasts. He kisses down my spine, kneeling down to pull down my panties, taking a gentle bite of my butt cheek. As I step out, I look over my shoulder, watching him stand smelling my panties.

He takes my hand leading me to the bed. “Are you sure Aurora?” he asks me through the link.

I nod, whispering “yes.” I can’t wait to have our own mate link, which will be more intimate than the pack one we have currently.

He pulls off the rest of my barely there outfit, arching my back as he takes one of my needy pebbled nibbles into his mouth, teasing it before moving onto the next one.

Like our first intimate experience, Dominic brings me to orgasm, using his fingers on my clit and around my entrance, this time dipping two, then three fingers into my wet pussy getting me ready to take him. He’s a big guy and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about it.

“So wet and a tight for me Aroura,” he ground out, kissing me deeply, our tongues dancing together.

He positioned himself over me, rubbing the tip of his cock in between my wet folds, covering his cock in my essence. He begins to enter me slowly, our eyes never leaving each other’s.

I can feel the stretch of his cock entering me. He gently rocks his hips, inching slowly forward. It’s a bit uncomfortable, but nice at the same time.

“This is the bit that might string, sweet-pea,” he whispers, his breath fanning my face. I bring my hands to his face pulling him down for a kiss. Looking back into my eyes, he thrusts forwards, making me let out a squeaking moan as the initial burning sting of my innocence breaking passes and the amazing feeling of his cock buried deep in my core floods over me.

“Are to ok baby,” he asks me as he cradles my head in his arms, his weight on his forearms.

“Yes Dominic,” I moan out, giving him the go ahead to move.

He begins to slowly and deeply thrusts into me, I had never felt pleasure such as this. I brought my pelvis up to meet his, feeling his balls slap under my opening. He would almost bring his cock out, before every glorious inch sheathed itself back in, so deep he reached the top of my core.

Our room was filled with pants, moaning and calling each other’s names. Dominic began to tease my breasts, learning early on it turned us both on more. His mouth was on one breast, his hand caressing the other. I could feel my wetness seep out around our joining, making Dominic’s thrusts smooth and coating his balls and my underside,

“Aurora, you are so wet sweet-pea. You feel amazing,” Dominic grits out between sucking and flicking my hardened nipples. We adjust position slightly; Dominic places a pillow under my hips tilting me up, as I bring my legs around his waist, while he is on his knees. This angle makes his penetration so much deeper, I feel my eyes roll back.

“Fuck, baby your pussy grips me so tight, so wet for me,” he growls to the room. His thrusts become quicker, as I feel his thick fingers circling round my clit. Balancing on one arm, he leans down giving my breasts attention once more. I feel the familiar build deep in my core, but more intensive than any previous intimacy we’ve had.

I feel like I want to fly then fall into my mates’ arms. I don’t want to leave his comfort and warmth. I feel like I can only breath in; with another deep thrust and swirl over my engorged nub I jump for my mate to catch me. I feel like time stands still and my body floats on euphoria.

My core continues to pulse, throbbing more and more pleasure as I feel Dominic’s teeth sink into my neck. I call out his name as he marks me, my orgasm still pulsing through me, bringing me to the pinnacle, as I feel a gush leave my core. I scream out my mates’ name.

“That’s it baby, cream my cock,” Dominic growls in my ear as he flicks his tongue over his mark, sealing the wound. His thrusts become hard and fast, he’s so close. I tilt his head for me to get better access. As I feel his cock twitch, beginning to release his seed, I bite down on his neck as I feel the throbbing ropes of cum shoot deep into my core, mixing with my own.

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