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The first rain of the season

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A girl having some difficulties at school, until she met a handsome gay who made her days better. Meeting every day cause their feelings for each other to develop but no one dared to confess because they were waiting for the first rain of the season.

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Not even a minute into completing the assignments you planned to work on, the sound of light drizzled hitting the ground echoed through your ears making your lips curve into a soft smile.

Tracing raindrops running down the window, you looked outside “the first rainfall of a season ” your favorite day reminding you of your favorite person.


“assignments can wait” picking up an umbrella, you put on your coat before stepping out of your apartment the cool breeze lifting the hair at your temples and ruffling the hem of your skirt as you open the umbrella before heading to the cafe.

Continuing to walk you stretched out your arms, your hand surfing the soft breeze as big raindrops plopped against the warmth of your hands until you bumped into a man, your eyes landing on the familiar figure as you looked up.

“Darcy?” the view of his effortlessly handsome face came into your sight; raindrops splattering against his head, soaking into his clothing displaying his thick biceps and shapely shoulders.

“hey Grace” his arms were folded across his chest, his jaw shivering from being soaked in the rain.

Letting out a soft laugh upon noticing how you stood on your tiptoe to put up the umbrella, he flashed a smile at you before holding it in his hands.

" I was on my way to the cafe but since you’re here let’s go somewhere else ” standing under the umbrella with him, you stepped forward until the soft grip of his hands on your wrist stopped you.

" were you coming to the cafe only to see me ?” feeling your heart skip a beat upon hearing the sudden question, you shook your head indicating a ‘no’, a tint of red taking over your cheeks just after.

" I wanted to drink coffee” letting go of your wrist, he smiled before combing hair behind your ear.

“Let’s go to your apartment then, ill make you coffee ” nodding in response, you both continued to walk towards your apartment.

“Why didn’t you bring an umbrella though? they said it was going to rain in the news too ” feeling his hand touching yours softly, you looked away trying to hide the blush on your cheeks. ” You come to the cafe every time it rains so I waited for you “.

Feeling your heart racing consequent to hearing those words escape his lips, a shy smile plastered on your face as you recalled the day you both first met.

It was the first rainfall, with the day starting from having a bad day at school, you wanted to go back home as soon as possible but the rain made it even worse considering you didn’t have an umbrella with you.

Running through the streets with your clothes soaked, the view of a cafe came into your sight as you stepped inside. The cafe was empty, him being the only one in there as he smiled at you, his soft making you feel comforted for some reason, it made your day.

" Wanna have a cup of coffee ?” taking off his coat, he wrapped it around your shoulders before raising a brow at you, noticing how you spaced out every few seconds.

" Uh sure, I didn’t bring any money with me though ” setting down the warmth cup on the table, he sat beside you before tracing a finger along the raindrops running down the glass window.

“This one’s on me ” looking back at you, he smiled before watching you drink the coffee. You both talked for a while, although he was a stranger to you, his presence made you feel comforted after a bad day at school.

Since that day, you have started visiting that place often. Getting to know was fun, the way he made you feel happy after every tiring day didn’t even fail t make your heart flutter; everything soon made you recognize the feelings you developed for him over time.

“Grace?” snapping you out of the toughs you were lost in, an adorable smile escaped his lips as he pointed at your apartment.

“Let’s go inside ” entering your apartment, he took off his shoes as you gave him a towel to dry his wet hair.

“Thanks” rubbing his hair with the towel, he glanced around as his eyes landed on the coat kept at the couch, a smile plastering on his face as he recognized it.

“Isn’t it mine? the one which I gave you the day we first met ?“your eyes widened realizing you forgot to give his coat back to him, or maybe you just didn’t want to give it back.

Looking back at him, you flashed an awkward smile before picking hid coat up. ” I’ll get it dry cleaned and return it

to you “stepping back, you turned behind making ways towards the bedroom until he stopped you by wrapping his arms around your small waist, back hugging you as he rested his head on your shoulder.

“You’re making it harder for me to hold my feelings back, cuz I like me better when I’m with you ” feeling your heart skip a beat, you felt his hot breath hitting your neck as you gulped in, your heart pounding as each second passed.

“Feelings?” humming softly in response, he let go of his grip on your waist before looking into your eyes with his chocolate doe ones.

“Yeah, the feeling I have for you. I know this is sudden but it seems impossible to hold it back anymore. My heart keeps fluttering every time I see you, sometimes the only thing that makes me happy is the thought of you coming to the cafe to meet me. Every time I see you smile because of me, my heartbeat increases...I know it can be hard to love me but can’t you at least give me a chance ?”

Every word of his made my heart pounding, hearing him speak seemed as if millions of loving thoughts condensed into a minute.

Hesitating at first, you stood on your tiptoe to give him a cuddle then planting a soft peck on his cherry cheeks just after.

“Only if you weren’t dumb enough to realize I love you too” he felt his heart pounding as he looked into your eyes before landing his lips on yours. You felt yourself melting into his embrace, the sweetness of passion taking over you as his eyes landed on yours. He gazed at you lovingly before planting a soft kiss on your forehead, flashing a smile just after as his heart couldn’t stop fluttering every time he recalled what happened a moment ago.

And in her embrace, I realized how hard I fell for her".

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