The Warrior and his mate - A short story

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Chapter 6

I held my mate in my arms. After kissing and nuzzling each other after our orgasms, Aurora fell asleep, her body expelled of its energy from our marking and intense love making. Although I had been with a few she-wolves over the years, thankfully not from this pack, I had never had such an experience. The way my mate called out my name as I marked her and she gave into our bond, I had made my mate squirt. I could feel my wolf strutting about pleased with himself, giving our mate the ultimate experience. And Goddess did that feel amazing when she creamed, my cock had never felt so hot and wet before.

We had made love many times during the night, exploring different positions and getting to know what we liked. Thankfully with it being the weekend, we had no where to go and no doubt anyone that came around would hear and smell that we were busy.


Over the following several months, Aurora and I settled into mated life. Her jewellery business was booming and she had also began drawing and photography. I continued to work out with her, as she enjoyed exercise and wanted to be able to defend herself if it was ever needed. The Alpha and Beta pair had welcomed more children into their families, leaving me to be teased by them, when would I become a dad. My mother and sisters would also hint, but we always shrugged it off.

It was our one year anniversary today and Aurora was making me my favourite meal. We were homebodies and preferred going for walks or cuddling while watching a movie. We had gone for a walk around by the lake after the meal, enjoying each other’s company.

Once we got back to the house, we had planned to watch a movie. Aurora went upstairs to change as I poured us a drink. She came down with a small box.

“Happy Anniversary Dominic,” she smiled at me. I bent down and kissed her, cupping her bottom. She was wearing a satin vest and shorts PJ’s.

She pulled away blushing, “you need to open your present Dominic,” she scolded.

I opened the box, there was I small wolf plush, the same colour as my own. Under it was a small card printed with I can’t wait to meet you. I was confused, what was this. There was a layer of tissue, under that was two small tubs of pink and blue power. I looked up with confusion in my eyes.

Aurora gestured for me to keep going. There was a photo frame; the picture inside was a pair of my shoes, Aurora’s and in the middle was yellow baby booties. I just stared at the picture, could it be? Was my sweet-pea pregnant. I caught a pen looking thing at the bottom of the box. I had been around three sisters, I knew what this was. Picking it up I saw the two pink lines.

I looked up at Aurora, tears in my eyes. “We’re having a pup?” I whisper. Too overcome with emotion, she nodded her head at me, as I scooped her up.

“You’re going to be a daddy Dominic,” she shared in my mind. “He or she is due around March/April.”

* * * * * *

I was full term, feeling fat, hot, tired and horny. Very horny. Dominic had left this morning for training, leaving me to hopefully get some more rest. I knew there was no point in mind-linking him, unless it was urgent, we always tried to leave each other to get on with our jobs. But being horny was urgent, wasn’t it?

Deciding to get wash and dressed, I hoped a walk would take my mind off things. The baby’s due date was next week and we were getting excited to meet him or her. I braided my hair out my face. It was a warm spring and I liked having my hair off my neck.

I ate some breakfast and headed out. I took a walk into the town square, nipping in to see Jem at the store. We had a cool drink together and I used the toilet, again, before wandering about.

As I was nearing the packhouse, I got a whiff of my mates’ scent carried on the wind. I could feel my clit throb. Goddess, how can I still be horny. Dominic had thoroughly worshipped my body last night.

I sat down in the seats, overlooking the training area. I watched as Dominic was training the Elites. Some were sparring, others running, in both wolf and human form. I could feel a heat wash over me and my core tingling, I just couldn’t help myself get more turned on. I thought it best to leave before I caused any interruption, Dominic would be finished soon.

As I made my way out of the seating area, I heard a growl. I recognised that sound anywhere, a wolf smelling his she-wolf. I slowly turned around, trying to look innocent. My mates’ eyes were so dark, his shoulders heaving. All the Elites had stopped and were whistling and jeering, in a playful way. I also noticed the Alpha and Beta were here today. Shit!

“I’ll just go,” I began as I walked, or rather waddled as fast as I could, hearing laugher behind me after the Alpha told Dominic “go get her, thata boy!”

Wolves like to chase, they like to play and the ultimate play is chasing their mate. I knew Dominic could catch me within seconds, but he allowed me to think I was getting away. A few she-wolves caught my eye and grinned knowing what was happening, was anything in a wolf pack private.

Just as I rounded the corner of our house, I was aware of a presence stocking behind me. All my senses were heightened, I knew his smell. My body pulsed with need.

“Who’s been a naughty sweet-pea,” he growled into my ear. He quickly scooped me up, rushing to our bedroom. I was already so wet and I throbbed with need. I got onto my hands and knees, wearing a dress gave easy access.

Dominic shredded off his clothes and my panties and with a slow thrust seated his cock into my needy core. I needed to be fucked, I needed an orgasm. Now!

Dominic pulled the dress over my head and removed my bra. He pulled me up, my back against his chest, his cock stroking into me, filling and stretching me. One hand began to play with my nipple, the other dipping into my folds, strumming my clit as his cock pounded into me.

Within minutes I was coming undone, again and again. Dominic was like a machine, he knew what my body needed. It was like we were making up for his years without his mate. After my third orgasm, Dominic shot his load into me. My body at least satisfied, for now, lost it’s energy. My mate helped me lie down in my nest of pillows, cuddling into me.

He woke me a while later, having run a bath for us. As we sat together, he washed my hair and body, us both enjoying our closeness.

We had a lazy afternoon and evening. After our evening meal, my wolf and I began to feel restless. I was tired and a bit grumpy, so we decided to watch a movie in bed. I found comfort against Dominic’s body, lying in a way that the baby bump was rested on his hip and side, one leg tangled in his. I was ware of him stroking my hair with one hand and the bump with the other.

I was aware of being shaken and my name being called. “Hmm Dominic, what time is it,” I mumble, still half asleep.

“You’re water’s have gone sweet-pea.” It takes me a moment to register this as I slowly move, feeling wetness all around me. Dominic stands up and I can see his legs are all wet too. I can feel the blush creep up my cheeks.

I have a quick shower, while Dominic changes the bed. As it’s just after 6am, we decided to walk down to the birthing clinic. I’ve had some contractions, but nothing too bad.

As it’s early I get right in to see the pack midwife. She checks me over, taking my blood pressure and temperature making sure everything is fine. Upon checking me, she finds I’m already 3cm dilated. As I am coping, we head back to the cabin to get mine and the baby’s stuff. Dominic links his mother and sister to let them know, plus the Alpha.

By late morning, the contractions are becoming closer and quicker together, so we decide to head back to the clinic. We get settled in our room.

Dominic is rubbing my back as I sway my hips left and right. I know the pup will be coming soon, but I feel so overwhelmed, I wish my mum was here.

I must have started to cry, as Dominic is holding me asking if I am ok. I can’t speak so link him explaining what is wrong. He knows just what to say to help, get me back on track. The next contraction I feel a lot of pressure low down. Dominic calls the midwife and she checks me. I’m almost ready to push.

Everything is ready for the baby to arrive, Dominic’s parents and sister are in the waiting area, and Luna Emma has been informed, in this pack she likes to bless the child shortly after arrival.

Another contraction grips my body and I can’t help but push. “That’s it sweet-pea, you can do it,” my mate encourages me. I am cuddled into Dominic both of us standing. My head is against his bare chest. He is gripping my fore arms and around my underarms, helping me to stay standing as I bend my knees, partly squatting.

A few more pushes and there is an intense burning feeling, making me scream as my body stretches for the head to come out. I pant to catch my breath. I hear Dominic’s encouragement. I push again and I bring our baby into the world. I can’t help but shake in Dominic’s hold.

I hear the cries of our baby, as Dominic gently lifts me onto the bed, the baby being placed into my naked chest. The midwife is rubbing and cleaning the small pink wrinkly bundle. I bring my arms up to cradle the child, as Dominic cuts the cord. Instinctively, the baby and I work together to latch on to my ready breasts, relaxing as I feel the suckling.

My eyes meet Dominic’s, the love and emotions clearly seen in both our eyes. He leans down, kissing me gently on the lips. “What do we have?” I ask, I didn’t hear the midwife or Dominic say. The midwife giggles, well daddy have a look. She lifts the lower half of the blanket for him to see. His face lights up.

“We have a son, Aurora. You have given me a strong healthy son,” as a tear breaks away running down his cheek.

After the Luna blessed our son, who we have named Asher. Dominic’s parents and sister visited and fussed over us all. As the birth was straight forward and he is feeding, by the evening we are allowed to return home.

Many gifts and cards had been delivered to our cabin with the news of Asher’s birth. Dominic was particularly taken with a sleepsuit that had ‘my daddy is a warrior’ and a wolf embroidered onto it.

We settled into being new parents within a couple of weeks. Dominic’s mum and sister have been amazing, helping with Asher and making meals for the freezer. Tonight we were snuggled up watching a movie in bed, Asher sound a sleep after a good feed. I couldn’t believe how lucky I had been to meet such a wonderful mate.

I leaned up and kissed Dominic his jaw. “What was that for?” he smiled.

“Just because I love you,” I tell him.

Tightening his arm around me, “I love you too Aurora,” and pecked my lips.

This is where I belonged, with my mate and pup. With hopefully more to follow, after all I wanted a large family, as did Dominic.


The End

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