Inked Hearts - Inked Series #1

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Book one of the INKED series; Warning: Major Changes were made recently during Editing. Blake Ross & Chandler Westport grew up together due to their family’s being very close friends. They shared a vacation house, & lived next door to each other growing up. Chandler is Friends with all the Ross Brothers & Blake is Friends with the Westport Sisters. After 6 years away from the East Coast Blake returns home for Vacation with more than she left with, aka her BA in Bio-Chemistry, & she is now starting her Residency back in NYU/ NYU General. Meanwhile, in those 6 years, Chandler Westport graduated from Notre Dame with a Degree in Architectural Engineering & he was drafted for the NY Giants straight out of College along with his Best Friend Charles Ross. So what happens when these two see each other for the first time in 6 years and see the Ink on each other? The ink that only your soulmate is supposed to see. Read to Find out!

Romance / Fantasy
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Cast & Crew


Welcome to Inked Hearts! This story revolves around Blake and Chandler and their love story.

- @ Kenny_Layne_writes

So without further adieu, our cast-

The Ross's:

James Ross : Died @ 68 (Blake was 18)
Margaret Ross : 71

Arsenic Ross : 50
Sofia Ross : 49

Gregory Ross : 29
Rebecca Ross : 29
Kane & Corbin Ross : 8
Eaton Ross : 6

Charles Ross : 25

Blakely Landry Ross : 24

Jackson Ross : 18

The Westport's :

Marten Westport: 50
Paige Westport: 49

Richard Westport : 30
Caroline Westport: 29
Ryker Westport : 10
Delilah Westport : 8
Mason Westport : 2

Cassie Westport- Myers : 26
Louie Myers : 30
Unborn daughter

Chandler Dallas Westport : 25

Marcie Westport : 22

Annabella Westport : 18

Silas Westport: 14

Extra Cast:

Tatum Brock : 24

Baker Prescott : 26
Allie Prescott : 25
Unborn son

Christian Johnson : 26
Roslyn Koska : 25

Taylor Farah: 28
Emery Farah : 27

Ethen O'Brien : 24

Cody Quincy : 27

Thank you all for looking at this first bit of Inked Hearts, stick around for Part 1 coming out soon!

- Kenny Layne
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