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Chapter 2

Now the thought of fighting him off and then shouting for help came strong within her but as soon as the voice came again, her fast piling thoughts dropped, and she stood frozen to a spot.

“You must cooperate to live or die and others, die with you.”

The others!

Who were the others?

He spoke like a professional criminal but yet something seems to be giving him away. Perhaps the way he selects his words and struggles to make them sound frightening or there was something not too natural about the voice that seems to be betraying him.

Annie knew Grandpa Tony as a retired police officer when he was alive will often say to them when they were teens. “A criminal says less and does more because he is always running out of time and he knows that. He will either be robbing you or doing you harm and all you get without a word of sorry—”

Annie struggled to catch a glimpse of him through her right eyes but yet again the voice stopped him.

“Don’t even dare—”

“What do you want? Is it my car? I have money in my purse; you can have everything and let me go. I did some shopping too, you can—”

“Shut up and don’t be smart on me.”He flared. “Let you go? You must be out of your mind.”

Annie felt another round of icy chill over her body.

The moment Grandpa’s words hit her memories again, her thought took a twist. “If the guy isn’t a criminal, then he may be an impostor—”

Was he an Impostor?

Is he one of them?

Her thoughts started building up once more and then she asked nervously, “what t—then do you want if not my car, my money and—”

“Shut up and bring both hands behind you,” now furious but still having his voice under control.

Annie obeyed and was surprised she was handcuffed a few seconds, “What! What are you doing? Are you a cop? What was my offense? I only came to the mall to shop and now you are—”

“Get in the car” he pushed her into the back seat and a few seconds later, he was on top speed.

Annie could see the man now who had been behind her all this while, tormenting her and disguising his voice.

It was Thomas, Thomas Kronz!

“How did you find me? Thomas, what are you doing to me?” She demanded, sounding angry.”I never was responsible for your suspension from the law school—”

“I know you never did but you were part of them, the once that called themselves brilliant and you know what? I am the dull one, carrying you to where nobody on earth will ever find you—”

“What! Thomas you can’t do this to me.” She felt her saliva within her mouth “why not go after Raphael, after Muller—”

“Muller is dead already; I put a hole in his head—”

“You did what?”Annie didn’t let him finish, she felt an icy chill ran through her breast to her thigh.

“I said, I put a hole in his head,” Thomas shouted. “My gun did it and I am mad, crazy! Now I got you.”

Annie knew it was revenge but she knew she didn’t do anything but why is he after me? Or he is just jealous that she was a friend to Muller and he killed Muller. She felt so confused and only wish she can persuade Thomas whose face looked disfigured like a wounded monster. “Stop the car Thomas or I—”

“Jump out if you have the gut. You die and nobody. I mean nobody will come for your pieces, not even Donald or Karie.”

Annie looked at Thomas as he drove so fast and wondered what he had turned into.

Has he turned into a criminal, a kidnapper, or both?

“Stop the car—”

“What will you do Annie?” He cut in angrily, shutting her down. He sounded more like a rehab patient.

Annie could feel his rage and the way he often lifts his left hand to stop her torrent of words that sounded like an axe on him but he wasn’t ready to yield but instead drove like a mad man.

Where is he taking me to?

That thought rang a bell with a sound piercing into the head of Annie who was not only feeling the pains of the handcuff on her wrists but also receiving bruises from the windshield to her right and left, because of Thomas over speed.

Annie was now feeling Thomas may crash into anything like the street light, trees, just anything. “Keep your speed down. You are getting me scared.”

“You are only scared. I still have to make you scarier because right now, I am beside myself.” He kept on looking at his side mirror “I just realize you got a bodyguard, right?”

What, a bodyguard?

Annie struggled with her handcuff to see behind, but it was difficult. “Shit,” she cursed.

Thomas’s speed was becoming unbearable and doesn’t seem to care about anything, his life or that of Annie; all he cares about, for now, was to get rid of the car right behind him, tailing him and nothing more.

“What a hell are you talking about?” Annie voice seems to find some strength “I have no bodyguard and you are a bloody liar—”

“Called me a liar?”

Annie could see Thomas burning fury as he drove; he kept on driving so fast and at the same time looking at the fuel gauge. Annie could read his mind but what she knew she can’t see inside of him now, was where he was taking her to.

The car ran faster, everything she bought from the mall scattered on the floor of the back seat. She felt everything tumbling on her now and as she struggled to lift her eyes, she noticed a car behind them; the car that she was certain Thomas was struggling to escape from.

Was it the police?

The car doesn’t look like one!

Or does it?

No siren, no logo, color, nothing to show—

Her thought reawakens, looking set to lay more pressure on Thomas to set her free.

“Stop the car or I shout for help and you won’t like it?”

Thomas glared at her, his eyes were bloodshot and that gave Annie more worries if only what she sees through the eyes of Thomas was real.

Fears crawling like scorpions within his eyeballs!

What bodyguard? And not the Police, but then—

Then what?

Her thoughts spark once more, she was determined to put more pressure, “Stop Thomas, I want out—”

“I am not so sure Annie, you are a millionaire’s wife so you can have everything and anything, so just shut up and let me drive hell—”

“Hell,” Annie broke in sobbing “so you want me dead, Thomas?”

Thomas laughed, “I want us dead and go to hell and get marry far away from Donald and Karie to settle the score.”

Annie narrowed her eyes to the past and was shocked to know that Thomas had all these in mind many years after. Thomas had left the city when she got married to Donald and now he is back to settle the score?

What score?

Was he out of his mind?

Apart from the blame he put on her for his suspension from law school, he wanted a relationship that Annie refused. He proposed, Annie declined and now he thought the right thing to do was to kidnap her and do what with her?

Annie started screaming but it was the wrong timing. Thomas noticed the car had stopped trailing him, he drove into a quiet street and a few seconds later, pulled the Jeep to a halt and then jumped out to open the back door for Annie.

“Cool Jeep you got here, I thought of having one like this, but you guys frustrated me. Peter is now on the run, he escapes a hole on his head but you—” he shrugged and pulsed. “I am not so sure.” He pulled Annie out of the Jeep with the handcuff on her wrist. Annie screamed in pain.

“That hurts,” she shouted.

“Nobody can hear you. This is a lonely place. Only a few people live around here and nobody care who shouts or not, they are all used to shouting.” He shuddered to smile. “So, I suggest you save your strength and cooperate.”

The pains on Annie’s wrists were now eating deep into her bones and spreading through her veins, she felt blood wasn’t circulating to that part of her body anymore. She was losing strength and her mind seems to be failing her now.

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